What are the best French Wordle?

Top of the best French Wordle online

Wordle is an American word game, available on the New York Times website, which follows the principle of Motus. You don't speak English? Don't worry, there are several French Wordle games. Given the extent of the phenomenon on Twitter, it's not surprising that the whole world has reappropriated this incredibly simple game.

We have prepared a list of the best French Wordle via browser but also in app version if you are a mobile game player!

Best French Wordle: alternatives by browser

If you're more of a computer gamer, here are the best French Wordle games to play on your browser. Go to the bottom of the article for mobile alternatives.

Le Mot

Let's start with Le Mot. This is the French Wordle most faithful to the original game. This copy uses the same colours (green and yellow) and only offers 5 letter words. Only one word is available per day.

Le Mot, the first French Wordle

The Word was developed by Louanben, also known for his Twitter account Emoji Mashup Bot, a bot that merges emojis and publishes them every hour.


As for Sutom, he has pushed the adaptation to create a game in line with the French references. It takes up the aesthetics of Motus: letters in the right place appear in red, those in the wrong place in yellow, while those that are not present in the word remain in blue. Like Le Mot or Wordle, Sutom allows you to play only once a day.

Sutom, the French Wordle

Its blatant resemblance to the TV game show Motus almost led to its closure. Indeed, following the successful launch of Sutom in January 2022, France Télévisions asked the game's creator to withdraw it within 15 days.

The reason given was the intellectual property code applied to the name of this Wordle in French, which was considered too close to the original. The French public broadcasting group has nevertheless decided to back down and Sutom will remain online.

Wordle Game

If you want to play with more than one word per day, Wordle Game may be the solution to your problem. The aesthetics are identical to Wordle, but the words are linked to each other endlessly. An efficient way to train yourself to shine on the next French Wordle words of the day. You can play it here.

World Game, the French Wordle

Zutom : The best French Wordle

Finally, our last alternative is a bit special. Zutom was developed by the teams of streamer Adrien Nougaret, better known as ZeratoR. This version was used during his multi-gaming competition: the ZLAN 2022.

Here, the letters in the right place are in green, those in the wrong place are in pink, and the letters missing from the word retain their grey colour.

The advantage of this version is that it offers not only words of different sizes, but above all the possibility of linking several words together. Indeed, Zutom works by series of 5 words. You have 10 minutes to find them all in this French Wordle. The best part is that once you have finished your series, you can immediately start another one.

Zutom, the French Wordle

Since the event that necessitated the creation of this version has passed, there is no guarantee that Zutom will remain online in the long term. So don't waste a minute and enjoy it while it's available.

Best French Wordle : The alternatives on mobile

If you prefer to play on Android or iOS, there are also alternatives for these devices. Here are the best French Wordle on mobile:

  • Wordly (available in 9 languages) is the best French Wordle on mobile;
  • Worldling (Available in 6 languages);
  • Worde (Available in 12 languages);
  • Wordaily (Available in 6 languages).

If you need to revise French or other languages wherever you are, even in public transport, I advise you to install these 4 apps on your mobile. These Wordle apps available on Android and iOS will help you improve your French, DE, ES, EN,... and many other languages of your choice.

We have reviewed the different alternatives of this popular word game. Well, Zutom is without a doubt the best French Wordle. To learn more about the American version, see our article on the origins of Wordle.

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