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The best Call of Duty mobile trumps | Guide and tips

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Trumps in Call of Duty Mobile add depth to the FPS gameplay. Trumps in CoD Mobile are used, as in PC and console games, to obtain a particular skill that your character can use in a limited way in-game. So let's see what trumps are and which trumps are the best in the game Call of Duty Mobile!

What are the assets in Call of Duty Mobile?

Ah, good question! CoD Mobile assets are simply what are commonly known as liabilities. These liabilities can be unlocked as you play. They are unlocked when you gain a level! You can even get up to three of them with every level you pass (starting at level 12).

Passives are therefore a kind of secret ability, or rather bonuses that can be added to have a better chance of winning. In concrete terms, there are no assets that are better than others. Let's say that it's the combinations of trumps that are interesting. Some are more attractive than others!

The use and function of trumps depends on how you play. You will probably not choose the same trumps if you are a support style or an attacking style! Trumps are particularly useful in multiplayer games, e.g. in deathmatches.

Trumps can also be bought on the internet via sites that also sell CoD Mobile accounts. But it's better to get them the right way, right?

Ninja class in Call of Duty Mobile's BR mode
Ninja class in Call of Duty Mobile's BR mode

What are the best BR liabilities on Call of Duty Mobile?

To play the Battle Royale mode on Call of Duty Mobile, you'll also have to choose assets based on the class you'll be playing on the battlefield. Pretty handy, because you'll actually be able to choose your secret ability based on how you play!

The classes you can choose from

  • The nurse. Perfect support, he can heal his comrades and himself. The medic can place a medical station or reduce the healing time. He also reduces the resuscitation time of allies. Perfect for players who prefer to help from afar and hide.
  • The scout. The passive part of the scout is a detector of the positions of nearby enemies and a tracker that can detect footprints. Perfect for players who are not afraid to get to the front of the line.
  • Clown. His passive is an anti-zombie, reducing the reaction distance of zombies by 15 metres. He can summon zombies that only attack units close to them. Ideal for those who like to attack in style!
  • The Ninja has a grappling hook. This one can reduce the noise of his steps. As its name indicates, it will be very good for all natives of Konoha! Discreet, the ninja passes and his opponent dies.
  • The defender. He has a convertible shield and can reduce damage by 25%, except for firearms. Defender is an ideal class for passive and lonely people.
  • The mechanic. He can fly an IEM drone and can see nearby traps and vehicles. Perfect for those who like action.
  • Other classes are available, but are paid and cost a certain amount of CP. So we won't mention them here as we prefer the free options 😉
Classes in Call of Duty Mobile
Choose your class carefully!

And the best passive?

In our opinion, the two best liabilities in Battle Royale mode are the liabilities of the medic and mechanic classes. The medic is a great help for healing. In addition, it is perfect for all players who prefer to hide and support attackers. While the mechanic can be a great help to find good vehicles easily. But also the mechanic will be able to outwit enemy traps and attack with a powerful drone. It is suitable for both support and attackers.

What are the best in-game assets in CoD Mobile multiplayer?

Call of Duty Mobile assets are very important in the Multiplayer mode. They are divided into three categories. Each category, red, blue and green, has six assets. There are no classes here, but you can combine several assets together.

Best Call of Duty Mobile assets in the green category

  • Green category: The Vulture trump card. This asset is the best for those who like to shoot and lose their bullets too quickly. Indeed, Vulture allows you to recover ammunition according to the maximum amount of the magazine when you kill an enemy.
  • Green category: The Overhead Asset. It allows you to reload a SMRS more quickly. Very useful for those who like big weapons. It is often called the "Amplified Trump" but it is really the Boosted Trump. "Amplified" being a bad translation in season 2 of the game.
  • Green category: The Ghost asset. The Ghost allows you to go unnoticed by enemy drones. It is similar to the Ninja's passive in the BR mode. Very useful for support players. It's a great advantage, especially when the players on the other side send drones all the time.
Green Vulture in CoD Mobile
Green Vulture in CoD Mobile

Best Call of Duty Mobile assets in the red category

  • Red category: The Quick Recovery asset. This trump is very little used and is really underrated. Simply, this trump is going to be useful for those who are the type to go into the pile and lose HP quickly. This is one of the first trumps unlocked, so it's really interesting for beginners who like hand-to-hand combat.
  • Red category: The Ranger asset. It adds 12% speed. This is a great asset for moving quickly and efficiently. Especially when walking or crouching. This asset is also rarely used, but it offers good dodging possibilities. A very nice asset for players who are a bit "slow on the uptake" and a bit passive.
The red asset of persistence in CoD Mobile
The red asset of persistence in CoD Mobile

Best Call of Duty Mobile asset in the blue category

  • Blue Category: The Deathly Silence Trump. This trump is awesome! We always advise you to move quietly in Battle Royale and in all FPS. This is your chance to do so, as this asset allows you to remain undetected by enemies. Your footsteps will not be audible. This is really the best asset in my opinion, which is why it is, I think, the only really good asset in the blue category.
  • Blue Category: The Determination Trump. This trump is also very good because it allows you to increase your points by 25% when you wear it during eliminations!
Blue Trump in CoD Mobile
Blue Trump in CoD Mobile

You now know a lot about the Call of Duty Mobile assets! Feel free to read our tips on how to get better at CoD Mobile to progress on all levels! In the meantime, tell us which assets you prefer in the comments, the debate is open 😉

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