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Best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck guide

The best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck

Having trouble with the Spooky Town? Don't worry, we'll tell you all about the best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck. With our tips and tricks, you'll know how to put together the Mega Knight / Ram Rider deck and, most importantly, how to play it to win trophies and advance to the next tier.

Best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck composition

Let's start straight into the best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck with the two cards that make up the main combo. The Mega Knight is a tank that requires 7 units of Elixir to deploy. Its strength lies in its super-powerful charge when it jumps on enemies.

The Ram Rider is a special card. Indeed, if the ram attacks buildings like the Hog Rider, the rider on its back targets enemy units. In addition to inflicting damage, these bolas also slow down movement speed.

The best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck

Then we have the Inferno Dragon, an air unit that is always very effective, the Electro Wizard and its area damage, and the Royal Ghost. The latter has the ability to be invisible as long as it hasn't attacked. Be careful though, as he is still sensitive to spells while in this state.

To complete the composition of the best Clash Royale arena 12 deck, let's add 3 versatile spells: Barbarian Barrel, Poison and Giant Snowball.

While we've seen the first two in our previous Clash Royale guides, the last one is not. The Giant Snowball is a card similar to the Arrows, except that it can repel and slow down opposing units in addition to dealing area damage.

How to play the Mega Knight / Ram Rider deck?

The best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck is designed to play aggressively. So it's up to you to get the ball rolling. Ideally, start with Ram Rider. Depending on your opponent's response, place your Mega Knight to take heavy damage or your Poison against large enemies.

Behind your tank, counterattack with the Electro Wizard and Inferno Dragon, which will do a lot of damage if not targeted.

Gameplay of the best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck

To deal with opposing attacks, the Mega Knight remains your best asset. However, it costs a lot of Elixir. Try as much as possible to defend with your spells: Poison, Barbarian Barrel and Giant Snowball.

The Ram Rider can also be useful for defense, especially against air units. Its slowing effect, combined with that of the Giant Snowball, will allow you to delay without spending too much Elixir.

Now you know how to create and play the best Clash Royale Arena 12 deck. By applying our tips and tricks, you should be able to rack up the wins and quickly move on to the next arena: Rascal's Hideout. To keep up to date with the latest news on Supercell's card game and to learn more about our tips and tricks, I'll direct you to our Clash Royale tips page.

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