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Epic Seven Getting Started Guide | Tips and Advice

Epic Seven Beginner's Guide

There are many good reasons to play the Strategic RPG Epic Seven. The game's graphics are very nice, the adventure lasts a long time, there are regular events and updates that punctuate the experience and the universe is extremely rich. The game studio Smilegate offers characters with their own skills, but also stories and skins The game studio Smilegate offers characters and their skills, as well as unique stories and characters, and many different game modes (adventure, labyrinth, guild war, hunt, abyss, etc.).
In your quest for power, however, you will encounter an inevitable obstacle. Progress is expensive. As in many mobile RPGs, you have to invest a lot of time or... a lot of money. Before you invest a fortune in this game, check out our Epic Seven beginner's guide to understanding the basics, getting started in the game and optimising your experience!

Epic Seven logo

Epic Seven, description and basic rules

In this guide to Epic Seven (available on Android and iOS), you'll find all the tips you need to get the best start on this gacha game without spending a cent. To progress through the different levels and become stronger, you'll need to build the best team possible by recruiting powerful heroes.
Each hero has :

  • a class (warrior, assassin, mage, etc.);
  • an element (ice, fire, earth, light, etc.);
  • a rarity (2-5 basic stars);
  • three unique skills .

While some will play in their own corner to enjoy the scenario, you also have the possibility to go head to head in an indirect competition to aim for the top of the ranking.

However, before you get to that point, check out all the basics in this Epic Seven guide. You'll quickly see if our tips are enough to make you happy or if you still want more!
Also, don't forget that Epic Seven can be played on a PC for a better gaming experience!

Epic Seven's guide to the first selective summoning

At the heart ofEpic Seven are the summonses. They allow you to recruit precious heroes for your team. But the world can be cruel. Depending on their power (linked to their rarity), some will directly integrate your formation. The less strong ones will only be used as raw materials (experience or gold). Obviously, the drop rates of the most powerful heroes (5 stars) are low. It is therefore necessary to be patient and to have a bit of luck to get your dream team.

At the beginning of your adventure, you have the right to a "selective summoning". This lets you see what is waiting for you in your summoning set and gives you the right to reroll up to 30 times if the result is disappointing. Take your time and be picky, because in the future, you will never have such a chance! The minimum requirement is to get at least a 5-star hero. We started with Charlotte's ring of fire, which really does the job at the beginning of the adventure.

Hosting invocations on Epic Seven
You have to be lucky to hit the jackpot at the invocations.

Have you used up your 30 chances? No need to panic, just delete your account and repeat the process as many times as necessary. It's a small waste of time, but the benefits can be huge! This is the simplest but most important tip in this guide.

Join a guild as soon as possible

You don't need a drawing or an Epic Seven guide to convince you to join a guild. Other players can give you advice, but guilds also give you access to extra resources!

  • guild market : to buy special resources with your points;
  • donation and mutual aid system: to rely on the solidarity of the members;
  • rewards daily ;
  • access to guild wars;
  • rewards free of charge sent by your guild leader (energy, gold).
The guild hall in Epic Seven
Together we are stronger!

For players who prefer to play alone, don't panic. Joining a guild allows you to become stronger without any major constraints.

Go back to find the hidden stories

Some players feel that to progress, it's best to go straight ahead with your head in the sand. However, in Epic Seven you are better off going back to find and play the hidden stories. These optional levels allow you to learn a little more about the history of the world and certain characters... But it's also an opportunity to collect new resources !

The hidden stories in Epic Seven
Hidden history = even more rewards.

Hidden stories make your characters XP late, in easier levels. Above all, they are good sources of Stones. Getting all the stars in a region (which requires unlocking the hidden levels), allows you to get 50 bonus Pieraciel. In addition, these are extra AP (adventure points) to be exchanged in the exchange offices.

