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Launch of the Mario Kart Tour Ninja Tour and its discrete attacks

After the Exploration Tour that brought the Piranha Plant Cove and the Doctor Tour loaded with its iconic Coco Supermarket, Mario Kart Tour launches the...

Release of Mighty Doom on Android and iOS, a Archero-like by Bethesda

You must know the DOOM license, with its military atmosphere among demons. Today, it is the release of Mighty Doom on...

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Closed Beta Launched

Powered by the Nebulajoy studio, the next title of the DMC license is finally launching on mobile this week. In fact, the release of DMC is...

Mobile Games Recap #101: futuristic racing game, Project G, Life Makeover...

Discover our weekly review of the mobile games news on Android and iOS issue #101 which presents you the last news of March 2023! On the agenda ...

Release of Dead by Daylight Mobile 2.0 new version

You couldn't miss the pre-registration before the release of Dead by Daylight Mobile 2.0 if you already know DbD on phone. E...

Announcement of Utopia No.8 on mobile and PC, between Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley version chibi

Since the Animal Crossing: New Horizon movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, many gamers are looking for a new virtual playground and m...

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Rise of Kingdoms


Genshin Impact


Tower of Fantasy


Among Us


Summoners War


Merge Dragons!


LoL: Wild Rift


Clash of Clans

Latest tips on mobile games

Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list : the best weapons

Find out in this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier list which are the best weapons to summon in Level Infinite's action-RPG. We've divided this top into ...[Read More]

Tier List Saint Seiya Legend of Justice - Reroll guide to the best knights

Check out our tips and tricks on the best knights in our tier list Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. We explain how to compose your team, who are the best knights and who are the best...[Read More]

How to play King of Avalon on PC ?

In this tip, I will show you how to download and play King of Avalon on PC or Mac. For this, we will simulate your mobile on your computer ...[Read More]

How to play RAID Shadow Legends on PC or Mac?

In this tip, we will see how to install and play RAID Shadow Legends on PC. To do this, we will use an Android emulator to simulate your mobile phone...[Read More]

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: the best fighters to choose

Looking for the best Street Fighter: Duel fighter? Then you've come to the right place! Barely released, the game already features around 40 characters unlocked...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Dehya Guide: Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Dehya is a 5 star Pyro character who fights with a claymore. She has the advantage of being quite flexible and can take on several roles: DPS, sub-DP...[Read More]

Eversoul Erika Guide: a useful supporter

With the latest update of Eversoul, a new character has just appeared. At least, as a playable soul. Indeed, we had already had the opportunity to see her in the game...[Read More]

All Mythic Heroes Codes in 2023

We propose you to find all the codes Mythic Heroes available during the year 2023. Thanks to them, you will be able to take advantage of benefits such as diamonds, silver and gold...[Read More]

Tower of God Great Journey Tier List: the best characters for your team

We are back today with our tier list Tower of God: Great Journey. New in February, this RPG is already making the news. Adapted from the famous webtoon...[Read More]

Eversoul Honglan Guide: skills, build and synergies

If you follow the game Eversoul closely, you probably know that a new character has just been released on February 16, 2023. Today, in this Honglan Eversoul guide,...[Read More]

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