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All you need to know about Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War

guide Cairos Dungeon summoners war

In Summoners War, there is a place called the Cairos Dungeon which contains several dungeons that will help you in your progress. However, it requires different strategies in order to complete them and obtain the appropriate rewards . Here is a short guide to successfully defeating all the bosses in Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War.

The different dungeons of Cairos Dungeon in Summoners War

First of all, you should know that this area is only accessible to players who have completed the Kabir Ruins in the Summoners War campaign.

There are five main dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon which you will have to face mainly to drop new runes:

These five dungeons will be the first hurdles for a player new to sw as you will need to use different strategies to defeat them. For example, in order to finish DB10, you will have to spend a lot of time farming GB10 in order to get the runes needed for your monsters. For the NB10, it will be the DB10 that will have to be farmed!

But recently, a major SW update allows you to farm 12 floors in Giant's Caster, Dragon's Lair and Necropolis, which will of course be more complicated than the B10 floors of these dungeons.

In addition, there is an elementary Hall for each attribute of the game:

We will talk about these halls below, but they are very important to awaken the monsters.

The "HoH" or "Hall of Heroes" allows you to get the parts of a native 4-star monster. In the same vein, there are other event dungeons in SW.

The dungeons to farm the Runes in the Cairos Dungeon

Let's start with the dungeons where we'll farm runes to upgrade our monsters. To find out which ones to upgrade and which ones to add to your monsters, go to our rune guide.

The Giant's Castel (UK)

The Giant's Castel, as explained in our guide to defeating it, will be the first challenge in the player's progression through Summoners War. It is divided into 12 floors, all of which have the same attributes and increase in difficulty.

We recommend that you take a look at our article on how to beat your first GB10.

the giant's floors in summoners war

Each floor is broken down into 4 waves that must be destroyed in order to reach the boss. It is very important to succeed because it is part of the main missions, but also because it allows you to obtain the first real runes that will allow you to increase the statistics of your monsters.

Here is the list of runes that can be obtained by finishing it:

  • Desperation Runes (4 Set): Stuns the enemy with a 25% chance;
  • energy runes (2 sets): increases HP by 15%;
  • Fatal Runes (4 sets): Increases attack by 35%;
  • Blade Runes (2 sets): Increases the critical rate by 12%;
  • Fast runes (4 sets): increases speed by 25%.

As has been shown, these runes are necessary to move on to the next dungeon. In addition to dropping the runes directly, you will be able to obtain various materials needed to make runes:

  • piece of rune
  • symbol of harmony
  • symbol of transcendence
  • symbol of chaos.

The Dragon's Lair (DB)

The Dragon's Lair (DB) is more difficult to defeat than the Giant's Castel (GB ) as you will have to use different monsters and different strategies. This dungeon consists of 12 floors which are all of the same attribute.

dragon floors in summoners war

The DB allows you to obtain runes which are also essential to defeat the Necropolis:

  • Violent Runes (4 sets): Increases the chance to have an extra turn by 22%;
  • focus runes (2 sets): increases accuracy by 20%;
  • Guardian Runes (2 sets): increases defence by 15%;
  • Runes of Endurance (2 sets): increases resistance by 20%;
  • Protection Runes (2 sets): confers a shield representing 15% of the monster's health for 3 turns;
  • Runes of Vengeance (2 sets): Increases the chance to counterattack by 15%.

It will also provide the same crafting materials as the Giant's Castel.

To get interesting runes (5 and 6 stars), you will of course have to farm the DB10.

The Necropolis (NB)

This one is surely one of the most complicated to beat as it is nothing like the other two dungeons. The Necropolis is a last and final step in order to obtain the runes that will be used in PvP or to make the first World Rifts.

the necropolis floors in summoners war

Here is the list of runes you can obtain:

  • Rage Runes (4 sets): increases critical damage by 40%;
  • will runes (2 sets): gives immunity for 1 turn;
  • Nemesis Runes (2 sets): increases the attack gauge by 4% each time you lose 7% of your HP;
  • Vampire Runes (4 sets): allows the allied monster to recover 35% of the damage inflicted;
  • Destruction Runes (2 sets): Enemies' HP are destroyed by 30% in proportion to the damage inflicted.

