Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list

Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list

After seeing which characters to choose in the legends tier list, it's time to look at the equipment with the Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list. We tested for you all the weapons available in the Android and iOS port of Apex Legends, which we then included in our ranking to determine which are the best and why.

Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list

In total, there are 24 weapons divided into 7 categories in Apex Legends Mobile : Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Pistol and Long Range. Within the same category, some weapons use different ammunition: energy ammo, heavy rounds, light tounds, sniper ammo and shotgun shells.

It is important to know that you can carry two weapons. It's up to you to find weapons that complement each other by choosing an assault rifle and a shotgun, or a submachine gun and a sniper rifle for example.

S-Tier weapons in Apex Legends Mobile

Let's start our Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list with the top of the ranking. These are simply the most powerful weapons in the game. They have high damage and advantageous statistics in terms of recoil, accuracy and range.

The Flatline assault rifle and R-301 carbine are probably the best weapons in the game. While the former shines in the amount of damage done per bullet, the latter stands out for its balanced performance. Both are very versatile, stable and formidable, especially at medium range.

Flatline: the best weapons of the Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list

On the machine gun side, the Volt, with its very high rate of fire, is terribly dangerous in close combat. It is the ally of all aggressive players who like to go after their opponents. Its low recoil also makes it the only machine gun that can be used at long range with an adapted sight.

With its basic 40 round magazine, the Spitfire is useful for assaulting one or more enemies. It has little recoil and can hit targets at long range with sparing fire. It is a perfect machine gun for novices. Its only drawback is that it takes longer to reload than an assault rifle.

Spitfire : the best machine guns

The EVA-8 Auto is a semi-automatic pump-action shotgun that fires all 10 rounds in its magazine very quickly. It is excellent at short and medium range, especially for beginners. Even when shooting at a guess, the dispersion remains low, which can save you precious hundredths of a second.

To cover the long distances, you can combine it with the last S-tier weapon of this tier list of the best weapons on Apex Legends Mobile : the Kraber. This sniper is the only rifle capable of taking out a legend with a single bullet to the head. It will still take some practice to master, especially since its magazine only holds 5 bullets.

A-Tier weapons

Let's move on to the Apex Legends Mobile A-Tier weapons with balanced weapons, which don't make it to the top of the rankings, but still perform well.

TheAlternator is one of the best weapons at the beginning of the game due to its rate of fire, which is one of the highest in the game. However, it is no match for the Volt or the R-99, a submachine gun with an excellent rate of fire as well, and which does devastating damage at close range. An extended magazine will be preferable to shorten the duration of fire exchanges in any case.

The R-99: an overclocked machine gun

In the same style, we have the EMG L-STAR. This machine gun has a 25 round magazine that can be increased to 40 rounds, but its recoil makes it uncontrollable in automatic mode as soon as your target gets too far away. Prefer the burst mode for more accuracy.

Then we have two A-Tier shotguns: the Mastiff for shooting enemies in close combat, and the Peacekeeper, which has less dispersion and therefore more damage and range. However, once the magazine is empty, you'll have to take cover for several seconds, as these two weapons take a long time to reload.

The Wingman is the only viable pistol in this Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list. It uses heavy ammunition and can make a difference at close range if you are accurate. The trick is to take your time shooting to control the recoil of the weapon.

The Wingman: the only viable gun in Apex Legends Mobile

The G7 Scout is a semi-automatic weapon, effective at medium and long range, with a high rate of fire for a long range rifle. The Triple Rifle, on the other hand, is a more traditional sniper rifle, with the difference that it fires 3 projectiles in line.

B-Tier weapons

The following weapons are considered average in Apex Legends Mobile. They can be used until a better weapon is found, but often have a major flaw.

First, we have two assault rifles: the Havoc, with the largest magazine in its class, but a pronounced recoil, and the Hemlok. It is a complex weapon to handle, which can fire in a 3-shot burst or in a single shot. These two weapons can get you out of a bad situation, but you'll have to trade them in later for an R-301 Carbine or a Flatline.

Havoc: a medium assault rifle

The Prowler Burst is a machine gun with a very high rate of fire, which can be used in bursts, but which clearly lacks accuracy. As machine guns go, the Devotion is in almost every way inferior to the EMG L-STAR, except for its range and magazine capacity. It is like many B-Tier weapons a temporary choice.

Let's finish this B-Tier segment of the Apex Legends Mobile best weapons tier list with two precision rifles: the Longbow-DMR and the Sentinel. The former has a better rate of fire and only slightly more accuracy, but the latter does undeniably more damage.

C-Tier weapons

These are the weakest weapons in the game. You should only use them in extreme emergencies and change them as soon as possible. If you are not directly threatened, don't even waste time picking them up. It is often better to run away to get another weapon than to engage in a duel with them.

The Charge Rifle is the least interesting of the snipers. Its rate of fire is respectable, but its reload time is too long. If you feel like a cowboy, you can try the 30-30. Apart from its old school style, this long-range rifle really has no argument in its favor.

The weakest long-range rifle: the 30-30

Outside of the Wingman, the pistols are generally mediocre. The P2020 has a low recoil and a very fast reload, but almost no DPS. There is nothing more to say about this weapon to be avoided whenever possible.

The RE-45 Auto submachine gun, despite its prodigious rate of fire, doesn't do enough damage to win a duel. Its low base magazine of 16 rounds makes it one of the worst weapons in this tier list of weapons on Apex Legends Mobile.

Even the Mozambique, the pistol classified as a shotgun, remains the worst in this category: lack of accuracy, low damage, little ammunition. In short, everything about this weapon is to be discarded.

This concludes our Apex Legends Mobile best weapons Tier List of the best weapons in Apex Legends. We hope you found our ranking useful. Now you know which weapons are the most effective and under what circumstances you can use them. To make sure you don't miss our next tips on Electronic Arts' Battle Royale, I'll redirect you to our Apex Legends Mobile page.

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