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Apex Legends Mobile Beginner Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Beginner Guide

Recently released on Android and iOS, the Apex mobile port is a phenomenal success. If you're one of the many new players and feel lost, we're here to help. In this Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide you'll find our tips and tricks for getting started with the Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

The legends

Let's start our Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide with the legends. Before starting a game, you must first choose the character you will play. Indeed, some roles are more appropriate than others to your playing style. There are 4 types of legends: Offensive, Defensive, Support and Recognition.

In addition to this role, each of them has its own specificity with a passive ability, a tactical ability and an ultimate ability. For more details on the legends, I redirect you to our Apex Legends Mobile best legends tier list.

This mobile port incorporates customizable passive skills that are not present in the PC and console versions: an ability, an execution and an ability.

Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide: skills

By playing with a legend, you get points that you can use to unlock these skills in a different tree for each character.

Let's end this section on legends with a little strategic advice. If you are the last of your squad when selecting characters, be sure to orient your choice according to the roles of your teammates so that you don't end up with 3 offensive legends for example.

Apex Legends Mobile game modes

Let's move on to the next part of our Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide, namely the game modes. While Battle Royale is the top category in Apex, the game offers a variety of game modes to keep things interesting.

First, start with the Tutorial Level. Familiarize yourself with the controls to determine whether or not to activate the automatic fire, the movement controls and the aiming mode.

Then switch to Free Pratice to continue learning the game with the shooting range, weekly challenges and 3 levels of advanced training. Feel free to try out all the legends and weapons to find the configuration that suits you best.

Apex Legends Mobile Practice mode

Once that's done, it's time to dive into the deep end with the main game mode of Apex Legends Mobile : the Battle Royale.

The rules are simple: alone or in a squad of 3, you land on a map without any weapon or equipment. You have to find equipment to survive until you are the last one alive. Be careful, however, to always keep an eye on your map to stay in the combat zone delimited by a ring, which shrinks as the game progresses.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale mode

At the moment, only the World’s Edge map is available, but it should soon be joined by the King's Canyon.

Ranked Match mode runs in two-month seasons, with rewards being awarded according to your rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. The points you earn in ranked games depend on the number of eliminations you make, but also on the assists and the place of your squad.

In Multiplayer, you'll have access to three modes in addition to Battle Royale: Team Deathmatch with base respawn, Team Deathmatch with random respawn, and Arena. In these 3-on-3 battles, you must purchase weapons and accessories from the store to eliminate your opponents in multiple rounds. The first squad to win 4 rounds wins the match. These game modes are played on regularly changing maps.

Finally, time-limited modes are sometimes available, such as Quick Battle or Flashpoint.

The weapons

Weapons selection is a large topic in our beginner's guide at Apex Legends Mobile. However, we won't go into it here. For good reason, we have already done so in our Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list, which I invite you to consult to find out which are the most effective and most complementary.

On these weapons, you can equip several accessories, such as a sight, an enlarged magazine, a stock or a grip. Each one has a rarity level that improves its statistics. White items are common, blue items are rare, epic items are purple, while gold indicates legendary equipment.

The equipment

In Apex Legends, in addition to weapons, their accessories and ammunition, you can collect equipment on the map. Everything you collect is stored in your backpack. Its capacity can be increased with a higher quality item.

As for protection, you can equip a helmet, armor and a shield to protect you when you are on the ground waiting for a reanimation from a member of your squad. Of course, the higher the rarity level, the more effective the protection will be.

Apex Legends Mobile equipment

In addition to all this, consumables necessary for your survival are scattered on the map:

  • Shield Cells: restores a shield bar in 3 seconds
  • Shield Battery: restores 100% of shield in 5 seconds
  • Syringe of Health: restores 25% of total health in 5 seconds
  • Healing Kit: restores 100% health in 8 seconds
  • Phoenix Kit: restores 100% health and shield in 10 seconds

To make it easier and save time, consider enabling automatic pickup in the settings and then sorting once you are in the shelter.

Apex Legends Mobile tips for a good start

Now that you have the basics, let's finish our Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide with some tips and tricks to improve your results.

  • Unlike other FPSs, battles can last a while if both opponents have good equipment. Remember to take cover regularly to recharge your shield.
  • Stay on the move as often as possible. Alternating slides and jumps will make it harder for your opponent to reach you, especially in short to medium range exchanges.
  • Pathfinder, Caustic and Gibraltar have a disadvantage, as their hitbox is larger than the other legends.
  • Anticipate the ring's reduction. If it does low damage at the beginning of the game, the more it shrinks, the more powerful damage it inflicts.
  • Use the ping system to communicate with your teammates. You can indicate a destination to your squad, but also the position of an enemy, an accessory or a weapon.
  • To avoid the frequent FPS drops, set the graphics to minimum and the framerate to maximum.
  • Finally, pay attention to where you land. Some will be more popular than others for the rarity of their loot, but we'll see that in an article dedicated to this topic.
Apex Legends Mobile

That's it for this Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide All you have to do is apply our tips and tricks to win and earn rewards. To make sure you don't miss out on the next tips on the game, don't hesitate to consult our page regularly Apex Legends Mobile.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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