It also allows you to obtain the same materials needed to make different runes as the previous two dungeons.

The Steel Fortress (SB) in the Cairos Dungeon

The Steel Fortress is a new dungeon that allows you to obtain attribute artefacts that have been recently added to the Summoners War content.

The floors of the Steel Fortress

This dungeon is divided into 10 floors which can be very complicated if you don't have the right strategy. The boss mechanic that is the wind attribute of this dungeon is new and requires a delicate approach.

Check out our guide to Summoners War SB10 to find out more!

The Punisher's Crypt (PB) in the Cairos Dungeon

This dungeon contains the fastest boss in Summoners War, so be careful who you hire. In this dungeon, it is possible to obtain type artefacts that will improve the skills of your monsters.

The floors of the Punisher's Crypt

It is divided into 10 stages which will also be difficult to destroy if you don't have the right strategy. I advise you to consult our guide on PB10 to make it easier to succeed. The boss has a Light attribute, so you'll have to find the right monsters to destroy it.

Summoners War Magic Hall

The Hall of Magic is essential for the awakening of monsters. It allows you to obtain different essences of magic, but more randomly, the essences of other attributes :

  • weak magic essence;
  • medium magic essence;
  • essence of higher magic.

It is also possible to obtain "Magic Powder" which can be used to make scenery items or to open secret dungeons.

the summoners war magic hall

Elemental dungeons for dropping awakening essences

The elemental dungeons will allow you toobtain essences of the dungeon attribute. Beware, however, that these are not available every day!

Here is the table to organize the awakenings of your monsters:

DayHallType of essence
SundayLightsEssence of light
MondayDarkEssence of Darkness
TuesdayFireFire essence
WednesdayWaterWater essence
ThursdayWindEssence of wind

Water Hall

The Hall of Water allows you to obtain essences to awaken water-attribute monsters:

  • low water content;
  • medium water content;
  • superior water essence.

These essences will also allow you to open secret dungeons.

the various secret dungeons of the water hall

Hall of Fire

The Hall of Fire allows you to obtain fire essences to awaken monsters of the same attribute:

  • low fire gasoline;
  • medium fire gasoline;
  • superior fire essence.

As with the previous hall, these essences will open the following secret dungeons.

the various secret dungeons of the fire hall

Hall du Vent

The Hall of Wind allows you to obtain wind essences to awaken monsters of the same attribute:

  • low wind essence ;
  • average wind speed ;
  • superior wind essence.

It is also possible to open the following secret dungeons with its essences.

the various secret dungeons of the wind hall

Hall of Lights

This is one of the most important at the beginning of the game because it allows you to obtain the light inugami(Belladeon) and the light cowgirl(Loren), which are two indispensable monsters. Here is the list of essences that can be obtained in this hall:

  • low light essence;
  • medium light essence;
  • The essence of higher light.

The following secret dungeons can be obtained.

the various secret dungeons of the hall of light

Hall of Darkness of Summoners War

This Hall allows you to obtain various monsters that can be useful at the beginning of the game, but it is mainly used to obtain the essences necessary for the awakening of Veromos:

  • essence of darkness weak;
  • essence of darkness medium;
  • essence of darkness.

The following secret dungeons can be obtained.

the various secret dungeons of the hall of darkness

The Dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon

There are three other rarer dungeons that appear during in-game events:

  • the hall of heroes (HoH) allowing you to obtain a native 4 star monster with different attributes;
  • the rainbow garden to obtain Arcenmons;
  • the garden of angels allowing to obtain Angemons of different attributes.

Don't hesitate to farmer several essences in advance to avoid being caught short to awaken a 5 nat monster following a lucky Summon Session!

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