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Brawl Stars Hidden Mini-Games: The Secrets to Getting There

Brawl Stars mini-games - One

If there's one thing Brawl Stars doesn't disappoint, it's its lifespan. Supercell 's game features many events and a huge number of very different brawlers. Regular updates, new brawlers, original game modes, but on top of all that, Brawl Stars also offers surprises! And not the least. Indeed, it is possible to launch a series of mini-games around the brawler 8-BIT ! Did you know that?
In this article, we share with you the highly guarded secrets 🤫permettant of unlocking the minigames from8-BIT in Brawl Stars. Follow us, it's going to be fun!

Step 1: Unlock the first of the Brawl Stars mini-games

The strategic step before being able to access these mini-games is to unlock 8-BIT. Without it, no mini-game!
This common brawler is unlocked after 6,000 trophies. This is relatively accessible if you play a little.
Once you've got it, open the character selection menu.

Brawl Stars mini-games - selection screen 8-BIT
8-BIT definitely has things to hide from us!

On this screen, if you wait a few seconds, you will notice that the "face" of8-BIT (if you can call it a face 🤭 ) sometimes takes a different shape. In fact, lines of codes appear.
At that moment, if you touch the screen, a countdown appears. Touch this screen 7 times and the game will launch a blue page... But don't worry!

loading screen for 8-BIT
A tribute to Bill Gates? 😂

While this screen is usually a bad sign, this is the confirmation that you're about to enter the first of the Brawl Stars mini-games.

Step 2: Join the second mini-game

You will then be launched into a game reminiscent of the SHMUPS of our childhood (or at least mine... 😉 ). This level is not very complicated, but it is infinite. If you want to reach the next mini-game, you'll have to follow a very particular path. Your opponents appear via portals, one of which is special and allows you to advance.

first mini-game
Remember to shoot all the portals until you find the right one!

In fact, one of the portals changes shape when you shoot at it. Once that's done, throw yourself into the portal and the rest of the Brawl Stars mini-games await you!

Step 3: Find the third mini-game

The next mini-game that Brawl Stars offers is also a shoot'em up. The difference with the previous one is that here you control 8-BIT directly. After taking care to avoid the bombs and enemies that assail you, you reach the end of the mini-game.

Brawl Stars mini-games
Bravo 8-BIT !

At that moment, 8-BIT celebrates its victory in front of a green poison gas. If you touch it several times, you'll be directed to the third of the Brawl Stars minigames.

Step 4: Reaching the final level

This time, Brawl Stars is having fun parodying the Super Nes Risk Rangers (you've figured out I'm old, right? 😂 ). Be careful, this platform game is much more complicated. Sneak in between the enemies and their projectiles and you'll reach the end of the level.

come out of the third mini-game
Don't take the door!

You're beginning to understand the principle, it's not that simple. Indeed, when you get to that door, avoid it! By jumping over it you can reach a hidden area that will unlock the fourth and final mini-game.

Complete the hidden mini-games in Brawl Stars

8-BIT 's adventure in these Brawl Stars mini-games is about to come to an end. Indeed, the last stage takes you to a garage where you have to face your double. The double imitates your movements and attacks, so it can be tricky to touch it.

finish the Brawl Stars minigames
Be smarter than your double!

In order to eliminate your opponent, you have to touch the socket to which your opponent is connected(see picture above). In this way, he will admit defeat and you can celebrate the fact that you have reached the end of the hidden mini-games of Brawl Stars.

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