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Stu Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

Stu Brawl Stars Guide

Learn to roll over your enemies with Stu, the latest common brawler from Brawl Stars, a free-to-play game made by Supercell. Stu is a very surprising brawler with a very special play style. He has a very fast charging Super, which allows him to become a very mobile opponent. To find out more about our assassin-shooter, it's here in this guide to Stu!

Brawler Stu

Being a common brawler, Stu is accessible through your trophy progression. That said, he will not be easy to access. He is currently the last common brawler to be unlocked, so the trophy threshold is very high. You will need 10,000 trophies before you can unlock Stu.

Stu - Statistics

Stu is a long-range assassin with many possibilities. Despite this, he is a difficult brawler to master. His particularity is that you only needone attack to charge his Super, so knowing how to juggle between attack and Super will be a great asset. The first thing to do will be to learn to aim well with his attacks. 🎯

Stu Brawl Stars - Statistics

As far as his hit points are concerned, he is average. Ranging from 2,800 to 3,920 health points depending on his level, Stu is a very fragile brawler, he could quickly fall to someone stronger than him. He is a character whose mechanics are complicated to set up. It will take a lot of practice before you can master your favourite unicycle.

Stu's movement speed is normal and places him in the average range. It is his Super and his gadgetry that make him a very mobile brawler.

Stu - Attacks and gadgets

Stu's attack is represented by 2 fireworks. Each of these fireworks inflicts 580 to 812 points of damage depending on its level. The recharge speed of his attacks is average at 1.5 seconds per round. As you can see, touching the 2 fireworks will give you direct access to your Super. You can therefore alternate the 2 during a fight. 🎆

Stu Brawl Stars - Attack and Super

Stu's attack range is long, he can reach 7.67 squares. As anassassin, having a long range is a very big advantage. And unlike Leon and Crow, Stu doesn 't need to get closer to inflict more damage.

" Boost nitro, the famous Super that makes Stu a very fast brawler, allows him to perform a forward rush. By using his Super, Stu moves 2.33 squares forward very quickly. Furthermore, over this distance, Stu leaves a trail of flames inflicting 800 to 1,120 points of damage, depending on his level, in 4 seconds. A small detail: unlike most brawlers, the damage from his Super will not help charge the next one.

Stu Brawl Stars - Game mode

Stu's gadget, ' Speed Lever ', increases his movement speed and that of his allies. This gives him a big advantage in certain decisive situations, both in teams and solo.

Stu - How to use and play

Stu is therefore a very interesting brawler but difficult to master. His ability to move is his strength, so you have to start training there. Learning how to avoid attacks with your Super and not hesitating to use it often is very important. It will probably feel strange to have to throw your Super regularly. But with practice, you will master the attack - Super combo! Let's see now in which game mode it can be used.

The game modes that are suitable for Stu are those that involve collecting objectives such as the Gem Razzia and Siege. These allow Stu to fully express his mobility. On the other hand, being an assassin, he will also be very strong in Death Match modes. You will have to pay attention to the map on this type of mode. Indeed, some maps give more advantage to heavyweights, Stu being fragile, he would be very quickly cornered.

Finally, here is what makes his mobility so strong:

Now that you know all about Stu, move on to the second one! Or you can also go and read the Brawlers guide to sharpen up on the other Brawl Stars characters. ⭐️

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