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The Best Stuff in Archero | Equipment & Weapons

Best stuff Archero

Looking to optimize your progress in the game? Having trouble progressing? There is a lot of equipment and weapons in Archero and each item has different characteristics. It is important to know the best items to equip your archer if you want to perform well. Medallion, bracelet, armour, ring, spell book and pets, how do you find your way through all these equipment options? So let's find out right away what the best stuff is on Archero.
What equipment and weapons should you invest in to progress quickly in the game? All the answers to your questions can be found in these detailed stuff tier lists Archero.

Best stuff Archero : Tier List of the weapons

First of all, run to our beginner's guide Archero if you haven't already done so. It will give you a lot of practical information if you are just starting out in the game.
Let's start this guide to the best stuff Archero with one of the fundamentals of the game: weapons.

S+Wind forceThis is the most powerful weapon onArchero, with a damage increase of around 60-70%. It automatically triggers an attack that deals 300% damage and can apply additional damage when your attack meter is at its maximum.
SBrightspearA very powerful weapon with an almost instantaneous laser-like projectile. Also, despite a relatively slow attack speed, the weapon has a 20% attack buff and 3% extra damage for each hit (30% extra damage maximum). If you don't hit any enemies for 3 seconds, the extra damage will reset.
SStalkerstaffWith 100% base damage and the ability to generate a bullet projectile that shoots at enemies, the Stalkerstaff is one of the top 3 weapons onArchero. Also, the increased critical strike chance when the targeted enemy has weakened health is particularly useful against bosses.
ATornadoThe main advantage of the Tornado weapon is its ability to bounce off walls, inflicting 44% damage to all enemy monsters. This makes the Tornado very useful for sweeping opponents from the room. However, to counterbalance this advantage, the weapon has a 20% reduction in its primary damage.
AScythe of deathThis weapon used to be one of the best onArchero. Nowadays, this is not necessarily the case, as even though its damage is high, its attack speed is much lower compared to other weapons. However, note that the Death Scythe has a very useful special ability that gives you a 50% chance of executing your enemies if their hit points are below 30%.
BSaw bladeThe weapon has an impressive attack speed despite low damage per hit. The main weakness of the sawblade is its special ability. Indeed, compared to the other weapons, this one has an ability to increase the attack speed during the first 3 seconds of entering the room. An ability that will not allow you to make the difference against certain bosses.
CCourageous bowUnsurprisingly, the courageous bow is the weakest weapon inArchero. This is the basic weapon you start with in Archero. Feel free to practice with this one and as soon as you start to understand all the subtleties of the game, you can switch weapons.

If you're not sure which hero you're using, our tier list of the best heroes Archero should help you see things more clearly!

Best stuff Archero : Tier List of the equipment

To help you choose the best stuff Archero, we are going to present you a Tier List armour, pets, rings, bracelets, medallions and spell books. Indeed, all this information should help you greatly in choosing your gear.

Tier List of armour in Archero

Let's start this guide to the best gear on Archero with armor. Armour is the most important piece of gear in the whole package due to its rare and epic options.

SShiny robe- Frontal damage resistance: +12%.
- Rare options: XP combat gain +15%.
- Epic options: each upgrade increases your max HP.
SShadow dress- Resistance to rear damage: +12%.
- Rare options: Max HP +5%.
- Epic options: inflicts darkness damage to nearby enemies.
ADexterity waistcoat- Dodge: +7%.
- Rare options: Red heart healing effect +20%.
- Epic options: deals lightning damage to nearby enemies.
AGhost cape - Projectile resistance: +10%.
- Rare options: Red heart healing effect +20%.
- Epic options: Freezes and damages enemies that attack you.
BGolden Pansier- Damage resistance: +5%.
- Rare options: Red heart healing effect +20%.
- Epic options: inflicts flame damage on nearby enemies.
CDress of the void- Collision damage resistance: +10%.
- Rare options: Red heart healing effect +20%.
- Epic options: Poisons all enemies in the room.

Tier List of pets

Pets are very important in Archero, here are the most interesting ones:

SLaser batsShoots a wall-penetrating laser.
SFlaming ghostShoots a single purple projectile forward which splits into 2.
ANoisy owlShoots 2 forward tornadoes that can repel enemies.
AElfFires a projectile. The elf has the fastest attack speed of any pet.
BFalse magicianThrow a scythe.
CLive bombSlows down the attack speed of enemies and inflicts damage over a large area.

The best rings in Archero

What are the most important rings for your equipment?

SLion Ring- Basic attribute: Increases damage to bosses.
- Rare attribute: +20% critical damage.
STaurus Ring- Basic attribute: Increases damage to enemy monsters.
- Rare attribute: +10% damage resistance.
ASnake ring- Basic attribute: Increases damage to ranged units.
- Rare attribute: +7% chance to dodge.
ARing of the wolf - Basic attribute: Increases damage to melee units.
- Rare attribute: +5% critical damage.
BBear ring- Basic attribute: increases damage to ground units.
- Rare attribute: +5% HP.
CFalcon ring- Basic attribute: Increases damage to air units.
- Rare attribute: +5% attack speed.

Best stuff Archero : bracelets

Wristbands are a piece of equipment Archero that should also be chosen carefully.

SInvincible braceletTriggers an invincible star when enemies appear.
SRapid fire braceletShoot several arrows when the enemies appear.
AFrozen braceletRandomly freezes between 2 and 6 enemies for 1.5 to 2.5 seconds when you enter a room.
BThunder braceletInflicts 2-8 times random lightning damage to nearby enemies when you enter a room.
BFlamboyant braceletBurns 2-3 enemies randomly for 1.8-2.4 seconds when you enter a room.
CSlit braceletGenerates shadow clones lasting 4-8 seconds when you enter a room.

Tier List medallions

Find out now which are the best medallions to choose in Archero.

SAngel medallionOffers you a chance to resurrect and be invincible when you die.
SNimble medallionYour chance to dodge increases when your hit points are below 20%.
ABloodthirsty medallionGives you the ability to gain health points when you kill enemies.
BDriller's medallionAllows you to climb walls.
CBulletproof medallionDamage from enemy attacks is reduced when your hit points are below 20%.
CIron medallionWhen your hit points are below 20%, the collision damage of enemies is reduced.

The best spell books

Let's end this guide to the best stuff Archero with the Spellbooks.

RankSpell bookFeatures
SEnlightenmentAllows you to acquire a new skill.
SArt of combatIncreases the recoil effect of the projectile.
AArcane ArcherIncreases the frequency of projectiles.
BIce KingdomFreezes surrounding enemies and increases your own attack.

This guide to the best stuff Archero is coming to an end, you can now choose the most powerful weapons and equipment for your hero. Feel free to make up your own mind about some of the items by trying them out, you can give us feedback in the comments.
Have you taken a look at our article on gift codes Archero? Maybe you can activate a bonus!

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