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Alice Nikke Guide: Best Teams and Equipment

Alice Nikke in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Alice Nikke is an SSR character who joined the game with her squad leader Ludmilla. She fights enemies as a Fire-type Nikke , destroying them with a Sniper Rifle , which is supported by her Burst III Attacker class stats. Did you get her in your first pull? It’s time to learn how to use Alice in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. We’ve got the top Alice builds for you, as well as the best teams and equipment.

How To Play Alice Nikke

In Goddess of Victory Nikke, Alice is a powerful character who ranks as one of the game’s strongest boss killers. This is due to an Alice Nikke ability to damage several of their parts at once. When in regular combat, she can do area-of-effect attacks on groups of raptures as long as they’re close together. All these powers make her a very valuable unit you can invest in. She’s niche enough without being too difficult to fit into a team.

Alice Nikke battling raptures in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Most of Alice’s skills let her have little need for support - if you have no healer or items yet, she will still be useful. However, once you get past the first few chapters of the game, you’ll find it’s time to boost the skills of Alice Nikke and get serious about team compositions.

All The Skills Of Nikke Goddess of Victory Alice

Alice’s burst move Wonderland super blasts her charging speed time and raises her attack temporarily. It’s a support move that’s a surprising twist for a unit whose job is to perform damage. However, it makes sense when you understand how her kit works and fixes the problem that sometimes comes with high-attack units. 

Alice’s first skill Energizing Carrot allows her to recharge her weapon quickly. This is fast even compared to other Burst three attackers and a big selling point for wanting to pull her. However, you can shorten that time for Alice Nikke even more with the attack cubes unlocked in the lost sectors. There are also some units you can pair her with that have a skill for that.   

Alice Nikke

As long as she stays at 80 percent health or above, Alice’s second skill Healthy Carrot will keep doing pierce damage. If she goes below that, she can heal herself, but it may not be enough or in time. This presents one of her biggest weaknesses, as later stages can make it difficult to stay at that number. At that point, you must invest in a decent healer to pair with Alice Nikke. Luckily, the game has several options for that.

Alice Nikke Best Team

We’ve chosen a team composition for you based on character availability and whose skills benefit Alice the most. One of these, Privaty, can be collected in the game for free by doing all of the Day by Day tasks. If you’re missing one of these, no worries, we’ll give you substitution choices.


Their Burst

Benefit To Alice

Liter Nikke


Burst I Supporter

She can reduce the burst time for every unit and the longer the fight, the better it becomes. This makes Alice able to charge her weapon faster and faster.

Centi Nikke icon


Burst II Defender

Centi provides a shield through her skills which would keep Alice’s HP protected.

Privaty Nikke icon


Burst III Attacker

Privaty can reduce weapon reloading time and so would be helpful in both regular fights and boss battles.

Yulha Nikke icon


Burst III Attacker

Yulha can boost Alice’s attack.

Alice Nikke icon


Burst III Attacker

Alice boosts her own health and has a low reloading time for a strong unit.

Check out the Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list to learn more about the characters.

Team Alternatives For Goddess Of Victory Nikke Alice

These choices are not going to be as good (or are harder to get, looking at you pilgrims) but in a pinch, they can work if they’re only what you have, all of them pair very well with Alice Nikke . If you’re a new player, just use what you have for now because you’ll get opportunities to roll for better characters later on.

Burst I Substitutions

Burst II Substitutions

Burst III Substitutions


Rapunzel - Can heal


Admi - Great at shaving off reloading speed


Helm - Raises critical rate


Pepper - Allows more buffs to stack


Mast - Can boost attack


Drake - Increases hit rate


Dorothy - Increases part damage


Elegg - Buffs allies with BOOM install


Maxwell - Increases Charge Speed

Alice Nikke build: best equipment

When you collect the harmony cubes, make sure that you level them like you level your Nikke’s other stats. You can do that by collecting the batteries available in Yan’s shop. The one you equip will depend on what areas the unit is lacking in. In this case, Alice might need help with her reloading time or attack power.

Resilience Cube

Bastion Cube

Wingman Cube

Resilience Cube

Increases reload speed

Bastion Cube

Reloads extra bullets

Wingman Cube

Increases bullet capacity

If you play near the endgame stage, you can unlock the super strong overload gear, where Alice Nikke can get special modules permanently attached to her build. To get those modules, you have to battle in the Special Interception section.

When you want to overload a gear with a module, strengthen a Tier 9 gear to level 5 and the option will open up. PRO TIP: Make sure that the gear aligns with the company the Nikke is associated with, for example, Alice is a Tetra Nikke, so you’ll need Tier 9 Tetra armor. Late-game armor is very expensive to level, so you don’t want to invest in the wrong thing.

This newly amped-up gear for Alice Nikke will come with a buff that is generated at random in addition to extra slots that you can roll additional boosts for. If you want to reroll, you’ll need to spend additional modules. There are a few specific buffs you should aim for :

  • Max Ammunition Capacity

  • Boosted Critical Damage

  • Higher Hit Rate

  • Increased Charge Speed

  • Stronger Charge Damage

  • Raised Defense

  • Raised Attack

  • Boosted Elemental Damage Dealt

  • Boosted Critical Rate

As you can now see, Alice would be a great addition to your main Nikke team. Paired with the right units, she can be a fast reloader and attacker. Paired with a good healer, you can utilize her pierce damage effects against many difficult bosses, particularly those in the late-game stages. Truly, the stats of Alice Nikke make her one of the few characters worth spending precious resources on when you reach the endgame stage. Overall, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Alice.  

Need to learn about different Nikkes ? Our other Goddess of Victory Nikke tips and tricks have you covered. 

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