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Battle Night Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Battle Night Beginner's Guide

Welcome to you, dear friends, in this cyberpunk and futuristic universe! To get you off to the best possible start in this game, we have prepared a beginner's guide to Battle Night. It will ensure that you get off to a good start in the cyberpunk city of Dark Alley. We'll give you some valuable tips and advice on how to get started. Let's take a look at the basic rules of Battle Night, how to get your heroes, how to create your formation, and understand everything about the game interface!
Discover right away our complete guide to progress and avoid beginner's mistakes. ⤵️

Battle Night: purpose of the game and basic features

Battle Night is a combat RPG game at turn-based. Its gameplay is based on idle. In concrete terms, this means that its game mechanics consist of simple and deliberately limited actions. Spamming buttons or simply letting the game run: for Battle Night, it is the second option.

This game is almost an Android mobile version of the PC and console game Cyberpunk 2077. Indeed, in Battle Night, you will be propelled in a futuristic world, in 2077, in a foggy city with a dark Japanese aesthetic. Quite an impressive night experience.

Principle of the game

The principle is simple, you gather a team to discover the failings of this city where technology and robotics have become a logical evolution. You must fight several enemies in order to put an end to the wars between the camps.

To do this, you must successfully unlock several locations on the map of Dark Alley, the city where your story will evolve. To unlock locations and missions, you must complete several battles and quests to gain items and levels.

Dark Alley Battle Night
The Dark Alley in Battle Night

Some of the places in the Dark Alley are, in fact, only available with a certain level of access and therefore experience.

Start the game well by gaining levels

  • Auto mode: training of heroes, even when you are not playing.
  • Elite bosses: more player actions and higher item gain.
  • Hero skills: you choose what you want to level up in your hero based on his initial abilities.
  • The Dark Alley BCPD: send your hero on an expedition!
  • Dark Alley NORN Arena: Compete against players to increase your stats.
  • The mission cards: many missions appear here.

Battle Night Guide: Deciphering the Hero Menu Interface

As soon as the game starts, you will go through a tutorial and do some battles. You will also get your first heroes (usually Asuna and Smith). Then, you will arrive at the main menu where you can :

  • Manage your heroes, their equipment and stats, by simply clicking on them.
  • Accessing the bag and messaging.
  • Access the daily quest summary.
  • Go to theDark Alley where all the places for your advancement are located.
  • Access the mission maps and battles by clicking on the neon red arrow.
  • Manage your friends and friend requests, bottom left.
  • Participate in a guild, bottom left.
  • Manage your game experience: music, language, sound effects, avatar, top left.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the possible events (Christmas event, Valentine's Day event, etc.).
  • At the top right you will find your gold coin count, which is necessary to buy items to increase your stats.
  • Finally, on the wall, posters allow you tobuy packs and get information from the developers. Level packs on sale, your rewards daily login, game update announcements, etc.
Battle Night main page

The further into the game you go, the more difficult the battles will be. Especially in the PVP Battle Night arena, where you have the opportunity to earn many more items. Participating in player vs. player battles allows you to progress faster and become stronger. It is in this main menu that you will track all your progress! 📱

Get your heroes in Battle Night

In this Battle Night guide, we give you advice on how to choose your heroes to easily earn your levels.

You will have access to two random heroes from the start of the game. The heroes are to be recruited at Club B which is located in Dark Alley. You can choose between Basic Hire (blue), Senior Hire (purple), or Perfect Hire (gold).

  • To recruit Basique Hire heroes, you must have recruitment tokens. One free recruitment is available every 8 hours.
  • To recruit Senior Hire heroes, you must have a sufficient supply of diamonds. One free recruitment every 48 hours.
  • To recruit Perfect Hire heroes, you must obtain Perfect Hire tokens.

These heroes have unique characteristics and skills. They can obtain equipment items and skills during battles. They do not gain much xp in battle, so upgrades are essential to progress in Battle Night.

Evolution of the heroes in Battle Night
Make your hero grow!

You can upgrade your heroes' bodies at the grey market in the dark alley, by buying robotic upgrades (laser sight, bionic arms, strength increase, etc.). Upgrades are available for each hero. In addition, at the grey market, you can also sell your heroes to obtain tokens or coins.

Heroes can rank up by earning stars. Ranks vary according to their original abilities. A rank increase is equivalent to a level increase of the character or theacquisition of a new skill.

The Battle Night guide: creating your hero formation

In all battle modes, you can choose your hero formation. In short, you must choose your fighters according to the opponent, but also according to the other heroes. Build a team with heroes that complement each other!

There are six types of heroes:

  • The machines: half-human/half-robot.
  • Trainers: those who communicate with the animals.
  • Martial arts: advocate kung fu and hand-to-hand combat techniques.
  • Natures: feel the energies of nature and merge with plants.
  • The Fallen: Violent, these heroes have a strong resistance to poison.
  • Hackers: have a high IQ and advanced technology skills.

Our advice for winning battles: create a formation with one hero of each type! At the beginning, you will probably not be able to have all types. So you will have to earn tokens and complete quests to recruit heroes of all types and ranks!

Each hero has its own talents and skills. For example, if you get Lyse (Eternal Flower) from the naturals, you will get skill points as a Spirit and you will be able to inflict bite damage. If you get the hero Misteltein (Grim Blade) from the Fallen, you will get points as an assassin and increase your chances of dealing lethal damage. I personally love this hero 😉

Club B

Go further in the Battle Night guide

To win in Battle Night, the important thing is to participate! In order to win, you have to log in quite often, here every 8 hours. In order to collect these winnings, we have to go to the mission maps. However, it is possible, with one "click", to collect the equivalent of two hours of rewards (once a day).

Missions, fights or proposals to earn money will be regularly proposed on the map. It's a great way to keep playing even when you're stuck in the game!

Battle Night mission map
Map of missions in Battle Night

Now that you've followed this tutorial on how to progress through Battle Night, we'd like to take a look at how to play the game on your PC, a great tip for optimising your gaming experience.

We hope you have found this Battle Night guide useful. Now you know all the tips to get started. With our advice, you can move forward efficiently in this very cyberpunk universe! 😀

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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