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Genshin Impact - Aranyaka - 2: Dream Nursery

Aranyaka 2: Nursery in a dream - Genshin Impact

Dream Nursery is the second chapter in the long series of Aranyaka quests. There are also many sub-quests in this series. You might be a little bit confused about the amount of things you have to do to complete it. But don't worry, we'll guide you step by step in this complete solution dedicated to the Genshin Impact Dream Nursery quest. We take this opportunity to give you many tips and tricks to help you solve all the puzzles and get a maximum of rewards.

The prerequisites to complete the Genshin Impact Dream Nursery quest

The World of Aranara : Dream Nursery quest

To unlock the Genshin Impact Dream Nursery quest, you must first complete the first chapter of the quest Aranyaka - 1: Woodland Encounter. If you haven't, you can check our detailed guide to find out how to do it and advance faster.

The World of Aranara - Dream Nursery first quest

You were able to meet Arana a strange creature and friend with Rana in the previous chapter. The Aranara wants to help you save the forest guard, who is a victim of an evil that is gradually corrupting the forests of Sumeru. Arana gives you directions to The World of Aranara and collect Bija, a mysterious "item" that can heal Rana.

Access to the World of Aranara

To begin the first Dream Nursery quest: The World of the Aranara, go talk to Amadhiah in the Vimara Village and ask him to give you an ancient lyre. This instrument will be particularly useful for the rest of the quest.

Once you have retrieved it, green tracks appear in front of you again. Get on a barge to follow them. Then continue on foot. You will eventually arrive at the world of the aranaras. Until now, you could not enter it. You can unlock the northern part of Sumeru in the quest The World of the Aranara in Genshin Impact.

Access The World of Aranara to complete the Dream Nursery quest

Go to the area indicated on your map, equip the ancient lyre if you have not already done so, activate it and play the notes surrounded by a green circle. Make sure they are on the right line. You can now cross the tree.

Collect the 15 seeds in the The World of Aranara quest, the Dream Nursery fisrt quest

You must now complete a speed test. You have to collect 15 seeds in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. But every time you pick up a seed, the timer goes back to 1 minute 30 seconds. However, if you get hit by an enemy attack, you will lose 30 seconds. We advise you to dodge the enemies and concentrate on the seeds.

Go straight ahead (through the gate) and follow the seeds, then head left at each fork in the road, then use the clover badges in the air (sort of like hooks) to collect the remaining seeds. Once you have completed the challenge, return to the starting point. You will be rewarded with a valuable chest.

Helping the aranaras

Now that you are in the world of the aranaras, you must gain their trust by helping them. The map shows you 3 aranaras to help.

The 3 aranaras to help

The first aranara is surrounded by enemies, the second asks you to destroy a rock (do it with a charged attack). To help the third one, you will have to defeat enemies again.

Rock to destroy to help aranara

Once you have helped the aranara, join Arama at the point indicated on your map. The aranara asks you to eliminate a threat that is none other than Pyro Whopperflowers.

Deceitful flower to defeat to help the aranaras

After that, you have to play a new melody. This gives you access to the real world of the Aranaras. You will finally be able to activate the Statue of the Seven located in the north of Sumeru and finally this zone.

Then go talk to Araja, the village chief. He tells you that in order to get your hands on the Bija, you will have to perform several tasks related to the organization of the Utsava festival. These are listed in theAranyaka, a notebook that Araja gives you. From this point on, the Nursery in a Dream quest sequence becomes more nebulous and is divided into many sub-quests.

You are still rewarded with 50 Primogems, 4 Hero's Wit, 400 Adventure EXP, 40,000 Moras and 4 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Children of the Forest

To organize the Utsava festival, you have to help the aranaras with many things. Be prepared for long hours of gameplay, as well as a lot of puzzles.

Tasks list to complete the Children of the Forest quest

To complete the second Dream Nursery quest: Children of the Forest in Genshin Impact, you will have to complete several quests, which themselves have sub-quests. But don't run away, we will detail them all in dedicated guides very soon:

  • An Unwavering Culinary Dream;
  • The three vasomas fruits to find;
  • Varuna Gatha;
  • Vimana Agama;
  • Aginihotra Sutra.

Once you have completed all of the Aranyaka missions, the Children of the Forest quest will be automatically validated.

For A Better Reunion

You unlock the quest For a Better Reunion after completing the Children of the Forest quest. This one is much easier to do. You just have to go back to Rana to check her condition (unchanged for the moment otherwise it would be too easy...). You then exchange a few words with Arana, until Arama comes to pick you up to return to Vanarana to celebrate the Utsava festival.

Festival Utsava - the third Dream Nursery quest

Festival Utsava - the third Dream Nursery quest

You finally reach the last Dream Nursery quest: Festival Ustava and there, it is the drama. You see dozens of exclamation marks all over the aranara world. But we reassure you: you're not going to go through endless series of quests again.

Most of the question marks will be just a few lines of dialogue, while others will be mini-games or short missions.

Taste of Happiness

Aranaras cooks to help during the Utsava festival

Help the cooking aranaras prepare their feast by doing small tasks: adjusting the fire, fetching water, and preparing a dish.

Garden Fairies

Play with Aralila as she plays a game of hide and seek to complete Garden Fairies and progress through the Dream Nursery quest.

Finding Aralila during the Utsava festival

You will find Aralila on a small hill, very badly hidden behind a stone. Aranishat is in a wooden box that needs to be broken.

Finding Aranishat during the Utsava festival

Delicious Riddle

Araesha asks you three riddles. You must give her the food she describes. The first one is an apple, the second one is a Viparyas flower (you can find many of them in the village) and finally a Starshrooms.

Solve the Araesha's riddles

To thank you, in addition to 20 Primogems, the aranaras will give you each time a flower, this proves their friendship.

Rishboland Tiger, roaaar

In this final part of the Dream Nursery quest, Arakanta challenges you to a speed test. To succeed, collect Dendro particles within a set time limit.

Passing the Arakanta test

After talking to all the aranaras, you will probably still have one left. This one is at the top of a leaf, use the hooks to reach it.

Finding the last aranara during the Utsava festival

Once you have exchanged with all the aranaras with an exclamation mark, go and talk to Arakavi. You will then sing with all the aranaras, enjoy this moment to say the least. You get the success Glittering Melody.

Then go and talk to Arama and Araja. After some dialogues, they will turn all the flowers you collected into a beautiful crown.

End of the Utsava Festival and the Dream Nursery quest

This is the end of the quest The Festival of Utsava and with chapter 2 of Aranyaka: Dream Nursery. But you still have the third and final part of the very long quest suite Aranyaka: Nursery of Lost Dreams, which we will tell you about very soon in a dedicated article.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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