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How to play the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

CoD Mobile Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty Mobile is an FPS game available on iOS and Android. In this game, you can choose between two modes. The Multiplayer mode, itself divided into several other team modes. And of course, the Battle Royale mode! Fight 99 other players in a match where the last survivor wins the game! To win in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale, you must arm, hide, run and shoot! This game mode is ideal for all FPS and survival game enthusiasts! Come on, let's go, here are 7 important things you need to know to play the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile game ! 😁

Call of Duty Mobile logo

Choosing the right weapons in Battle Royale mode

It sounds obvious, but arming yourself well gives you an extra chance to be the last survivor! There are two things to know when it comes to winning in Battle Royale mode on Call of Duty Mobile.

Which weapons to choose according to the situation?

When you land, don't immediately think about finding the best weapon. You will come across basic weapons at the beginning of the game. Sometimes you will find rare weapons. But that's just it, it's rarer. Don't be picky and take what's there. A basic weapon is better than a simple knife. Arm yourself very quickly and try to vary between a short range and a long range weapon. Take a bulletproof vest, helmet and accessories. XL magazines, scopes and ammunition are always useful.

Weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

Where and how to find my weapons in Call of Duty Mobile BR?

There are no particularly good places to find weapons. The best ones are in the cities, on top of buildings and in storage crates. You can also wait for a crate full of nice surprises to drop. Whenever there is a house or a small building, you are almost sure to find at least one weapon. The most important thing with your weapons is to use them wisely. Don't waste bullets and don't make unnecessary noise. Basically, don't always look for confrontation! In any case, we advise you to start in the countryside.

Getting to know the maps of the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode

If you want to win a Battle Royale, the key word is practice! Get to know the map to the end of the M4 and don't hesitate to wander around to find the right hiding places. In a Battle Royale, you must keep in mind your initial goal, to stay alive as long as possible ! This is why learning to hide is essential. It is therefore useful to scout beforehand and to chain games together to win.

The more you know about the buildings, the risky places, the areas with abundant weapons, the more you increase your chances of winning in BR. Dying in a game is no shame. Take risks in training so that you can better anticipate in a more serious game!

If you're wondering where to land in a Battle Royale game, the answer is simple: it doesn't matter! In fact, it depends on what kind of player you are. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll prefer cities. If you're a survivalist, you'll prefer more remote terrain. In any case, it's best to land in a place where there is at least one dwelling so you can arm yourself quickly. Generally speaking, it is better to land on the coast and in the middle if you want to avoid the players at the very beginning. However, beware of the shrinking area!

Playing Call of Duty Mobile with a controller

We recommend playing Call of Duty Mobile in Battle Royale mode with the controller. Indeed, playing with a controller gives a very different feeling from touch controls. An XBOX ONE controller or a PlayStation 4 controller will do very well to play CoD Mobile with a controller.

To play CoD Mobile and Battle Royale mode with a controller, simply connect your Bluetooth controller to your smartphone. Update the sensitivity in the "BR" tab for the controller controls.

COD Mobile controller connection

💡 We also recommend testing from playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

Optimising your gaming hardware to gain BR mode

To play Call of Duty Mobile properly in Battle Royale mode, you need the right gaming equipment. Battle Royale is an online game mode, so you need a good internet connection. So you need to make sure you are well connected to the home Wi-Fi network or have excellent 4G reception.

It is also a very fast and nervous game mode. A poorly optimised phone will be subject to some lags! So don't hesitate to check out our selection ofgaming accessories for mobile games! It can also be useful to have a phone with a good processor. But sometimes accessories are everything!

To optimize your mobile gameplay, it is necessary to mute all your notifications while you play! Don't be distracted by the picture of your Aunt Bertha's cat! Look around, move and kill your opponents. In the same vein, we strongly advise you to play Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale with headphones. Our little extra tip: prefer headphones to earphones for a truly immersive game sound!

In order to play well and feel comfortable in the game, you can of course change the phone and game settings to suit your in-game sensibilities. You might want to turn up the brightness, or remove the battery saver mode, change the sensitivity of the controls, etc. In short, adapting your hardware to the way you play Battle Royale CoD Mobile is important!

Which class should I choose in Battle Royale mode on CoD Mobile?

CoD Mobile classes

Your choice of class at the start of the BR game depends on how you play. Here are the classes available in CoD Mobile:

  • Nurse: Ideal for players who like to help their teammates. You can heal yourself and your allies. Choose this class if you are a discreet player, adept at survival. Moreover, the reanimation time of your teammates is reduced with the medic. The active allows you to place a medical station that heals you and your allies.
  • Clown: The clown is an anti-PVE class. Indeed, via his passive, he is able to reduce the reaction distance of zombies. As for his active ability, he is able to summon zombies to attack nearby targets.
  • Ninja: The ninja stalks his enemies in a stealthy manner. He is discreet and will have the sound of his footsteps reduced. His asset is a grappling hook which will allow him to easily get to places that are difficult to reach for the average player.
  • Scout: The scout can see the footprints of enemies who have recently passed by. The active will allow him to fire a detector to locate enemies.
  • Defender: The defender is purely defensive. His passive allows him to reduce damage by 20%. His asset is a large shield that can protect you and your friends.
  • Mechanic: The mechanic is a real resourceful person. He can see vehicles or enemy traps more easily. He can also spot equipment in the area more easily.

Move like the real pros!

We've already stressed the importance of staying on the move in our tips for becoming a pro on Call of Duty Mobile. We wanted to remind you again that this is exactly how you will win a Battle Royale game! You have to move and not stay static! In fact, you should always adapt your movements to the situation. Moving like a pro in CoD Mobile is all about observation!

Call of Duty mobile Battle Royale

Pay attention... but not only to the players!

Who has ever died because of the shrinking area because you weren't paying attention? Speak out! Well, I admit it's happened to me plenty of times. The players are obviously your priority. They are a real threat as they will try to kill you in order to finish Top 1. Except that players are not the only ones you have to watch out for.

In all Battle Royale games, there are other dangers waiting for you on the different maps. These can be dangerous animals, crazy NPCs or guards who shoot at you while you are passing twenty meters away! But there's no more fearsome and stealthy than the zone, the famous storm!

In Call of Duty Mobile, the area shrinks by several meters with each shrinkage. You have less than a minute to get to the safe zone from the moment the shrinkage is announced. You will have a little more time as soon as the zone gets closer. But don't delay! Most players get caught by the zone. That eternal Battle Royale zone!

Now you know how to play the Battle Royale mode on Call of Duty Mobile like a real pro! Share your tips in the comments to help the less experienced!

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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