Tips on AFK Arena

Road to Freedom AFK Arena

Road to Freedom Guide AFK Arena: best compos, path and tips

Are you looking for a solution to complete the Road to Freedom AFK Arena adventure? Would you like to know the ideal composition for completing t...

The Contorted Realm Guide AFK Arena

The Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena: best compo, path and tips

With the help of this The Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena, you'll find it easier to collect all the reward chests along the way. This level of th...

Burning Woods guide afk arena

Burning Woods Guide AFK Arena: tips for completing the adventure

Thanks to this guide to the Burning Woods on AFK Arena, this will no longer be a difficult adventure for you. In this guide, we explain the diffe...

AFK Arena codes refund

AFK Arena redemption codes for 2024 - List and How it works

Like many games of the genre, AFK Arena is regularly updated with new features and offers. Among them, the developers regularly announce AFK Aren...

Guide to the Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena

Guide to Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena to complete the 3 floors

Unlocked after level 2-4 of the campaign, the Labyrinth (Lab or Laby) is located in the Black Forest. Although it will be fairly simple to comple...

Guide to Secrets of the Forest AFK Arena

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest Guide: completing the 3rd Peaks of Time adventure

The first two adventures of Peaks of Time AFK Arena are easy to complete. They require no specific preparation and can be completed in a linear f...

Tier list AFK Arena

Tier list AFK Arena 2024: The best heroes

AFK Arena is a game that offers so many heroes with different characteristics that it can be difficult to choose the best members for your team....

stats afk arena

The basic AFK Arena stats

AFK Arena is a game full of details that allow players to optimize their fighter formations. Thus, in addition to the very important factions, ea...

the best compositions on afk arena

The best compositions on AFK Arena | Beginners and advanced

Putting together a team in AFK Arena can be complicated because there are so many heroes with different characteristics. In this article we prese...

server test afk arena

AFK Arena: How to install the server test ?

Like many games in this genre, AFK Arena is regularly updated to fix bugs or simply add content. To ensure that these updates are implemented in...

afk arena guide to getting started

AFK Arena Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Are you starting out on the AFK Arena adventure and need some tips and advice? In the article below you will find a guide to AFK Arena listing se...

download and play afk arena on pc and mac

How to get AFK Arena on PC or Mac?

In this tutorial, you will see how to play AFK Arena on PC or Mac. To do this, you need to install an emulator that will simulate the environment...

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