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Merge Dragons Challenge 5 Guide : Lone Grove

Merge Dragons Challenge 5 Guide : Lone Grove

A challenge level offers a special reward when you finish it: a dragon! But some of them are not easy, especially to finish all three difficulties. To win all the prizes, you'll have to battle with the relentless timer and other specific obstacles.
The 5 Merge Dragons challenge is not the hardest, as it is a relatively early challenge. In due course, you will discover much more demanding challenges later on. However, follow this guide to Challenge 5 to get through it even more smoothly and without too much effort!

The Merge Dragons Challenge 5 map.
You'll have to revitalize everything in the Merge Dragons challenge 5 level!

General information about the Merge Dragons Challenge 5

  • Level number : number 30 ;
  • Game cost: 3 trophies;
  • Goal: Create a restored statue of Gaia x1 ;
  • Secondary objectives: Hatch 2 dragons, Activate 10 Healing Extenders, Merge 11 items on dead land.

The steps of the Merge Dragons Challenge 5

This level at first glance is sorely lacking in life. To get the rewards and the precious dragons, you're going to have to resurrect the entire map. The two techniques at your disposal will then be very useful to you: Fusion and Healing Extenders. Remember to activate the latter. If they are triggered automatically after a while, they will not count towards the secondary objectives of the Merge Dragons Challenge 5 level unless they are activated manually.

A dozen stages await you, so prepare yourself well. If the time constraints are not insurmountable, there is still no time to lose in the sequence.

Step 1: Green dragons objective

  • Merge grass dragon eggs x3 and activate the first 3 Healing Expanders;
  • Merge Emerald Plains Herbs x3 and activate the linkedHealing Expander;
  • At the top, merge the Juvenile Fruit Trees and activate the linkedHealing Expander;
  • Merge the ruby herbs at the bottom of the card;
  • Hatch the green dragon eggs on the right and activate theHealing Expander;
Green dragons in the 5 Merge Dragons Challenge.
Little green dragons ready to work.

Step 2: Take care of the flowers of life

  • Merge the Flower of Life Sprouts at the bottom right and activate the two Healing Expanders;
  • Merge the Tanzanite Herbs at the top and activate theHealing Expander nearby;
  • Merge the Flower of Life Sprouts in the upper right corner;
  • Then merge the Flowers of Life at the bottom right;
  • Merge the blue Flowers of Life in the upper right corner;
The fruit trees of the Challenge 5 Merge Dragons level.
The fruit tree chain.

Step 3: Trees to finish the Merge Dragons Challenge 5

  • Merge the young fruit trees on the right;
  • Then merge the resulting juvenile fruit trees;
  • Then merge the Small Fruit Trees;
  • Finish the level by merging the statues on the right.

We hope that this guide to the Merge Dragons 5 challenge will help you succeed in this challenge and its three levels of difficulty!
If there are any other levels that you are having trouble with, please check out all of our Merge Dragons! guides to get as many dragons as possible to advance in the game!

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