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Merge Dragons Challenge 26 Guide: Maywood 5

Merge Dragons challenge 26 guide

In Merge Dragons, a challenge level is different from a classic level for several reasons. More complex, it has 3 levels of difficulty that must be passed in a limited time. This difficulty is justified by its special reward when you finish the levels: a dragon! Some people get stuck on the Merge Dragon challenge 26, which has a demanding timer to beat. But it would be silly to miss out on the reward, as an extra worker is always useful to advance your base camp. That's why we've put together this guide to Challenge 26 ! Just follow the steps carefully to complete this level with your fingers in your nose from your couch. 😉

General information about the Merge Dragons Challenge 26

  • Level number : number 180 ;
  • Game cost: 3 trophies;
  • Objective: to create a large statue of Gaia x1 ;
  • Secondary objectives: open a submerged chest, hatch two baby rocks, harvest a banana from a beautiful fruit tree.
The Merge Dragons Challenge 26 map
A challenge with several magic locks to unlock.

The steps of the Merge Dragons Challenge 26

At first glance, the Merge Dragon Challenge 26 may seem a little scary. The map is partly hidden by clouds, and you'll have to find the magic keys to open the locks and unlock the whole field. But by following these different steps, everything should go well. Don't forget that it is always possible to take a break by opening the challenge levelshop . It's a good way to blow off steam and read the instructions on our guide and then quickly move on.

As a reminder, in order to unlock padlocks, you need to perform a merge with the element that serves as a key.

Passing the Merge Dragons Challenge 26
With this guide, Challenge Level 26 is a piece of cake!

Step 1: Start with the Raspberries

  • Merge 3 or 4 small fruit trees in the middle of the island to obtain a Fruit Tree.
  • Collect fruit from theFruit Tree to get Grapes. Line up enough of them to unlock the lock at the bottom left with a merge.
  • With the 3 fruit trees unlocked, get a Large Fruit Tree. Don't bother with the first fruit tree you get at the beginning and leave it aside.
  • Collect the Large Fruit Tree to get Raspberries. Line up enough of them to unlock the lock at the bottom right with a merge.
Raspberries in Merge Dragons
Don't forget to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day!

Step 2: Continue with the Bananas

  • Merge the 3 large fruit trees to create a beautiful fruit tree.
  • Collect the Beautiful Fruit Tree to obtain Bananas. They allow, with a fusion, to unlock one of the locks in the middle.
  • Merge the 5 Rock Dragon Eggs that you will use as labour.
  • Collect Flowers of Life to obtain tiny Orbs of Life. These unlock the lock in the middle left.
  • Continue collecting Flowers of Life to obtain Small Orbs of Life by following the fusion chain. These Small Orbs of Life will unlock the lock in the middle right.
  • Repeat the operation to obtain Life Orbs, still following the fusion chain. This time it is the lock at the top left that can be opened.
  • Merge the 3 Mystic Autumn Trees.
The fruit tree fusion chain
Who came first? The tree or the fruit?

Step 3: Finish with the pears

  • With thePinkberry Autumn Tree, you can now unlock the lock on the top right.
  • Merge the 3 beautiful fruit trees to obtain an old fruit tree.
  • Harvest theElderly Fruit Tree to obtain a Pear. This fruit unlocks the last lock, located in the upper middle of the map.
  • The way is now clear to merge the 3 destroyed Gaia Statues and finish the level.

We hope that this guide to the Merge Dragons Challenge 26 will help you succeed in this challenge and its three levels of difficulty. As Jamy would say, it's not rocket science and you'll even have some time to reap the rewards at will. If you're having trouble with other challenge levels ,check out our challenges guides to the hardest Merge Dragons!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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