Epic Seven Guide: Orbis Sanctuary

Epic Seven is far from being an idle game. However, the sanctuary of Orbis allows you to continue to progress and produce resources while being far from your mobile. Ideal to progress while sleeping or working. However, you must manage your sanctuary well. You can improve it and obtain new functions by using Orbis Breaths. They are difficult to obtain and are found in small quantities. Some buildings in the sanctuary must be improved first !

Epic Seven Guide Orbis Sanctuary
Rule number 1: farm as much as possible.
  • Heart of Orbis: the central building, it is the simplest and most efficient way to get gold and Pieraciel. New players are advised to focus on it first.
  • Forest of Souls: allows you to breed Penguins, Phantasmas and MolaGoras. There is only one location at the beginning, the ideal is to quickly unlock the other 2 to triple your production!
  • High Command: Allows you to send heroes on missions to give them experience and collect gold. Improving the building allows you to diversify your resources and especially to obtain different mission durations. With more choices, you can optimise the periods when you are not playing.

The Alchemist's Bell Tower and theSteel Workshop are interesting buildings. But they are especially useful for experienced players. At the beginning, we advise you not to make the mistake of investing in these buildings.

Optimising energy savings

To play Epic Seven, you have to spend energy. This energy is limited, but it can be charged passively for free, so you don't even need an explanatory guide ! As the pace is not very high, you can also buy it in the shop in exchange for resources... orreal money. But it's always annoying to spend money to play a game that is categorized as free-to-play.
You should know that each player, depending on his rank (level) has a maximum energy bar. When you spend part of it, it will gradually return to its maximum, without ever exceeding it.

Epic Seven Messaging
You have to know how to play with deadlines!

However, you will regularly receive free bonus energy packs from the game or your guild. These incentives are always nice. With them, it is possible to exceed your maximum energy bar, but it is not productive. Because this will freeze your passive recovery.
Thetrick in our Epic Seven guide is to onlyactivate the gifts when you are completely out of energy. It is possible to wait several days to open them. However, be careful not to exceed the time limit and lose these gifts forever. You can be clever, but be careful not to fall into the ravine!

Follow the guide to optimise the automatic function

We won't blame you if you find thatEpic Seven can be a little repetitive. The adventure levels follow one another and can be very similar. For ease of use, but also for speed, you can decide to go through all the levels using the automatic function. This way, theAI will decide for you, the actions and the skills of your heroes. This is the solution to get through the game as quickly as possible without thinking and getting bored. However, the AI will never have your brain. And against the most complicated bosses, we advise you to deactivate this function and choose your skills yourself. This will allow you to set up deadly combos and counter the strategy of your opponents.

Charlotte, Knight of Fire

Personally, we had no trouble getting through the first 8 regions of the adventure (episode 1) on full auto (including the special levels). But when the boss Sigret showed up in the 9th region, we had to deactivate the automatic function to ensure victory.

Elena, Epic Seven ice cream character
Elena the soul weaver 5 stars.

Having a healer in your team

Healers are very useful in Epic Seven, especially since they usually come with the ability to debuff negative effects. But beyond their skills during battles, healers also allow you tosave money! Because in this RPG, everything has to be paid for, and healing between levels is no exception to the rule. Without wanting to be the cheapest person on duty, we are always happy to be able to save a few gold coins to invest them elsewhere.

You'll need a bit of luck to pull the best healers in the game at the beginning of the adventure, such as Achates (4-star fire soul weaver) or Angelica (4-star ice soul weaver). Fortunately, the developers have a good heart. They quickly give you Prince Aither or Montmorancy (3 star ice soul weavers) for the start of Epic Seven. They're not the best heroes, but they have enough band-aids and plasters to do the trick.

Epic Seven Beginner's Guide

We have now reached the end of this Epic Seven guide. With this complete tutorial in hand, you should be able to progress through your adventure with minimal waste of resources.
The game itself is not difficult, especially if you play for fun. But to optimize your time and save your money, follow our advice, while keeping in mind the mistakes not to make.
If after testing the game, this gacha game does not suit you, there is no need to insist. Go for another game from our top gacha games instead 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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