Using BlueStacks to play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

Using BlueStacks to play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

Play RAID Shadow Legends on PC or Mac, it's possible, thanks to BlueStacks! We will see right away how to install this emulator with this exclusive tutorial that the JeuMobi team has concocted for you. You'll see, it's child's play!Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

Why choose BlueStacks to play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC?

Currently, BlueStacks is the best emulator for PC or Mac. In fact, we have compared the best Android emulators on the market, and the results of our tests are clear.

bluestacks logo

In addition to being the most secure, it offers many convenient options such as multi-instance, macro creation, QHD graphics, etc. It allows you to play all your mobile games with the keyboard and mouse, and no need to install other programs, BlueStacks emulates all your mobile apps!Download BlueStacks

Step 1: Install BlueStacks

As you can see, we need the BlueStacks emulator to run RAID: Shadow Legends on PC. Its role will be to simulate your mobile so that you can find your favourite game on your computer.

First, go to this download page which allows you to get Bluestacks and the game at the same time.

Click on : Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

download Bluestacks emulator for raid shadow legends

Then, after clicking on "install now", you will need to log in with your Google account.

Step 2: Start the installation of RAID: Shadow Legends

Then go to the Google Play page of RAID: Shadow Legends. Click on "install" to start the download.

install raid shadow legends on bluestacks

Step 3: Synchronise your progress between PC and mobile

The last step is to sync your account to retrieve your progress from the mobile version of the game. You don't lose any of your progress, you get the game back where you left it and can now continue on the PC version.

You need to link your mobile account to your Facebook account. Click on your avatar (top left), then on the "profile" tab. Then click on "connect with Facebook".

Link your RAID shadow legends account via facebook on Bluestacks

Now come back to BlueStacks and launch RAID: Shadow Legends (if you haven't already).

Click on "connect" at the top right of the loading screen. Choose "Facebook".

You can now play RAID: Shadow Legends in computer version and enjoy better gaming conditions!
To get the best performance and set up your emulator, check out our guide to optimizing Bluestacks.

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