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In A3: STILL ALIVE and its world, Miméthys, the future is in danger. The sacred goddess has disappeared and you, Apostle of Inith, must prevent the coming of the god of chaos, the terrible Enkaro. Choose your class, your fellow adventurers and your guild and explore the vast lands of A3: STILL ALIVE, from the wide plains of Althea to the depths of the buried city of Sodom.

A Korean MMORPG with almost infinite strategic possibilities, the game offers the possibility to collect souls linked in the spirit of a gatcha game but also to face all sorts of creatures, waves of enemies in Dark Presence mode, world bosses, other players in Battle Royale mode and even other guilds! Fight to prevent evil from triumphing but always in style as you customise your hero and keep on fighting until the end of the night. A3: STILL ALIVE also features idle mobile gameplay mechanics such as the resting rewards , the automatic farming and repeatable dungeons.

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For best performance and graphics, we recommend playing A3: Still Alive on PC. It's free and secure! 🙂

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