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Mod Sheriff Among Us: Easy Installation Guide

Among us Mod Sheriff astronaut with a hat

The little astronauts valiantly and relentlessly carry out their missions on Among Us. Repairing electrical wires, watering plants, emptying garbage cans... They have all the more courage to charcoal as they risk being zigouiller by the impostors. But it's time for revenge! Come and discover how to install the Sheriff Among Us Mod to give an innocent person a chance to eliminate an impostor directly. This alternative mode will make the game even crazier. But don't let the imposters worry too much: with great power comes great responsibility... The Sheriff 's power can quickly turn against himself and put the good guys in trouble.
The Sheriff Among Us Mod is not an official game mode developed by Innersloth. In order to enjoy it, you will have to go through a quick and easy procedure. Follow our guide, step by step!

Mod Sheriff Among Us

How to install the Sheriff Mod on Among Us?

Before anything else, let's make it clear that the Sheriff Among Us Mod is only accessible for PC players. Those playing on their phones or Nintendo Switch will not be able to play with others. Obviously, this means that in order to start a game, all players must be playing on PC and everyone must install the game mode! If any of your companions are struggling, feel free to pass on our guide!

  • Step 1: Go to GiftHub to download the game mode. While there are several versions, we recommend Jon Pepler's version which works very well.
  • Step 2 : Unzip the resulting files using an application like WinRAR. This application can be used for free.
  • Step 3: Open Steam and access the Among Us game files in your library. Right click, then "manage" and "browse local files".
  • Step 4 : Copy all the files from Among Us, create a new folder in the common area of Steam. It is advised to give it a recognizable name like " Sheriff ". In the Sheriff folder, paste the classic Among Us files and add the unzipped files you got from GiftHub.
  • Step 5: For more comfort, you just have to create a specific shortcut. So as not to confuse it with the classic version or with another Mod like the Cupid game mode.
Find the local files to install the Sheriff Among Us Mod
The files can be found here!

By following this procedure, you should be able to play the Sheriff Among Us Mod. Keep in mind that this game mode, created by the community, is free! At no time do you have to take out your credit card and if an intermediary site asks you to pay, take your legs!
Also, the Sheriff mode is compatible with the proximity chat. It's not mandatory but it makes the game even more dynamic. 🙃

How to play Mod Sheriff?

In Sheriff mode, players can be given three roles at the beginning of the game. While there are the classic crewmate and impostor roles, they must still adapt to the presence of the cowboy in the game.

  • The crewmate: he has to be even more careful not to appear suspicious and take a free bullet from the Sheriff. He has to investigate as much as possible to find the culprits as usual, but he'd better find the Sheriff as well to put him in his pocket and take advantage of his protection.
  • The impostor: he must be extra vigilant not to arouse the suspicions of the Sheriff. While he usually only fears votes, he can now be taken out at any time! He is advised to flush out and kill the Sheriff as a priority to regain his peace of mind and kill two birds with one stone.
  • The sheriff : He becomes the most coveted role in the game. He wins with the crewmates and also has missions to do on his own. However, he has a gun that allows him to instantly kill another player. If he kills an impostor, he can then boast of having had a nose. Be careful though, if he kills an innocent, it's a disaster... The innocent dies and the Sheriff commits suicide, out of shame or guilt. This power a little coinflip can thus give two free kills to the impostors if it is badly used.
Sheriff Among Us

If you were left AFK at the beginning of the game and didn't have time to see your role, don't panic. The player who got the little star will see his name in orange. Can't miss, so be ready to draw and enforce your law. 😎

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