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Angelica Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Angelica Epic Seven Guide

The RPG Epic Seven features many heroes , all with unique profiles and skills. Everyone is free to put together their own team as they see fit, but it is true that some heroes are more powerful than others. While many wonder who is the best healer in the game, Angelica stands out from the crowd and has her say.
This priestess with divine power has more than one trick up her sleeve and is the stuff of dreams for many players. With her complete utility kit, she is a character of choice to add to your composition. She particularly excels in the Hunt and Abyss game modes. To maximise her power, follow our Angelica Epic Seven guide!

Angelica Epic Seven invocation
"Hmm.. It's been a while, take care of me!"

Angelica, more than just care

Angelica is as tall as a tree, but her modest size should not be taken for granted. This character is very powerful and has many tricks up her sleeve: healing, stun, barrier and debuff immunity. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find better elsewhere! This ice soul weaver has the added advantage of being a 4-star base character. Her drop rate is therefore a little more lenient than the average top tier hero. This is a blessing for building up your memory imprint.

Basic powerAwakened power
CP7 78414 709
Life2 7215 700
Critical opportunity15 %15 %
Critical damage150 %150 %
Double attack5 %5 %
Effectiveness effects00
Resistance effects00

Angelica 's memory imprint gives resistance to effects, a useful bonus in Epic Seven. This is 3.6% / 5.4% / 7.2% / 9% / 10.8% / 12.6%.

How to awaken Angelica's power?

In order to get the full benefit of Angelica, you need to fully awaken this miniature soul weaver. To do this, gather the following items:

Ice RunesMajor Ice RunesEpic Ice RunesSpecial alarm loopsHearts of hypocrisy

There's no secret to runes, you have to go to the spirit altar first, hoping to get them on the right day of the week. For catalysts, you have to go to specific levels and hope to drop them or buy them in the shop. The Nightmare Masks can be found on level 2 / 9-1 and the Hypocrisy Hearts on level HR9-1.

Angelica Epic Seven rune

In order to improve its skills to the maximum you will also need specific resources.

GoldMolaGoraMolaGoraGoBaby Mouse badgesHearts of hypocrisy
384 00021336

How to equip Angelica?

After carefully observing Angelica's stats, you may have noticed that she would make very good use of some extra HP!

What build for Angelica?

She's not that fragile to begin with, but you need to keep her as alive as possible to keep her supporting the rest of your team effectively.
Angelica is a hero who makes the other characters around her shine. In addition to life, a hair's worth of bonus speed would do the soul weaver a world of good, as she is devilishly slow with her initial stats alone.

  • Solution 1 : Life (x6): not the most sought after build, but a build to turn little Angelica into a real tank
  • Solution 2 : Speed (x4) and Life (x2): a build that greatly increases the hero's flexibility

What artifact for Angelica?

Depending on the build chosen, the artefact to target first is not the same. The Amaryllis Staff is in all cases a very good choice, since it allows Angelica to heal even more. For those playing a tank Angelica, the Idol's Cheerfulness artefact is a viable solution. It allows her to boost the rest of the team even more by taking hits.

Angelica Epic Seven artefact
Beware of the backlash

This is the end of the Angelica Epic Seven guide ! Not only does this hero look great, but she's also indispensable on your journey. Recruit and upgrade without moderation.

For those who want to go even further in mastering characters, check out our other Epic Seven Hero Guides ! 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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