All codes Artery Gear Fusion from 2024

List of codes Artery Gear Fusion

We propose you to discover all the codes Artery Gear Fusion of the year 2024. As a reminder, these coupons are totally legal and allow you to get bonuses to facilitate your progress. Most often, the team behind the game distributes these rewards free. In this way, it encourages the community to follow the news of its game assiduously, because a promo code expires after a certain time.

Where to find the codes Artery Gear Fusion ?

In general, Artery Gear Fusion codes appear in different places. However, they don't happen for no reason. Most often, they accompany celebrations such as the release of a new hero, the anniversary of the application's launch, and so on. The official game website very often announces these events. They are then shared on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but also on discussion platforms such as Reddit or Discord.

Twitter Artery Gear Fusion

How to redeem gift codes

There is no direct in-game system for entering a gift code Artery Gear Fusion. However, Bilibili has set up a site for entering coupons. The problem is that it is in Chinese and we don't know if it allows players on the global server to use the codes. Moreover, we hope that the site will soon allow to change the language. Thus, it will become more accessible for its English or European community.

Before we go to the site to enter a coupon Artery Gear Fusion, we will need the Player ID. This information is visible in-game, under the nickname, in the upper right corner.

find its ID on Artery Gear Fusion

As the font is quite small, we invite you to go to your profile by clicking on your nickname. By doing so, you will find your Player ID at the bottom of the screen. Write it down somewhere.

Get your player ID to enter codes Artery Gear Fusion

We will then go to the famous site mentioned above. Here is the part you have to pay attention to:

The site to enter the codes Artery Gear Fusion

Enter your Player ID in the top slot. The second box allows you to enter a gift code Artery Gear Fusion. Finally, the third box simply asks you to enter a verification code. This is shown in the image next to the field. All you have to do is press the button at the bottom of the form. By doing so, you will receive the rewards on your account.

Valid Artery Gear Fusion 2024 codes list

As a reminder, Artery Gear Fusion codes are valid only once per account. Also, if you enter a coupon manually, please be sure to be case sensitive.

Codes still good:

There are currently no valid promo codes. However, the trend should quickly reverse. Our team will keep an eye on this article and will update it when a Artery Gear Fusion coupon is available. To make sure you don't miss any changes on this page, don't hesitate to subscribe to JeuMobi notifications!

This guide to Artery Gear Fusion codes for the year 2024 has been completed. We hope you found it useful. While we wait for a code to appear, we suggest you try playing all your favourite apps from a computer. This way, you can save your phone's battery from overheating and enjoy Artery Gear Fusion on a larger screen.

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