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Archer Clash of Clans: the detailed Troop Guide

Clash of Clans Archer Guide

Not as weak as it looks, theClash of Clans archer can perform real feats - both offensively and defensively - if you know how to do it right.
I'm going to help you get to know, understand and master this troop so you can reveal its full potential on your battlefields 🔥.

General description of the group

You will recognise the archer by her light green dress, hooded cape, leather belt, attached pouch and piercing eyes. She also has a golden quiver - slung over her back - a golden bow in her left hand and a golden band on each arm.

Archer Clash of Clans
You can unlock this warrior when you own a level 2 barracks

Clash of Clans archer features and statistics

This troop is one of the female units in Clash of Clans and the first to be able toattack from a distance. Although it is a ground unit, the archer has the ability to fight flying troops.
In addition, unlike some garrisons, the archer has no preferred targets. On the battlefield, it will therefore demolish everything in its detection zone. And, when he engages in a duel with a building, he will only stop if he finds himself in one of the following situations:

  • the building it attacks is destroyed;
  • he is defeated and killed;
  • he is attacked by skeletons, skeleton traps, clan castle defence troops or heroes.

Also, note that the archer inflicts single target damage and has fairly limited hit points. To train him, you will need pink elixir.

All Clash of Clans archer levels

When you unlock the archer by upgrading your barracks to level 2, use the lab to develop his stats.
But, how much does it cost to upgrade an archer? What is the max level of the Clash of Clans archer? I have prepared a summary in the table below.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of training
240 00012 h123960
3160 0001 day32812120
4480 0001 day 12 h53316200
51 300 0002 days64020300
62 500 0002 days 12 h74422400
73 500 0004 days84825500
85 500 0007 days95228600
910 000 00012 days105631700
1015 500 00014 days126034800

Also, note that some things can influence the stats I have mentioned in this table. For example, with events or magic items, upgrading and training the archer will consume less resources.
If you also use a rage spell, your archer will become even more powerful.

Combat strategy with the archer

Attack strategy and defence strategy with the archer, I explain everything.

Attack strategy with the Clash of Clans archer

Archers in Clash of Clans are very vulnerable to defences like mortars and wizard towers. A single hit could decimate all your units. So, if you have them in your composition attack, avoid deploying them in groups. Instead, I recommend that you use a single one. If a building attacks it, simply switch sides.

In addition, the archer will be much more useful if you place it in tank support. For example, send them in while a golem or giant is occupying the opponent's defences and absorbing their blows. And, to make your archers even more effective, land them in a line and make sure they are not too close. This allows them to inflict more damage.

In an offensive position, the archer also allows you to clear isolated buildings from the defences and huts placed in the corners of the village. This strategy, very much used in clan wars, proves to be very effective in scratching out a few points of damage, or even earning stars.

On the other hand, if you are going to make the archer an important part of your suit, here are some compositions troops that work:

  • FULL ARCHERS: you train only archers;
  • BARCH: Barbarians/ARCHers: a mixture of barbarians and archers;
  • BAM: Barbarians/Archers/Gargoyles;
  • BAG: Barbarians/Archers/Goblins;
  • BAGi: Barbarians/Archers/Giants.

Also, theClash of Clans archer 's ability will help you strike back against any troops stationed in the opponent's clan castle.

Defence strategy with the Clash of Clans archer

On the defensive side, one strategy is to fill your clan castle only with archers. With only archers in the barrier, you will not always succeed in decimating all the firepower of the opponent. But this technique will make him lose a lot of time (it can make a difference 😏).
In addition, your archers will protect your village against both air and ground attacks.

Super Archer Clash of Clans
Available from archer level 8

Features of the super archer in Clash of Clans

As I mentioned in my guide to Clash of Clans troops, some units have alter egos with exceptional skills and stats. For the archer, this is the super archer.
This garrison, much more advanced than its twin, has the Multiple Fire ability, which allows it to hit, at long range, several buildings or troops at once.

All levels of the super archer

The super archer has 3 levels. Here is a summary table of the different statistics for each rank.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per attackLife pointsCost of trainingCity Hall level required
81201804507 20011
91321985108 40012
101442165509 60014

Note that the Super Archer's stats are almost 10 times higher than the Classic Archer's. However, it requires 12 seats, 11 more than the original troop.

Combat strategy with the super archer

Attack strategy and defence strategy with the super archer, here are the details.

Strategy with the super archer in attack

When attacking, they can be used to support your tanks or be in the front line. By staying in the front line, they will clear the surroundings, prevent other troops from turning and create a passage to the heart of your opponent's village.
You can also couple the super archer with the queen of the archers, to perform an AQH.
This boosted unit can also be used as a bowler. Its even longer attack range will give you better returns.

Super archer strategy in defence

Trying to protect yourself with a super archer is not necessarily a good idea. If your opponent has a lot of firepower, you won't have much of a chance.
However, if you have enough room to pair it with a healer, this can change the situation. The healer will heal your super archer as he suffers attacks and increase his stamina. Even if your archer is unable to destroy his attackers, he will waste your opponent's time and may even foil his initial attack strategy.

Now that you know a bit more about theClash of Clans Archer from this guide, I hope you'll be able to deploy it better on the battlefield.
Do you have any other tips or difficulties deploying the Archer better? Speak up in the comments! And, I'll see you soon for a new guide on CoC troops 😙.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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