What are the AppGallery and Game Center and how to download them?

Install Huawei App Gallery and Game Center for cashback

In this guide, we'll look at how to download Huawei's AppGallery and Game Center, as well as all the perks and advantages this Android store provides. If you're a fan of strategy and gacha games, the Game Center will definitely become your go-to place between farming sessions!

Countless perks and rewards for Android gamers

Unlike other stores, the AppGallery wants to differentiate itself by being close to mobile players and game publishers. Its goal is to offer a maximum of advantages on its platform linked to big licences such as Summoners War, State of Survival, Lords Mobile, etc. but also to smaller publishers.

Many types of campaigns and benefits await you such as: wheel of fortune, mission completion, daily rewards to animate the community and provide you with a better user experience.

Let's go into detail about the benefits of the AppGallery and GameCenter and keep it short, because there are many!


The advantages of the AppGallery

If you would compare AppGallery to other stores, you could say: pay the same amount but earn more. Here are all the benefits you will access as an Android player if you download AppGallery:

  • Up to 20% cashback in the form of Huawei Points. 1 Point = $1;
  • Regularly available in-game purchase coupons. For example, for a $10 coupon with a minimum purchase of $40, you will receive a $10 discount (you will only pay $30);
  • There are rewards free Huawei phones, Freebuds and many other products to be won, as well as other benefits such as extra cashback or coupons depending on your in-game purchases;
  • A loyalty programme via the Game Center.

Game Center perks

When it's gone, it's still there! We will now look at the benefits of downloading Huawei's Game Center in addition to AppGallery. Unlike AppGallery, Game Center follows Huawei's goal to create a community around mobile games by offering content and rewards.

In addition to all the AppGallery perks and advantages, you have access to a loyalty program that will give you free coupons every month as a bonus.

LevelReward Points
($1 = 100 points)
Minimum purchase equivalent
Reward Coupons
L21 - 9990.10€3€
L31 000 - 9 99910€10€
L410 000 - 99 999100€40€
L5100 000 - 499 9991 000€80€
L6500 000 - 999 9995 000€150€
L71 000 000 - 1 999 99910 000€300€
L82 000 000 - 4 999 99920 000€400€
L95 000 000+50 000€500€

For example if you spend $120, you will be level 4 and you will receive monthly coupons of a total of $40 cumulated with a minimum purchase.

Reward Points are only valid for 12 months, however, simply make another in-game purchase (even a small one) and the 12 months will be renewed and you will keep the advantage of free monthly coupons. However, be sure to remember to collect your gift coupons every month!

You will have access to a VIP loyalty program from level 5 onwards depending on your monthly spend. All rewards are available on this dedicated page for your monthly in-app purchases.

How to download AppGallery?

Downloading AppGallery is quite simple. However, you will need to proceed outside of Google Play (AppGallery is a competitor). First, go to this download link and click on "Install".

Download AppGallery Huawei

You will get a warning about the APK as it is an external APK but no need to panic as it is theofficial Huawei APK for the service. Just press OK.

Allow External APK

For some phones, you will have to accept the installation of unknown applications.

Once installed, I would advise you to update the application. And that's it. AppGallery is installed on your device! However, you still have to do one more thing to enjoy all the free rewards on Android. You need to log in to Huawei's HMS Core. To do this, go to the HMS Core page and download the application.

Install Huawei HMS Core

Once the installation is complete, you need to log in with your Huawei account or create one. You can now download lots of apps and games and enjoy the benefits of AppGallery!

How to download Huawei Game Center?

If you are a mobile game lover and like to spend long hours on farming, then I advise you toinstall Huawei's Game Center in addition to AppGallery. On GC, no apps, only mobile gaming and exclusive content!

To do this, go to the Game Center page and click on "Install".

Download Huawei Game Center

That's it! All you have to do now is download your mobile games from the Game Center to benefit from all the advantages of the Huawei AppGallery and Game Center. Many free rewards for your Android games are waiting for you there! 🎁

Redeeming monthly coupons from Game Center

To redeem your monthly coupons from the Huawei Game Center, simply press "Me", then "Rewards " and then "Coupons".

Huawei Game Center account settings
Recover Game Center Huawei monthly coupons

Please note: Coupons are renewed every 1st of the month, so if you level up during the month (e.g. on the 12th), the corresponding new coupon will be available on the 1st of the following month.

You now know everything about AppGallery and Game Center. Hopefully this walkthrough has helped you and you will receive many rewards! If you encounter any problem with the installation or anything else, feel free to drop a comment below. 🙂

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