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AFK Arena Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

afk arena guide to getting started

Are you starting out on the AFK Arena adventure and need some tips and advice? In the article below you will find a guide to AFK Arena listing several tips for getting started in 2020. We will explain the basics of the game, the different factions and some of the main mechanics of the game so that you can get to know it inside out.

The game developed by Lilith Games offers a tutorial, but it goes over many points very quickly (too quickly?) , which we will try to clarify. We will focus here on the tools available at the beginning of the game. For more details on each of the categories covered or more specific points, please visit our game tips page.

What is the AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is a mobile game developed by Lilith Games that puts you in charge of a custom team of fighters to stop an ancient evil from destroying the kingdom of Esperia.

AFK Arena logo

As its name suggests, AFK Arena is a game where leaving your phone will benefit you. Indeed, time will play for you by bringing you new resources regularly.

Create a team of five fighters from a wide range of characters and try to bring them to the end of the campaign and finally save the world of Esperia from the evil that threatens it.

Editor's tip: we highly recommend playing AFK Arena on a PC for more comfortable play and to save your tel's battery! 👌

The AFK Arena campaign

The main campaign is themain axis of progression in AFK Arena and therefore the first point covered in this game guide. It's where you'll earn the most gold, XP and equipment. For each victory in a campaign tier, you will receive rewards via your chest on the main screen.

As mentioned above, AFK Arena is a game in which leaving the application will benefit you and make your rewards grow. However, there are some special features to be aware of in order to optimise your search for rewards :

  • the higher the campaign level, the more interesting the rewards obtained;
  • don't forget to collect your rewards at least once every 12 hours, as they don't accumulate after half a day of inactivity;
  • When your game is very advanced (beyond chapter 16), certain techniques allow you to collect mythical equipment. We will discuss this in a dedicated article.

Guide to factions and their advantages

The concept of factions is one of the important points in this guide to AFK Arena. There are seven different factions which are represented by the heroes of AFK Arena with their advantages over the others. While the first four factions follow a simple game of Chifoumi , there are also three more original factions.

Factional advantages in AFK Arema

Light carriers

The most versatile faction, as it has heroes with a wide range of skills. The light-bearing heroes are ideal to start with but will suffer in the long run as the faction has few heroes that really focus on a specific role.

Example of light-bearing heroes
Example of light-bearing heroes

In the first few chapters, having a team made up entirely of light bearers may allow you to progress easily.


Like the Lightbearers, the Undead are also very versatile and will allow players to build powerful teams early in the game.

Example of undead heroes
Example of undead heroes


Wildlings are used extensively as many of these heroes have a very useful support role. If having a team made up entirely of Savageon heroes is not viable, they will fit in perfectly with your best heroes from other factions, giving them a great deal of support.

Example of wild heroes
Example of a Wildling Hero


Pugilists are also very popular because most of their heroes can deal a lot of damage while having interesting support skills. Grouped with the wildlings, the Pugilists can form very powerful teams.

Example of pugilist heroes
Example of Pugilist heroes

Celestial, Hypogean and Cosmic

The Celestial, Hypogean and Cosmic heroes are extremely powerful but are not freely available at the start of the game. Therefore, we will not dwell on them in this beginner's guide to AFK Arena.

Team composition in AFK Arena

A combat team consists of five heroes in AFK Arena. Creating a powerful and above all complementary team (with good synergy) will be your main goal in order to lead your team to victory.

To get off to a good start, it is worth considering the role you want to give each of your heroes. Combiningagile heroes with strength-filled tanks, while smart heroes support your troops from cover, is a good starting strategy. Thus, the specific characteristics of each hero must be taken into account for their placement.

Team composition in AFK Arena

Finally, you should know that associating several heroes of the same faction brings a non-negligible bonus to your team:

3 heroes from the same faction + 2 heroes from different factionsAttack +10%
HP +10
3 heroes of the same faction + 2 heroes of the same factionAttack +15%
HP +15
4 heroes of the same factionAttack +15%
HP +20
5 heroes of the same factionAttack +25%
HP +25

We have created a list of the best compositions on AFK Arena to help you at the beginning of the game and throughout the game!

Heroes' equipment

Each hero can carry up to four pieces of equipment at the start of the game(weapons, armour, helmets and boots). While some very advanced equipment can only be used by heroes of a given faction, in general, these pieces of equipment should be adapted to the hero's speciality.

Example of a "Force" fighter in AFK Arena

Thus, to summarise:

ForceHeavy weaponsPlate armour
AgilityLight weaponsLeather armour
IntelligenceMagic sticksPadded armour

Quests : Daily, Weekly, Campaign

Available on the campaign screen, the quests will allow you to collect rewards in exchange for achievements.

Regular quests in AFK Arena

These quests are divided into three categories:

  • Daily quests: Every day you will be offered very simple quests (e.g. "engage in combat"). Make sure youdo as many as you can each day before the timer runs out (daily quests are renewed every day at 02:00 UK time).
  • Weekly quests: Like the daily quests, these are generally easy to complete. So don't hesitate to take a look at them regularly.
  • Campaign quests: As there are no time requests, campaign quests can also bring you some very interesting rewards .

In the quest menu, there are other tools available to you on the main campaign screen:

The bag containing your items

The bag is the place where all the items you collect during your adventure are placed.

AFK Arena prize bag

Two types of objects can be used directly via the bag and are important:

  • The soul stones allow you to summon a new hero. Do not hesitate to exchange them as soon as possible.
  • Consumables (items that allow you to recover the equivalent of X hours of a particular resource) are also very interesting. Save them for times when you really need them, so you won't get any nasty surprises.


The developers of AFK Arena or other players may send you e-mails to inform you. Remember to always open these as a reward is often available.

The friends

As in many games of the genre, having friends gives you significant bonuses in AFK Arena. Indeed, you will have the possibility, each day, to send and receive companion points. These can be exchanged for a new hero.

List of friends in AFK Arena

You can send 30 hearts daily and receive 20 hearts per friend.

The Black Forest

In the Black Forest you will find various locations where you can collect new items rewards. Ideal when you are stuck in the campaign, you will quickly find access to the following four locations.

The premium panel

In this place, you can send one or more of your heroes to complete quests and collect new rewards . Renewed every 24 hours, don't forget to regularly send your troops on these quests. Note that a hero sent on a mission is always usable in combat.

The arcane labyrinth

Renewed every two days, the arcane labyrinth will require you to navigate three floors filled with enemies and temporary relics. Finishing these three floors can bring you some nice rewards.

The arena of heroes

The Hero Arena allows you tocompete against players from all over the world.

Hero Arena in AFK Arena

While some of the rewards may be interesting, you can learn more about the strategies used by the top players. This will help you to choose your heroes on AFK Arena.

The King's Tower

On each floor of the King's Tower, you will encounter a team to be shot. This is another source of combat when you are stuck in the campaign.

King's Tower in AFK Arena

Unlike the campaign, when you run into a king's tower battle, feel free to change your heroes and/or their positions.

There are many other tools available to optimise your game in AFK Arena. We could talk about Ranhorn or refund codes, but with the ideas developed in this guide, you already have everything you need to get started in AFK Arena.

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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