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How to recover your Call of Duty Mobile account ?

Recover your Call of Duty Mobile account

You may already know it, but on Call of Duty Mobile it is possible to log in as a guest with your email address, with a Call of Duty / Activision account, or with your Facebook account. If you lost your Call of Duty Mobile account, there are several ways to recover it. Great, you might say! Well, you'd better believe it, because we're also going to give you some tips on how to avoid losing your CoD Mobile account! Let's go! 😉

I lost my Call of Duty Mobile account : what can I do ?

If you've lost your Call of Duty Mobile account, there are a few things you can do about it. First of all, if you had an Activision account for Call of Duty Mobile, but you lost your account when you changed phones, you can find it very easily. We know that keeping your passwords safe is not for everyone's taste! So don't panic, you will be able to find your game data on your Call of Duty games!

To recover a CoD Mobile account linked to Facebook, well... that means you've lost your Facebook credentials. So you'll need to go to Facebook, type in your email address, select "forgot password" and follow the instructions until you get a link to change your password. Keep this password somewhere safe so you can find it again if you change phones!

Login to your Activison account
Connect to Activison

To easily recover an Activision account, it is also possible to do the same thing: ask for a New password! It's exactly the same dynamic with a Call of Duty account!

Please note: If you had a guest account, your data is not saved anywhere. If you uninstall the game, you will lose your CoD Mobile data. Therefore, it is imperative that you connect to a Facebook or Activision account.

How to avoid losing data on Call of Duty Mobile?

To avoid losing your Call of Duty Mobile account, the most interesting thing will be to :

  • Keep your passwords on a piece of paper or in your phone notes (and transfer your notes if you change your smartphone).
  • Link your accounts!

Linking your accounts on CoD mobile is the most secure option. You can link your Activision and Facebook accounts. For example, if you log in to Call of Duty Mobile with Facebook, well, you can always log in on another phone as long as you know your Facebook ID and password! 😃

For Activision, the most interesting thing is to create an account on Activision, or to create a New account if you have lost your old one. You will get a new Activision ID. After that, you need to "link all your platform accounts" to your New Activision account.

Login to Call of Duty Mobile
Connect to Call of Duty Mobile!

You must link your accounts before starting your Call of Duty games. This way, you can link your CoD accounts, whether you are playing the franchise on PC or Console.

Also be aware that you can log into Activision with your Steam, Xbox Live or PlayStation accounts . 😊

And now you know how to get your account back on Call of Duty Mobile! It's easy, isn't it? Before logging into the game, we advise you to apply our recommendations to avoid losing your CoD account! If this article is useful to you, don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences! If you're interested in CoD articles, we also explain how to play it with a controller 😉

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  1. Khushi shah


  2. Colt bridenstine

    I lost phone so I had to get a nother one and I can't get on my cod lbts420 if you can help

    • Eleysiss

      Did you try to log in with your Facebook account ? Or maybe Activison account ? If you were playing as a guest, the CoD data is still on your lost phone and not saved on internet, so you can't find it again. The only way to get on your cod account is to have connected CoD Mobile with a Fb or Activisoon account.

  3. wally

    if I am logged in as a guest, can I transfer or save my data to another device

    • Hakio

      Yes, you need to go into your settings and link your account to a social network like Facebook. Then you can retrieve your game on your other device using the same social network


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