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Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: The best legends

Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List

With Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale just released on Android and iOS, let's find out which characters are best with the Apex Legends Mobile Tier List. Whatever your play style, you'll find out which legend in this ranking is right for you in this guide. Choose easily with this top Apex heroes on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List

Each legend has its own abilities and type of combat strategy: Reconnaissance, Support, Offensive and Defensive. We have compiled all the important information about the best legends of Apex Mobile for you . We have ranked them according to their strengths and weaknesses, taking into account the advantage they can bring to a 3 player squad. Let's get started with our Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List.

S-Tier Legends: the best characters in Apex Mobile

The S-Tier legends in this top character list are essential elements of your squad. They are heroes that provide a minimum of performance without being too situational: they shine in general and will provide excellent results in any squad.

Bloodhound: Tracking and technology expert

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Bloodhound

Type of legend: Recognition

Bloodhound is the first legend offered at the start of the game and probably one of the most powerful. Thanks to his passive, he can spot enemy tracks with an indication of the time elapsed since his passage.

His tactical skill temporarily displays the position of nearby enemies, while his ultimate skill gives him the benefit of fast movement and a display of enemy footprints. Eliminating an enemy extends the duration of this ability's effects. With a full set of elimination tools, Bloodhound is one of the best legends of this genre. Apex Legends Mobile Tier List.

Gibraltar: Armoured fortress

Best legends Apex Legends Mobile : Gibraltar

Type of legend: Defensive

Gibraltar is the only viable defensive legend in this top. He is the tank you want in your squad. When he aims, he generates a shield that partially protects him. He can also deploy a domed shield that blocks fire in both directions. Reanimating teammates inside the dome takes less time.

With his ultimate ability, Gibraltar indicates a position, which is then bombarded by a mortar strike. In addition to inflicting damage, this strike slows down enemies and impairs their vision. In the Apex mobile tier list, he is obviously very high ranking and is one of the must-have legends for a strong and resilient squad.

The A-Tier legends

Slightly below the S-Tier, the A-Tiers will make excellent team additions to support the mobility, longevity or utility of the top legends in Apex Legends mobile, to form a formidable squad. Let's check out the characters in the second tier of this top.

Wraith: Interdimensional Warrior

Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile, the best support

Legend type: Offensive

Wraith is one of the top Apex legends as it offers a lot of mobility to your team. Like Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, her passive ability visually indicates the proximity of a trap or the targeting of an opponent. Her tactical ability allows her to move briefly in the Void. In this state, you are faster and more importantly, untouchable. Wraith can also create two portals that can be used by all legends for 60 seconds.

Lifeline: Combat Rescuer

Tier List Apex Legends Mobile : Lifeline

Type of legend: Support

As the only supporting legend at the moment, Lifeline logically occupies a good place in this Apex Legends Mobile Tier List and proves to be indispensable to have a balanced squad. His passive allows him to deploy his DOC drone to reanimate his teammates for him and create a protective shield around it.

Lifeline's drone can also heal nearby allied legends while its ultimate lands a drop of defensive equipment (armour, healing, shield).

Fade: Phasic scourge

Apex Legends Mobile Top legends: Fade

Legend type: Offensive

Fade is the latest character to join the roster. Furthermore, he is only available in the mobile version of Apex Legends. Like Wraith, Fade manipulates the Void. After a slide, he gets a boost to his movement speed. Fade's tactical ability causes him to return to the position he occupied a few seconds before, like Tracer in Overwatch.

He can create a zone that sends the enemies inside into the Void for a short time. Only he can then inflict damage on them without them being able to fight back.

The B-Tier legends

Much more situational, the legends in this Apex Legends Mobile ranking will have a hard time asserting themselves, especially among beginner players. Oriented towards utility without necessarily being practical, these characters require more mastery to prove their potential. Overall, they are less powerful than those of the previous tiers.

Caustic: Toxic trapper

Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile

Type of legend: Defensive

Caustic is a legend whose skills revolve around gas. He can place up to 6 traps that release gas when activated and a grenade that creates a gas zone. The gas reduces the movement of enemies and causes light damage. His passive ability allows him to detect enemies inside these clouds of yellow smoke.

Octane: Burnt head

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Octane

Legend type: Offensive

Octane is a versatile legend, but it does not really perform well in any aspect. He therefore ranks lower in our Apex Legends mobile Legends Tier List. His health regenerates slowly if he does not take damage for a while. When using his booster, he increases his movement speed, but consumes HP. Octane's ultimate ability deploys a springboard that propels legends into the air and allows you to double jump.

Pathfinder : Advanced Pathfinder

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Pathfinder

Type of legend: Recognition

Despite his teamplay-oriented abilities, Pathfinder is a character that remains weak in combat. He is therefore not one of the top Apex legends. However, he is mobile thanks to his grappling hook, with which he can move more quickly or reach an inaccessible position. By scanning a beacon, he can reveal the position of the next ring and at the same time reduce the cooldown of his ultimate ability: the Tyrolean lance. Unlike the grappling hook, the zip line can be used by other legends.

The C-Tier legends: the end of the Apex Legends Mobile tier list

At the very end of the Apex Mobile legends top, we find Mirage and Bangalore, two promising characters that are far below their competitors. Here too, movement speed and tactical skills take precedence, but they struggle to prove themselves.

Bangalore: Professional Military

Bangalore in Apex Mobile

Legend type: Offensive

On paper, Bangalore is a legend who has everything to please. His movement speed is increased when an enemy shoots at him, and his smoke can block the vision of his opponents. Like Gibraltar, Bangalore's ultimate skill launches a flare to indicate the location of an artillery strike that deals damage and reduces the movement speed of affected players.

In reality, it is much more complicated for Bangalore whose only use is to give Bloodhound the advantage with its smoke. She is not one of the best legends in Apex Legends mobile.

Mirage : Holographic Illusionist

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Mirage

Legend type: Offensive

At the very end of the legends Apex Mobile, we find Mirage. When an enemy knocks Mirage out, he creates a decoy and becomes invisible. The same applies when a teammate revives you and can also deploy a decoy with his tactical ability. With his ultimate skill, this time several decoys mimic his movements as he disappears.

Nevertheless, your opponent can easily guess his position by paying attention to the movements of these decoys. This is simply the legend that brings the least benefit to a squad.

That's it for our Apex Legends Mobile Tier List. You now know which abilities each legend has and which are the most powerful. Now it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best to make your squad shine and win the most victories. Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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