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Amber Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

Amber Brawl Stars Guide

Welcome to this guide to Amber, the legendary brawler from Brawl Stars, the free-to-play game developed by Supercell. Amber is a very special brawler in terms of his attacks. Both in their execution and in the way they recharge, his attacks will offer you a New style of play! So if you want to understand how to master Amber, you've come to the right place on this guide.

Brawler Amber

Amber is not a brawler that can be unlocked via your trophy advance, she is one of the 5 legendary brawlers in the game. She will therefore be difficult to unlock! Your chances, when opening a Brawl box, will be 0.12%. So you'll have to be patient before you can get your torch out! 🔥

Amber - Statistics

A high-damage fighter, Amber is probably the character who can inflict the most DPS (damage per second) on Brawl Stars. Tanks and snipers alike will have to beware of Amber's power. Her flames are not easy to avoid, so slow brawlers will be in imminent danger from our fire-breather. Despite her assets, Ambre remains an average brawler in terms of life points and without much of an advantage.

Amber Brawl Stars Guide - Statistics

As said before, Amber is far from being a tank. However, her hit point level remains average, ranging from 3,200 to 4,480 hit points. You will be tempted to be greedy by wanting to inflict a lot of damage very quickly. You will therefore have to remain vigilant and not take too many risks.

Amber is a brawler that moves at normal speed, so your long range will be effective in keeping your opponents at bay. His speed does not allow him to take risks, so his gadget will be extremely useful in dangerous situations. It will probably save you more than once against an assassin or a heavyweight for example.

Amber - Attacks and Gadgets

Amber uses a torch to set her enemies on fire. Here are the specifics of her weapon:

Amber Brawl Sars Guide - Attacks and Super

The range of Amber's attack is satisfactory for the damage it offers. With a range of up to 7.33 squares, she will be able to both surprise and stay away from her opponents. With a long, non-mono-target attack, opponents tempted to chase her will be quickly flamed.

Amber has a very effective and original Super. " Pyromaniac " allows him to throw a flammable liquid vial, even through walls. By setting this liquid on fire, it spreads and scorches the bushes and enemies in its path. An enemy hit by this fire will take 480 to 672 points of damage (depending on the Amber level) per second for 4 seconds. Of course, the liquid fire will even spread through walls.

Super de Ambre - gameplay image

As said earlier, Amber's gadget is extremely powerful and will be useful in many situations. Whether it's for speeding up or escaping from an enemy, " Storm Lighter " will be the perfect weapon. More than that, you can turn the situation to your advantage if you have to flee. Amber's gadget will give you a speed bonus and let flammable liquid flow behind you. As you can see, if an insistent opponent is chasing you, you can surprise him with your lighter.

Amber - How to use and play

Amber is probably one of the most damaging fighters in Brawl Stars. His surprising attacks will allow him to defeat many enemies. His abilities will be all the more punishing if they are concentrated in one spot. Because Amber deals AOE (area damage), playing against opponents who play close together will work to your advantage.

With good control, you will be able to lure your enemies to their deaths with your gadget. This will allow you to reposition very effectively against slow brawlers. For example, if a brawler is chasing you, save some ammunition to light the flammable liquid. The speed bonus will meanwhile allow you to get some distance to get to safety. Finally, if the opponent does not want to give up, you can light the fire. The damage from the liquid combined with the damage from your attacks will finish off your enemy in no time.

Finally, Amber can be a formidable force in team play modes. Very often, your opponents will come to attack side by side. Unfortunately for them and as said above, this technique will not work. Your attacks will put an end to all hope on the other side. Despite this, you should not underestimate the duelling potential of Amber, who remains a formidable opponent.

By now you know Amber, the latest Brawl Stars legend. Need to know more about the other characters? No worries, go to the general Brawlers guide, where you'll find tips on your favourite characters.

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