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RAID: Shadow Legends guide for a good start in 2020

raid shadow legends beginner guide

Does this popular game appeal to you? Want to start playing it, but don't know what you're getting into? Here is our guide on RAID: Shadow Legends to get started in 2020! In this guide, you will find all the basics of the game and sound advice to follow to progress quickly.

RAID: Shadow Legends, what is it?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a game mobile RPG set in a fantasy world. It features a turn-based combat system and allows you to collect several creatures, human or not. You can play it on iOS, Android and even on PC or Mac (Linux too). I strongly recommend you play it on PC, for optimal performance.

raid shadow legends logo

The game offers you the opportunity to play with over 300 champions and to discover a poignant story that will indirectly familiarise you with the game. The main story will open the doors to several worlds such as Dungeons, Faction Wars, Arena and Clan Boss.

The game mechanics are very similar to Summoners War. One can even say that it is a game similar to SW, with a change only in the graphics (or almost). We find the dungeons, the arena and the clan boss that can remind us of "Cairos Dungeon"Arena" and "Labyrinth of Tartaros" in Summoners War.

If you are a new player who has already played a game of the same type, you will not be totally lost, although you will have to understand the mechanics of the game and its story.

Guide RAID: Shadow Legends : discovering the interface and its functionalities

When you start the game, you are presented with a screen showing your village. This one has several features. Let's have a look at them in detail to discover theinterface of RAID: Shadow Legends.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : village

Sponsorship programme

This program offers you to refer new players with a referral code in order to get bonuses when they progress in the game. So if you're getting your friends into the game, think about it 😉

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : sponsorship system to get excellent rewards !


As the name suggests, the shop is a virtual shop that offers paid packages that allow you to obtain huge advantages in the game.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : The shop will allow you to acquire paying packs

Progress missions

The progress missions are the main missions that you have to follow in order to progress properly in the game and to get nice rewards at the end.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : main missions to advance in the game.


Quests are side missions to further your strategies and knowledge of the game. They allow you to obtain rewards.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : Quests


You can complete challenges in RAID: Shadow Legends in order to obtain certain rewards. The challenges vary and their difficulty increases.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : the challenges


As in every game of the same type, there is a clan system, allowing you to join other players to advance together and annihilate other clans. I strongly advise you to join one, from the beginning, to progress quickly.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : The clan

Catalogue of Champions

This feature allows you to see all champions (creatures) of RAID: Shadow Legends without exception. You can then see what the legendary creatures look like and maybe try to summon some of them.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : champion factions


As mentioned above, the battle tab gives you access to the game's story, but also to dungeons or PvP functions.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : challenges awaiting you in the countryside

Rewards of playing time

This is a feature that rewards you for your play time in order to keep players loyal . You will have several rewards to collect per day (up to 3 hours of play).

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : rewards of playing time

Inbox and Chat

These two elements are located at the top right of the screen and allow you to access your chest and chat with players.

On the right hand side of the screen you have several "recommended" packs for players of different levels. There is also a tab to access the current events in the game.

Guide to the champions of RAID: Shadow Legends

As mentioned above, the game has over 300 champions (with different rarity types ranging from "common" to "legendary"). These can be obtained via shards or via missions. In addition, you will find a variety of different classes:

  • Telerians: they are composed of 4 sub-categories;
  • Gaellen pact: it is also composed of 4 sub-categories, but this class contains mainly creatures;
  • Corrupted: same as other classes, but contains demonic type creatures;
  • Nyresian union: it contains 4 sub-categories, but 3 are "secret".

It should also be noted that champions in the game can be awarded different ranks:

  • rank 1 : the champion will be level 10 maximum and is marked with a star;
  • rank 2 : the champion will be level 20 maximum and is characterized by two stars;
  • rank 3 : the champion will be level 30 maximum and is characterised by three stars;
  • rank 4 : the champion will be level 40 maximum and is characterised by four stars;
  • rank 5: the champion will be level 50 maximum and is characterised by five stars;
  • rank 6 : the champion will be level 60 maximum and is characterised by six stars.

