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Genshin Impact Bennett Guide : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Bennett Guide Genshin Impact

Are you looking to put together the most optimal team on Genshin Impact ? You can count on Bennett, a 4-star Pyro character, to help you achieve this. He is without a doubt one of the best support characters in the game. In addition to healing your heroes, he boosts their attacks! But for him to perform well, you need to choose his equipment carefully. You will find many tips and tricks in this comprehensive and strategic guide on Bennett from Genshin Impact. You'll know which build is best for him: weapons, artefacts, skills to mount and above all how to play him!

How to get Bennett on Genshin Impact ?

Unlock Bennett in Genshin Impact

First of all, Bennett must be unblocked. If you haven't already done so, don't worry. There are several possibilities. First of all, you can rely on wishes. He can fall into the Standard Wish or the Character Event Wish at any time. But, given the large number of characters available, your chances of getting Bennett in the draw are quite low.

However, you can buy it directly in exchange for 34 asteria until 30 November 2021. These can be obtained by performing summons.

Bennett constellation level

And, if you already have Bennett, increasing his constellations can make him even stronger. We reassure you, it is not essential to mount him in C6. It is not even recommended, depending on the team you are playing with. On the other hand, we can only recommend C1. The character's main interest lies in its ultimate ability: Wonderful Journey, which, in addition to healing your heroes, boosts their attack. The C1 Journey Perspective lifts the HP restriction on the attack bonus (which basically works on characters with over 70% health) and increases Bennett'sATK .

Want to try the banners, but don't have enough gems? Get some for free with the code trick. We've put together a list of codes for you Genshin Impact. Maybe you can unlock Bennett with extra loot!

What is the best equipment for Bennett?

Now that you know how to get Bennett, it's time to level him up. To level up Bennett in Genshin Impact, you will need to collect several resources:

  • Fragments, chunks and gemstones of agnidus agate as well as fire seeds while facing the flaming tree;
  • Paddle Chrysanthemums that grow mainly in Mondstadt around the statue of Ventlevé and in the Stormterror lair;
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia, silver and gold raven insignia, collectable from treasure hoarders.

But also a lot of gold and XP scrolls. The journey will be long. However, it will allow you to take care of Bennett's build on the way.

The best artifacts for Bennett

Bennett is mainly a support character for his ultimate Wonderful Journey. Choose the stats of his artefacts carefully in his equipment: try to increase his energy recharge as much as possible (so that he can use the attack as often as possible). We also advise you to take into account his health points, in order to reinforce his healing abilities. The trick is to remember that the virtuous field it generates heals in proportion to its maximum HP. It is only by taking into account all the specificities of a character that you can achieve a synergy worthy of his best equipment.

Choosing the right artefacts for Bennett

The best set to improve your stats is the Noblesse oblige in 5 stars. You can get it in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern dungeon, located in Liyue at Mount Aoang. The Bennett build with the 4-piece set increases the attack of all characters by 20% for 12 seconds after Bennett performs Fantastic Voyage.

Until you get your hands on them, you can opt for the 2-piece Scholar's Bookmark and The Exile sets with 4-stars. These sets both increase energy recharge by 20%, giving a total improvement of 40%.

As for the main stats, focus on VP on the flower, VP % on the cup, healing on the crown, VP or energy on the hourglass and attack on the feather.

The best weapons for Bennett

Unfortunately, sets are not everything! To be successful, Bennett's choice of weapon in Genshin Impact is crucial. The Skyward Blade is the best equipment option. But it is a one-handed 5-star weapon, so it is rather difficult to obtain.

Azure Vault Blade: the best weapon for Bennett

If you don't have it, my advice is to go for the Favonius Sword as an alternative for energy recharge. If you prefer a more DPS-oriented build, the Aquila Favonia or the Prototype Rancour (which you can craft yourself) are worth considering. And, if you don't have any, you can equip Bennett with the Skyrider Sword (3 stars) in the meantime. The latter increases ATK and movement speed.

How to play Bennett in Genshin Impact ?

Bennett's Wonderful Journey attack

Like the other characters, Bennett has 3 abilities. His normal Lucky Sword attack allows him to chain up to 5 sword strikes. The charged attack, on the other hand, uses up stamina to deliver two quick strikes.

Theelemental attack Surpassion triggers Pyro damage. Theevaporation effect is activated if a hydro attack then hits the target. The damage is then doubled.

But Bennett's ultimate skill is his most interesting ability. You can charge it faster by using Passion Overload several times in a row.

In short, our advice for talent upgrade is to focus mainly on Fantastic Voyage, then Passion Overload. If you play Bennett in support, you will hardly use his normal attack.

Which team should Bennett play in?

Bennett is an excellent support: he looks after and boosts his partners at the same time. He fits perfectly into almost any team. By playing another Pyro hero, you can benefit from the elemental resonance Flames of Fervour, which reduces Cryo effects by 40% and increasesATK by 25%.

Best team to play Bennett in Genshin Impact : Tartaglia, Xiangling, Sucrose and Bennett

If you are lucky enough to have 5 star characters such as Tartaglia and Kazuha (which you can replace with Sucrosea very efficient 4 star anemo), you can build one of the best teams of the moment by adding Bennett and Xiangling (4 stars). Kazuha allows you to gather all the enemies, which you can then hit with all the power of Tartaglia, whose Bennett increases the damage considerably and the Pyronado Xiangling, which is a fire tornado that attacks all nearby enemies.

You now know how to equip and play Bennett in Genshin Impact! All you have to do is try him out with the sets we've recommended. We have no doubt that with this guide and our advice, he will quickly become an indispensable asset for your team: enough to make all your enemies tremble, whether in dungeons or in the spiral depths.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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