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PUBG: NEW STATE exceeds 17M pre-registrations!

Following the Closed Alpha of PUBG: NEW STATE, the upcoming mobile game developed by KRAFTON, is reaching incredible pre-registration numbers! And ...

Among Us: a 5th map and many new features coming soon

Fasten your seatbelts! Innersloth has announced its battle plan for Among Us and the studio is planning to bring a lot of new features to the game.

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal, a new augmented reality mobile game by Niantic

A brand new mobile game has just been announced! In the tradition of the augmented reality game, Pokémon GO, Niantic is back with a new opus in the form of a...

Top 9: Best Android and iOS car games

Car games are very popular on PC, consoles, but also on mobile! A good part of the phone gamers love the adrenaline rush of the game...

Tournament Lost Centuria World Showdown : Registration and schedule

The 1st official esport event is about to be launched on Summoners War: Lost Centuria ! This time, it is not a tournament organised by the...

Summary of mobile games announced by Square Enix at E3 2021

The 2021 edition of the E3 event takes place this week! Many new features have already been announced to the general public. This Sunday, it will be...

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Rise of Kingdoms


Genshin Impact


Forsaken World


State of Survival


Summoners War


Merge Dragons!


Among Us

Latest Tips on Mobile Games

Soluces Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: Answers to course questions

Dear Apprentice Wizards, welcome to another tip article Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! Stuck on a question? Here you'll find information about the... Read More]

Chapter 12 Lost Centuria : How to get the 3 stars easily?

Stuck on chapter 12 of Lost Centuria ? You can't manage to validate the 3 stars ⭐️ for each of the 3 difficulty levels? Well, good ...[Read More]

Warpath Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Advice

Warpath is a management game from the famous game studio Lilith Games. It is therefore with great pleasure that we present you this game, imagined by the team of the... Read More]

Tier List Idle Heroes | The best heroes of the game

On Idle Heroes, there is no lack of characters and you can quickly get lost. Between factions, abilities, star ratings and classes, it's not easy to find the ...[Read More]

Dueling in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | Our Tips

Do you always lose your duels in Harry Potter: Hogwart Mystery? Can you never beat your opponent? It's not that difficult, but you can't beat your opponent. Read More

How to play the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is an FPS game available on iOS and Android. In this game, you can choose between two modes. The Multiplayer mode, which is divided into several modes, is the most popular... Read More]

Idle heroes guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

There are plenty of reasons to embark on the Idle Heroes adventure. In addition to having a highly developed fantasy universe, this free-to-play game also offers a great deal of fun. Read More]

The best Call of Duty mobile trumps | Guide and tips

Trumps in Call of Duty Mobile are used to add depth to the FPS gameplay. Trumps in CoD Mobile are used, as in PC and console games, to get the most out of the game.[Read More] : Free Rune Composer and Rune Set Designer

Dear Summoners and Summoners War enthusiasts, we are pleased to present you with the best community tool available for Lost Centuria. L... Read More

How to get free CPUs on PUBG Mobile | Our Tips

PUBG Mobile CPUs are the virtual currency of this phone-based Battle Royale game. In other words, CPUs are very useful for in-game purchases. N... Read More

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