Among Us Tips

Town of Us Among Us mode

Town of Us Among Us (Mafia) Mode | Easy Setup Guide

The sessions inAmong Us sessions are often exciting and full of action. But any regular player knows that some evenings can quickly turn into a n...

Cards Among Us

Among Us Maps: detailed rooms layout, secrets and tips

The perfect Among Us player has many qualities. He must be able to lie, make quick decisions and above all think hard to investigate. Another maj...

Extra Roles Among Us

Extra Roles Among Us : Jester, Medic and Engineer

For a very long time, Among Us there were only two classic roles. Depending on your luck, you would inherit the role of crewmate or impostor. But...

Among Us servers Discord EN

English Discord Servers Among Us | Complete List

Many players discovered Among Us last year and fell in love with the little astronauts. Since then, they have been playing one lively game after...

Among us Mod Sheriff astronaut with a hat

Mod Sheriff Among Us: Easy Installation Guide

The little astronauts valiantly and tirelessly carry out their missions on Among Us. Repairing electrical wires, watering plants, emptying bins......

Cupid Among Us mode

Cupid Among Us Mode: Easy Installation Guide

The little astronauts ofAmong Us astronauts like to have fun. From alliances and betrayals to big revelations, they promise to make for some wild...

Hide and Seek Among Us

How to play Hide and Seek on Among Us?

Those who succumbed to the phenomenon Among Us phenomenon in 2020, will surely have many long play sessions behind them. But for the hardcore gam...

voice chat Among Us proximity

Voice chat Among Us proximity: how to play with this mode?

Some feared that Wave Among Us would quickly fade after its runaway success in 2020. But this werewolf-like multiplayer game continues to renew i...

innocent among us tips

Crewmate on Among Us: 5 Advanced Tips for Winning

Let's face it, the impostor gameplay in Among Us is a lot more fun than crewmate. However, this is no reason to forsake the innocent gameplay in...

denounce an impostor in among us

How to report an impostor in Among Us?

It is no longer presented! The multiplayer mobile game Among Us is a worldwide success. So much so that it has become the most downloaded game of...

tips imposter among us

Imposter on Among Us: 9 tips to win

Among Us needs no introduction! The popular multiplayer atmosphere game has been a big hit in recent weeks. Every game of Among Us is different,...

Among Us guide to getting started

Among Us Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Advice

All your friends have succumbed to the sensational Among Us but you're late and don't you dare join their wild parties? Getting started isn't alw...

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