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List of free A3: Still Alive coupons from 2021

Coupons A3: Still Alive

The A3: Still Alive coupons (also called codes) are offered free of charge by the game's developers to give you free resources! These coupons are therefore neither cheating nor a scam. You can find this kind of gift codes on most recent mobile games.

You don't have to use them but these A3: Still Alive coupons from 2021 will give you access to Soulstars and free diamonds and what better than free items! 😀

Where to find the coupons?

As with many mobile games, the A3: Still Alive coupons or codes can be found on the official social network pages of the game. These are used to inform you about the latest news available in the game (updates, events, new features,...) in addition to giving you free rewards .

  • Facebook: active account and most codes are shared here.
  • Discord: this is not the best source but there is a channel with Facebook posts so if you are a fan of Discord, don't hesitate!
  • Official forum: and finally, the official A3: Still Alive forum where you will also be able to talk with the devs.

A3: Still Alive has just been released so stay tuned as many coupons are being distributed at the moment. By the way, Reddit is also a good source to find some as with all games of the genre.

coupon example A3: Still Alive
Coupon example A3: Still Alive

To save time, the other solution is to follow our list of currently valid coupons at the end of the article!
We update it very regularly to make your life easier. 😉

How do I activate the A3: Still Alive coupons?

To activate the A3: Still Alive coupons, it's easy to get lost but we'll give you the steps to follow in order to validate and recover you rewardsr free in-game . Coupons are a string of numbers and letters most of the time; don't pay attention if they don't make sense.

Time required: 1 minute.

Steps to activate a coupon in A3: Still Alive on Android :

  1. Playing in the game

    Open the application from your phone's menu.

  2. Go to the menu

    To do this, click on the interface icon at the top right of your screen.
    interface icon

  3. Go to your settings

    Click on the gear icon at the bottom of your screen.settings a3 icon

  4. Click on "Enter a coupon"

    In the left menu, click on the tab Account then click on the Enter a coupon.enter coupon a3 still alive

  5. Select coupon type

    There are 3 types but, for normal coupons found here or on social networks, select Special coupon A3.A3 coupon selection

  6. Validate your coupon

    All you have to do is enter and validate your coupon! The free reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox (message icon in your interface).validate coupon A3: Still Alive

If you are an A3: Still Alive player on iOS, then you need to getyour account ID (available in step 4 above) and go to the following web pages according to your code:

Now you know how to activate a coupon on A3: Still Alive whether you're on Android or iOS. Now all I have to do is give you the codes in the list that follows. Last little precision, a code can only be used once per player and is only valid for a limited time.

List of A3: Still Alive coupons valid from 2021

This list of valid A3: Still Alive coupons was updated on September 5. Please feel free to indicate other coupons or report expired codes in comments.

  • A3EXPUP 
  • A3SOUL 
  • A3VIGORPOTION : 5 small potions of strength
  • DARKSURVIVE : 500,000 Gold
  • A3TOPAZ : 100 Topaz
  • A3BLACK: 5 Soulstars brilliant
  • A3GOLDBOX : 100,000 Gold
  • A3REINFORCE : 5 small reinforcement scrolls
  • A3FEATHER : 30 common protective feathers
  • A3MANASTONE : 1,000,000 mana stones

Special Event (300 free blue diamonds): Go to the Official A3 Discord and place the order $alivealoneattack in the lounge of the same name. Wait 5 minutes and then return the order. A bot will contact you in mp with a code only! (to be entered in Premium Coupon A3)

And, for the quickest ones, here are 2 coupons from the pre-registration event that we had in excess:


This is the end of this tip to benefit and activate a coupon on A3: Still Alive. I hope you found it useful and don't hesitate to share other codes in comment to help other players! 🙂

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  1. Scien

    How do you do it on iPhone

    • Hakio

      This is shown in the "How to activate A3: Still Alive? coupons" section at the end. 🙂

      There's a link for each type of coupon.


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