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Griff Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

Griff Brawl Stars Guide

Griff is the new epic brawler from Brawl Stars, a free-to-play game developed by Supercell. The slot is ready to do anything to defeat its enemies. And even lose money! An outstanding fighter, Griff is a brawler who can hurt many enemies in a short time. He has a great advantage due to his long range, but he is still a very effective brawler when he gets close to his opponents. Don't wait, get ahead of everyone else by reading this guide to Griff Brawl Stars. 💰

A big first for Brawl Stars, Griff is an epic brawler that can be obtained for free upon release. Indeed, a challenge is set up when Griff is released, giving players the opportunity to win it without having to open a box. However, it is still unlockable in these. Being an epic brawler, the chances of getting it are 0. 5% which is still relatively low.

Griff - Statistics

Griff is a fighter who can inflict a lot of damage if he is close to his opponent. The thing to master about Griff is his damage potential and ammunition economy. With his long range, he can easily weaken an enemy before finishing him off by closing in. You have to be careful to save some ammunition in case the opponent has a lot of damage to offer as well.

Griff Brawl Stars Guide

Griff has an average hit point level of between 3,400 and 4,760, which makes him vulnerable to high damage characters. Having a nice range, Griff must be especially wary of snipers and assassins who could quickly surprise him.

Griff has an average movement speed, but has no gadgets or super to allow him to replace quickly. So play him carefully and only engage when you know the fight is to your advantage.

Griff - Attacks and gadgets

Griff's attack is made up of 3 salvos of 3 pieces, thus sending 9 projectiles in one attack. Each projectile inflicts between 220 and 308 points of damage depending on its level. This attack takes a conical shape of 15°, so you have to be relatively close to your opponent to hit with all the projectiles. As a result, it is capable of inflicting between 1,980 and 2,772 points of damage in one attack. Its attacks take 1.7 seconds to reload, so you must be careful not to send all its pieces in one go.

Griff Brawl Stars Guide

As previously mentioned, Griff has a very nice range of 8.33 squares. Unfortunately, you will have to choose between shooting from a distance and inflicting average damage, or getting closer to inflict heavy damage. The choice to be made is situational, so you will have to analyse the scenery as well as the opposing brawler.

Griff's Super, ' Cashback ', is an attack that inflicts more damage on enemies further away. Griff throws 5 banknotes at a distance of 9 squares and in a 75° cone. Each banknote inflicts 330-462 points of damage, and this damage doubles when it hits at maximum range. The advantage is that it will inflict a lot of area damage, whether it is used at close range or far range. In addition, once the max range is reached, the notes will return to Griff inflicting damage again.

Griff brawler gameplay image

Griff's gadget is in fact a time bomb that he drops behind him, it explodes after 2.5 seconds. This bomb inflicts 1,000 points of damage to any enemy within 2.67 squares. It also destroys the walls of the scenery, easily creating new passages. It can also be very useful in case an enemy is chasing him.

Griff - How to use and play

In a duel situation, Griff must analyse his fight carefully before engaging. For example, if he is facing a brawler with low hit points, the hand-to-hand damage will finish him off quickly. However, it is important to remember that Griff does not have a lot of health points and movement speed. Playing carefully is the first thing to do, as taking too many risks will not tip the balance in his favour. Because Griff's Super deals a lot of long-range area damage, he can be very useful for :

With his damage and long range, Griff is flexible and can be effective in all game modes. But he does have one very advantageous gadget in some modes. Being able to create a hole in the scenery easily and at any time is a strong point in Brawlball for example. In the Reserved Zone, it can also be very useful. Indeed, walls often separate the 2 capture points in this game mode. Creating a path between them could give you the advantage.

Now that you know how to play Griff, get to your machines! Or alternatively, you can save your pennies and read the general Brawlers guide for tips on other brawlers! 🌟

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