We have also made a small Tier List of the best champions so that you can find your way around and start in the best conditions.

The affinity between the Champions

The affinities between champions on RAID: Shadow Legends work like the attributes on Summoners War. They have certain weaknesses and advantages over each other.

Affinities between champions, guide Raid: Shadow Legends

When attacking against a champion with a stronger affinity than yours, you automatically lose 20% of your damage dealt. In addition, you are 15% less likely to deal a critical hit and 35% less likely to deal a glancing blow.

Depending on the opponent you are facing, you will have to be careful about your composition and your affinities. They can change the course of a battle if you don't think twice.


When you play in the campaign or in the dungeons, you will collect several pieces of equipment similar to runes in their functions. These equipments are called "artefacts" and are divided into several categories.
By the way, as soon as you are a more advanced player, don't hesitate to check our article dedicated to artefacts in RAID: Shadow Legends. We detail the different types of artefacts, how and where to obtain them and how to improve them.
For the moment, what is important to know is that artefacts are used to increase the power of your champions. They are magical items designed to improve one of their properties.

Guide RAID: Shadow Legends : the fights

The game has a turn-based combat system. This means that you play each character once. This allows you to play all the characters and test them out fairly quickly.

In Raid: Shadow Legendsyou can choose between :

  • the Campaign allows you to understand the game and test your first teams;
  • the dungeons allow you to obtain certain rewards. The level is higher than in the campaign;
  • Faction Warfare allows you to acquire glyphs to enchant the artefacts of your champions;
  • Thearena allows you to compete against other players in order to climb the arena rankings;
  • the Clan Boss provides excellent rewards.

A little bonus that always brings so much fun, you can now apply multiple attacks without having to manually restart! For example, if you have to go away for a few minutes and put down your laptop, you simply click on the "Multi-Bat" button before launching your fight and that's it.

Guide RAID: Shadow Legends : the different buildings of the village

Finally, in the last part of this guide RAID: Shadow Legends, we will look at the buildings that make up your village in order to make things a little clearer.

These buildings allow you to perform different actions on your champions. Some are used to obtain new ones and others are used to improve certain skills.

Below you will find the different buildings in the game.

Great Hall

The Great Hall allows you to get boosts for your champions to increase their stats. You get these boosts by fighting in the arena.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : The Great Hall

The Tavern

The tavern allows you to increase the levels of your champions by feeding other champions (for example). In addition, it allows you to increase the rank of your champion and his skills . You can also improve your champion by using potions to obtain new skills.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : Tavern to improve champions

The training arena

The training arena allows you to continuously increase the experience of your champions. You can then increase the level of your main champions by saving other weaker champions.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : The training arena to increase the experience of champions

The market

The market allows you to buy champions and artefacts as well as shards according to their rarity (common, rare, etc.).

The mine

The mine allows you to obtain gems over a long period of time. It is very useful because gems are the rarest currency in the game.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : Mine to get free gems

The portal

The portal will allow you to summon and merge different champions. To summon you will need shards. You earn them by doing missions or by farming.

guide RAID: Shadow Legends : The champion summoning portal

Here is the list of available shards:

  • Mysterious Shard : allows you to summon common, uncommon and rare champions;
  • Antique Shard : allows you to summon rare, epic and legendary champions;
  • Shard of the Void: Allows you to summon champions of the same rarity as the ancient shard;
  • Sacred Shard: Allows you to summon epic and legendary champions.

To get started on RAID: Shadow LegendsYou should follow the tutorial at the beginning, which will help you greatly to understand how the game works. You will learn to apply strategies according to your opponents. Then, you will have to pay attention to all the new features and dialogues of the game.

This guide RAID: Shadow Legends is coming to an end, we hope that it will have been useful for you to get started on the game in the best possible conditions!

I wish you a good start in Raid: Shadow Legends ! Now that you know the basics to get started, don't hesitate to check out our other tips to progress faster!

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