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Playing with an arcade terminal on a mobile game? Yes, it's possible, on Brawl Stars! 😅 In this guide, we'll give you everything you need to know about 8-BIT. Brawl Stars is a free-to-play game created by Supercell. The strengths of our arcade terminal are largely its sheer strength and ease of team play. As a sniper who can inflict a lot of damage, 8-BIT will be able to beat any of his enemies.

Brawler 8-BIT

8-BIT is a common brawler, meaning that it is unlockable through your trophy progression. To play it, you will need 6,000 trophies. It is therefore one of the easy brawlers to obtain. That said, you will still need to play a number of hours before you reach the required number of trophies.

8-BIT - Statistics

8-BIT is a brawler with a lot of damage, coupled with its very long range, it becomes a formidable opponent. Unfortunately, its strengths are not without consequences, our arcade terminal, as imposing as it is, is very vulnerable.

8-BIT Brawl Stars - Statistics

With a hit point level ranging from 4,800 to 6,720 depending on his level, 8-BIT is very comfortable and can afford to take a few bursts of attacks without flinching.

However, as mentioned earlier, these advantages come at a cost. 8-BIT is the slowest of all brawlers, which makes it a perfect target for assassins and snipers. You will therefore have to play very carefully and always stay under cover. Of course, some solutions will be offered to you in certain complicated situations thanks to one of the gadgets of8-BIT

8-BIT - Attacks and gadgets

8-BIT has enormous damage. It fires 6 laser beams per attack, each laser beam inflicting 320 to 448 points of damage depending on its level. This gives 1,920 to 2,688 if all the beams hit, which means he can kill most low life brawlers in 2 attacks.

8-BIT Brawl Stars - Attack and Super

8-BIT has a very long range, which allows it to keep its opponents at a distance. Its attack range of 10 squares makes up for its lack of movement speed. After being hit by a laser beam, enemies will think twice before trying to get closer.

The Super of 8-BIT, " Damage Amplifier ", is a turret that he can launch from 5 squares away. Once on the ground, this turret activates, amplifying the damage of8-BIT and his allies within a radius of 5 squares. It is therefore a tool that can be very useful in a team. This turret is destructible, so it has life points ranging from 2,800 to 3,920 depending on the level of8-BIT

8-BIT Brawl Stars - Game Mode

8-BIT has 2 gadgets. " Cheat Cartridge, the first gadget, allows him to teleport to his damage booster. His second gadget is " Bonus Ammo ", it increases his next attack by 8-BIT allowing him to fire 3 times more laser beams. This gadget can be very powerful especially if 8-BIT is near his damage booster. An 18 shot attack could easily take out any opposing brawler (if all shots hit).

8-BIT - How to use and play

As you can see, the main strength of 8-BIT is its ability to inflict a lot of damage. To use this asset, you must be vigilant and master the art of safety. Since he has a very low movement speed, it is essential to know how to get out of danger. Despite this, his ' Cheat Cartridge ' gadget is the best fallback in case of extreme danger. But that's not the only way 8-BIT can save himself with his turret. If you find yourself in a situation where you run out of health points to finish off your opponent, use your turret as a shield! It will take a few hits for you, allowing you to finish off the enemy before they kill you.

Finally, 8-BIT is a very strong brawler once it is well set up thanks to its turret. We will therefore favour modes in which we can camp a position. The best examples are the Gem Razzia and the Reserved Zone. All you have to do is put your amplifier down and wait patiently for the enemies to come out into the open. In the case of the Gem Razzia, let your allies collect the gems, 8-BIT being very easy to catch. Of course, with its painful laser beams, it can also be very formidable in Survivor. On the other hand, it takes some practice before you can claim to be able to win all your 1v1s in Survivor with 8-BIT

Now that you know 8-BIT inside out, get to work! Need help with other characters? Feel free to read the detailed Brawlers guide.

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