Merge Dragons Challenge 16 Guide: the Ancient Totem

Merge Dragons challenge 16 guide

A challenge level offers a special reward when you finish it: a dragon! But some of them can be complicated, especially to finish all three difficulties. To win all the prizes, you'll have to fight with the relentless timer and obstacles specific to the level.
The Merge Dragons challenge 16 is particularly tough, follow this guide to get through it quietly and without too much effort!

The Merge Dragons Challenge 16 map
This is what the Merge Dragons Challenge 16 looks like!

General information about the Merge Dragons Challenge 16

  • Level number : number 108 ;
  • Game cost: 3 trophies;
  • Objective: to create a large statue of Gaia x1 ;
  • Secondary objectives: heal 12 dead land locations with fusions, fuse 5 life orbs at the same time, open a level 4 chest.

The steps of the Merge Dragons Challenge 16

Dead land takes up a lot of land in this level. You will therefore have to revitalise as much land as possible.

The dead land in Challenge 16 Merge Dragons.
Only a Life Extender can save this land.

The time limit in this challenge is rather lenient with a big time limit. But take your time to think about it and not make any mistakes, it is indeed impossible to go back. You have to be meticulous and methodical in this challenge level.

Growing mushrooms

  • Merging Magic Mushroom Clusters x5;
  • Melt the dragon eggs x5 ;
  • At the top right, merge theLife Essence with the others;
  • Merge the 5 tiny life orbs obtained
  • Merge the Small Orbs of Life with the one on the bottom left of the Totem on a dead earth location;
  • Activate theHealing Expander;
  • Melt the magic mushroom stems on the left and right of the totem pole onto dead earth;
  • Merge the Magic Mushrooms with the one on the dead land on the small island on the left.
Mushrooms in Challenge 16 Merge Dragons.

Get the heroic mushrooms

  • Tap on the totem pole to get life flowers;
  • Merge them together until you have a twin Flower of Life;
  • Merge the twin Flowers of Life with the ones on the island in the top left corner;
  • Activate theHealing Expander;
  • Merge additional Flowers of Life with those present on the upper middle island, growing on dead earth;
  • Activate theHealing Expander;
  • Merge theJuvenile Fruit Tree with those on the lower middle island, growing on dead soil
  • Activate theHealing Expander;
  • Merge the Heroic Mushroom on the left island.

Achieve the goal of the chests

  • Treat the land on the top right to get two Pineapples and merge them with the one on the right island;
  • Heal the land at the bottom right to obtain two Ruby Plains Herbs ;
  • Merge them with the one on the island at the bottom left
  • In the same place, merge the Emerald Plains Herbs;
  • Merge Ancient Wood x5 on the bottom middle island;
  • Activate the Healing Extenders;
  • Merge the chained chests on the middle island above;
  • Activate theHealing Expander.
Don't miss the rewards of the 16 Merge Dragons Challenge.

Take care of the demonic doors

  • Heal the Demonic Gates with the Flowers of Life;
  • Destroy them once they are unlocked;
  • Merge all destroyed Statues of Gaia;
  • Merge the restored Gaia Statues.

We hope that this guide to the 16 Merge Dragons challenge will help you succeed in this challenge and its three levels of difficulty!
If there are any other levels that you have trouble with, please check out all of our Merge Dragons! challenge guides to get as many dragons as possible!

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