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How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO?

Beat Sierra in Pokémon Go

Aimed at preparing the best team to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO, this guide will give you the perfect strategy to defeat one of the Team GO Rocket bosses. This will be one of the last steps before you can take on the great Boss Giovanni.

Guide updated in December 2021.

How to find Sierra in Pokémon GO?

In order to find and defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO, you will need to obtain a Rocket Radar. To do this, you will need to defeat six of the minions Team GO Rocket balloons and corrupted PokéStops. You can also purchase your Rocket Radar in the in-game shop for 200 PokéCoins.

The SIerra team in Pokémon Go

After obtaining the Rocket Radar, go to these same locations to randomly spawn one of the 3 Team GO Rocket leaders: Cliff, Arlo or Sierra.

Sierra Team: the 3 phases

A veritable bouquet of Pokémon deviousness, Sierra's new team in Pokémon GO is filled with Pokémon Poison and other vicious creatures. Despite many shared weaknesses, don't let appearances fool you as she remains the most toxic of the Team GO Rocket leaders.

As with the other Team GO Rocket high flyers, his first Pokémon will be predictable(potentially available as a shiny winner) but the next two will be sent randomly.

If you lose the first time to Sierra, you can fortunately take your revenge and know in advance the composition of his team, since it will be identical.

Phase 1

Nidoran Female Pokémon GO


Type Poison

Phase 2

Slowbro Pokémon  GO


Type Psy
Type Water
Vileplume Pokémon  GO


Plant type
Type Poison
Beedrill Pokémon  GO


Type Insect
Type Poison

Phase 3

Nidoqueen Pokémon GO


Type Poison
Type Soil
Marowak Pokémon  GO


Type Soil
Houndoom Pokémon  GO


Fire type
Type Darkness

Strategy to beat Sierra from Pokémon GO

This selection for winning against Sierra from Pokémon GO takes into account the cost in stardust to avoid waste while providing you with the best strategy with Pokémon easily accessible to all.

Phase 1: Nidoran♀

Poison type only, Sierra's first Pokémon is a Dark Nidoran♀ that can be countered easily by Sol and Psy types. The trick is to make the rest of the fight much easier by using a Pokémon with attacks that charge as quickly as possible to deplete the opponent's shields.

Medicham is the ideal Pokémon with its powerful and fast Psy attack set that will chew up the rest of the fight.

Finally, Medicham is an indispensable asset in Super League battles if you hope to participate in the next World Championships scheduled for 2022.

Medicham Pokémon  Go


Type Combat
Type Psy

Psycho Cut

Type Psy


Type Psy

Alternatives :

  • Claydol : Confusion / Psychic
  • Gligar : Wing Attack / Dig
  • Garchomp : Dragon Tail / Outrage
  • Lugia : Extrasensory / Sky Attack
  • Rhyperior : Mud-Slap / Earthquake

Phase 2: Beedrill, Vileplume and Slowbro

For this phase, you have many choices. Indeed, the 3 Pokémon that you can expect to face will not resist for long if you exploit their weakness against the Flight, Psy and Fire types. Only the very strong Slowbro of Sierra from Pokémon GO will be able to give you a hard time. For this, we advise you to use the powerful Noctowl which, thanks to its double Normal and Flight type, can deal with all situations.

Easily found in the game, he is often underestimated but trust us, Noctowl is a Pokémon to play in his team!

Noctowl Pokémon  Go


Type Normal
Type Flight

Wing Attack

Type Flight

Sky Attack

Type Flight

Alternatives :

  • Skarmory : Steel Wings / Brave Bird
  • Charizard : Wing Attack / Blast Burn
  • Altaria : Dragon Breath / Sky Attack
  • Moltres : Wing Attack / Overheat
  • Lugia : Extrasensory / Sky Attack

Phase 3: Nidoqueen, Marowak and Houndoom

In this final phase, you will have to give it your all! Here, the Pokémon Sierra from Pokémon GO will not offer you an easy victory because they are very powerful. The trick will be toexploit their common weakness to the Water type with an efficient and stealthy Pokémon like Whiscash.

The latter has a dual Ground and Water type which makes it almost infallible in this situation and especially incredibly fast. It is also widely used in the PvP meta for its impressive moveset. Finally, if you want to win in style, you can also use your Blastoise with glasses obtained during the Ed Sheeran event in Pokémon GO.

Whiscash Pokémon  Go


Type Water
Type Soil

Water Gun

Type Water

Mud Bomb

Type Soil

Alternatives :

  • Blastoise : Water Gun / Hydro Pump
  • Swampert : Mud shot / Hydro Cannon
  • Ludicolo : Bubble / Hydro Pump
  • Gyarados : Waterfall / Hydro Pump
  • Kyogre : Waterfall / Hydro Pump

Thanks to this guide, you now know how to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO. The GO Team Leader Rocket should now be easy to defeat. Now all you have to do is cross your fingers and hope you can come across the rare Nidoran♀ in his Chromatic version. Are you one of the lucky ones to have captured him? Tell us in the comments!

Finally, check out our other guides on how to beat Cliff, Arlo or their Boss Giovanni and his legendary Lugia.

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