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AFK Arena 2021 redemption codes : list and how it works

Codes AFK Arena refund

Like many games of the genre, AFK Arena is regularly updated with new features and offers. Among them, developers regularly announce refund codes on AFK Ar ena (or activation codes) allowing to get nice rewards.
These 2021 AFK Arena codes are regularly set up and then deactivated by the developers. All information is available on the official discord of the game (in the "Events" category).

In addition to reading our guide to get off to a good start on AFK Arena, following the evolution of these codes is an undeniable advantage when you get started on the game.

How do I activate an AFK Arena coupon code?

The first thing you need to know to be able to enjoy these regular rewards is how to activate an AFK Arena redemption code.

For old sea dogs, watch out! Since December, the process has changed a bit and you have to shake up your old habits. From now on, you have to go to the official website via a web browser (on PC or mobile) and have your game open next to it. The handling is a little more constraining but remains very simple.

Time required: 1 minute.

Steps to activate a code on AFK Arena :

  1. Open a browser and go to the official website

    The most convenient way to avoid back and forth is to open it on your PC.AFK-Arena-site-code

  2. Enter your UID and request the verification code

    You can find it in your game by clicking on your avatar and opening your details. It's a sequence of numbers.HDI

  3. Enter the received verification code

    The latter is sent in your AFK Arena game messages. So you have to open your game and check your emails.

  4. Retrieve your gift

    Once the code is verified, your free reward will be found in your in-game messages in the game.

List of current AFK Arena codes (28/09/2021)

As explained above, the codes are regularly updated (each code created will usually only be available for a few weeks).
As of 28 September 2021, the currently active codes are as follows:

uf4shqjngq 30 scrolls of invocation
g594b6vpjk 10 summoning scrolls
6000 coins labyrinth/guild/hero
Ch3atc0de100 diamonds
100K gold
311j4hw00d100 diamonds
100K gold
d14m0nd5100 diamonds
100K gold
xmasl00t100 diamonds
100K gold
Badlijey666100 diamonds
100K gold
101nc107h100 diamonds
100K gold
uf4shqjngq30 scrolls of common heroes
AFK888300 diamonds + 20k gold + 100 essences
(available 60 days after activation of your account)
50 diamonds +
5 scrolls of common heroes +
60 soul stones

Did you know that?
For a much better gaming experience and QHD, play AFK Arena on PC! Multi-instance, mouse and keyboard control settings and a multitude of other options are possible!

Examples of obsolete codes

Paying attention to the announcement of a New promo code can be very useful. Indeed, there is rarely more than two weeks between each announcement of new codes by the developers and the rewards that you can unlock can be very interesting.

logo of the game AFK Arena

As proof, you will find in the table below a list of AFK Arena codes (examples ofold codes now outdated and associatedrewards ).

You will notice that these codes are usually communicated in honor of a particular event:

Star241 500 diamonds
5 gold/XP hero chests/hero essence
dqy4aq3pyw 8888 hero coins
888 diamonds
8888 labyrinth tokens
30 common hero scrolls
essrysfcrm 888 diamonds
Xiaban8865 large crates of hero EXP
500 diamonds
5 large crates of gold
5 large crates of hero fuel
aaz27uvgfi3,000 diamonds
30 summoning scrolls
dwn8ekefbd8888 hero coins
888 diamonds
8888 labyrinth tokens
30 common hero scrolls
ck4kjutz6kChildren's day
bprc9kun5i300 diamonds
20 elite hero soul stones
9biwud4xrt300 diamonds
20 soul stones
Valentine's Day
7r3bbdqth2300 diamonds
20 elite soul stones
6wgh9ung661000 diamonds
65tdenbmtw 300 diamonds
20 shards of elite heroes
haruruafk1000 diamonds + 5 scrolls of common heroes + 1500k gold
yujaeseok1000 diamonds + 5 scrolls of common heroes + 1500k gold
liuyan23350 k gold + 3 scrolls of common heroes
liuyan11850k gold + 3 faction scrolls
8e27shfk6b 10 faction scrolls + 8888 hero pieces + 8888 diamonds + 8888 labyrinth tokens + 10 common hero scrolls + 10 unique stargazing maps
8vws9uf6f530 faction scrolls
3000 diamonds
9qgzux8k82300 diamonds
20 soul stones

As you can see, an AFK Arena gift code allows you to get back many interesting rewards . We will keep you regularly informed of new codes available.

Until then, feel free to have a look at all our tips articles for AFK Arena. You will soon be the master of the game!

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