Test of AFK Arena: Our review on this mobilegame

Chinese publisher Lilith Games is starting to make a name for itself in the world of mobile gaming. Following our test, we give you our opinion on AFK Arena, their strategy game, available on IOS, Android or on PC and Mac with an emulator.


Bring the light back into the world

The scenario of AFK Arena is simple. The death rages, once locked up by the goddess of life, have been released and are now threatening the peace of the world. You will have to create an army of fighters in order to find the artefacts left by the goddess and thus fight evil.

To do so, you will have to collect heroes from different factions and travel the world to fight them. The main mode of the game will indeed require you to travel through different regions.


If the main plot of AFK Arena follows a very classic pattern, its world is built arounda complete and captivating lore for those who will make the effort to get interested.


Classic but effective fighting

AFK Arena is very similar to Isle Heroes in its approach to combat. You will have to send five of your fighters to the front and then help them by launching their special skills at the right moment.

If this is the only interactivity available during the fights, they are still dynamic thanks to the particularly well done animation of the characters and the numerous abilities they acquire as they level up.


Battles will nevertheless require a certain strategy, mainly in the choice of your fighters and their placement. Each faction being efficient against another faction, some characters being more tanks while others are more like mages, their placement will be the secret of victory.


Extensive customisation

In order to fight successfully, you will have to customise the status and equipment of your heroes. Indeed, in addition to the level of your heroes, their power will be determined by their weapons and their level of elevation.

Each hero will be able to wear several pieces of equipment that will improve their abilities. These upgradable pieces are numerous and can be created in exchange for resources.


As the name suggests, AFK Arena is a game in which getting away from the screen will benefit you. Resources are distributed generously and regularly. Thus, there is very little pay-to-win and any patient player will be able to create a powerful team. This is an important point that we would like to highlight in this review of AFK Arena.


Many game modes

AFK Arena has the advantage of offering players many different game modes. In addition to the main campaign, there are numerous battle modes to loot again and again.

From the King's Tower , which requires the player to navigate its various levels (equivalent to battles), to the Arcane Labyrinth, which will offer a fast-paced, daily-changing adventure, PvE modes are numerous.


PvP battles are also present in AFK Arena. Indeed, via theHeroes Arena, you will have the possibility to confront your best heroes to players from all over the world or to bet on tournaments gathering the best players.


These modes are not very original but effective for a game of this kind. The lack of interaction in PvP battles (special abilities are automatically triggered) is to be regretted, but the effort is undeniable in terms of content (don't hesitate to take a look at our tips for getting started in order to know the different modes of the game).


Not very original but very effective

AFK Arena is full of good ideas to perfect a genre that is very well represented on mobile. With a very neat art direction, a very generous reward system preventing the dictatorship of Pay-to-Win, the game from Lilith Games knows how to compensate for its lack of originality in order to offer an engaging game. Although it remains somewhat repetitive in the long run, our opinion of AFK Arena remains very positive.


  • The art direction (excellent graphics and animation).
  • Very generous with resources.
  • A complete and interesting lore.
  • No ads and very few pop-ups.
  • Large number of heroes and customisation possibilities.
  • Very little loading time.
  • Numerous game modes...


  • ... But very classic.
  • Repetitive over the long term.
  • PvP somewhat disappointing.
Graphic design - 9
Lifetime - 9
Playability - 8
Set - 8.5
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