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Town of Us Among Us (Mafia) Mode | Easy Setup Guide

Among Us sessions are often exciting and full of action. But any regular player knows that some evenings can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially when you're on a night out. Read More]

Among Us Maps: detailed rooms layout, secrets and tips

The perfect Among Us player has many qualities. He must be able to lie, make quick decisions and above all think a lot to investigate. Another major advantage that makes the difference between beginners and advanced players...[Read More]

Extra Roles Among Us: Jester, Medic and Engineer

For the longest time, Among Us only offered two classic roles. Depending on your luck, you would inherit the role of crewmate or impostor. But those days are over, and with the help of the community, the little astronauts can now play as the crewmate or the impostor.[Read More]

English Discord Servers Among Us | Complete List

Many players discovered Among Us last year and fell in love with the little astronauts. Since then, they've been playing one lively game after another. If you've already put together your own team of friends to play with, you'll be able to...[Read More]

Mod Sheriff Among Us: Easy Installation Guide

The little astronauts valiantly and relentlessly carry out their missions on Among Us. Repairing electrical wires, watering plants, emptying garbage cans... They are all the more courageous to work as they risk being killed at any moment.[Read More]

Cupid Among Us Mode: Easy Setup Guide

The little astronauts of Among Us like to have fun. Between alliances, betrayals and big revelations, they promise to make for some crazy evenings for players. But the community can't get enough, so they've created some alternative game modes for you to enjoy.[Read More]

How to Play Hide and Seek mode on Among Us?

Those who succumbed to the Among Us phenomenon in 2020, surely have many long and numerous gaming sessions behind them. But for the tryhardlers, the chained games can quickly become repetitive. The alternative Hide and Seek game mode...[Read More]

Voice Chat Among Us proximity: how to play with this mode?

Some feared that the Among Us wave would quickly run out of steam after its meteoric success in 2020. But this multiplayer game with werewolf faux-airs continues to renew its offer. A new game mode has been created with the vocal chat...[Read More]

Crewmate on Among Us: 5 Advanced Tips for Winning

We're not going to lie to each other, on Among Us the impostor gameplay is much funnier than the crewmate one. However, this is not a reason to leave the parts where you have to play as an innocent on Among Us. Here's...[Read More]

How to report an impostor in Among Us?

We're not introducing him anymore! The mobile multiplayer game Among Us is a worldwide success. So much so that it has become the most downloaded game of this end of year 2020! In front of so many successes and passionate players, it is good to know that it is now the most downloaded game of the end of the year 2020![Read More]

Impostor on Among Us: 9 tips to win

We no longer present Among Us! The famous multiplayer background game has been a big success in the last few weeks. Each game of Among Us is different, but you need to know some tricks in order to become the best player...[Read More]

Guide Among Us to Getting Started | Tips and Tricks

All your friends have succumbed to the sensational Among Us, but you've fallen behind and don't dare to join their frenzied parties? Getting started is not always easy! Nobody wants to die in a loop or be unmasked...[Read More]

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