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Barley Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

Guide Barley Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, Supercell's free-to-play mobile action game, is a growing success. Among the 41 Brawlers currently available, some are particularly suited to a particular gaming mode thanks to their capabilities. Barley is one of the Brawlers that is relatively simple to unlock. In this new Brawler Guide, we explain all the tricks to manage Barley in Brawl Stars and make him your favorite fighter!

Guide Brawl Stars Barley

As we explained in our Brawl Stars Beginner's Guide, 7 Brawlers are unlockable via your trophy progress. For the other Brawlers, you have to be patient and pray every time you open a Brawl box. If Barley is in this category, it is still easy to unlock. Indeed, to be able to obtain this rare Brawler, you just need to connect your account to a Supercell account.
This way, you will have access to Barley in Brawl Stars and one of its skins. 😉

Barley - Statistics

Barley's statistics make him a fairly attacking Brawler and above all very useful for controlling part of the pitch. Its weak defence and relatively slow movements make its use risky. But its devastating attacks that allow you to pass over walls make it almost indispensable for certain game modes (especially if you haven't unlocked Sprout yet).

Barley Wizard Thrower
By connecting your account to a Supercell account, you will unlock Barley and this skin.

Barley's health point level is lowcompared to the Brawlers' average. Indeed, with 2,400 basic health points, it reaches only 3,360 points at its maximum level. These statistics confirm him as a Brawler to be used as a support.

Its "normal" speed of travel places it in the Brawlers' average. Barley moves at 2.8 squares per second. This means it has the standard speed of most Brawl Stars fighters.

Barley - Attacks and gadgets

The Barlotov cocktail from Barley is a powerful attack, but one that you should be aware of. Indeed, Barley sends devastating bottles. Between 680 and 952 damages per second are inflicted depending on the level of your Brawler. But you have to be precise on the throw. With the damage zone remaining in place for 2 seconds, you can deal up to 1,904 points of damage. To do this, you have to anticipate your opponents' movements, as the "travel time" of your throw is long.

Barley Brawler Statistics

The "long" range of Barley's attack is certainly the Brawler's main asset. From 7.33 hexes, one of the longest ranges, it also allows to pass over walls and thus to remain safe from enemy ripostes.

Barley cocktail Barlotov

Finally, Barley's Super, is an attack that can simply win you a game. Indeed, thanks to its general tour, Barley launches 5 flaming bottles that will inflict zone damage of 540 to 756 points for 4 seconds (up to 3,780 points of damage for an optimal launch). With an incredible range of 9.33 squares and a very wide zone, Barley's General Tour is certainly one of the best zone control attacks of the Brawl Stars.

Super from Barley

Like all his opponents, Barley can equip himself with gadgets when he reaches level 7.

  • The sticky syrup allows you to send a sticky liquid that slows down the enemies 3 times.
  • The comforting tea that can create 3 times zones regenerating 500 health points per second.

Barley - Usage and gameplay

With its long-range attacks and attacks over walls, Barley is the perfect support Brawler for gem raiding or robbery. You'll need a few training sessions in order to take control of his long travel time attacks and optimize them. Eventually, Barley will become indispensable (especially for a Brawler that can be unlocked so easily and quickly).

Automatic attack is strongly discouraged for Barley because it attacks the area where the enemy is located at the moment you launch your attack. Barley's attacks must anticipate enemy movements. For example, when facing enemy turrets, Barley's attack is perfect.
In order to bring an enemy out of hiding, Barley's bottles are also very powerful. Advanced players even go so far as to block their opponents with Barley's throws. It's not the easiest to take, but be patient and you'll become an indispensable part of your team.

Feel free to check out the general Brawler guide for tips on other Brawlers! You'll know Brawl Stars inside and out. 👌

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