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Merge Dragons Challenge 9 Guide: Silent Bay 2

Merge Dragons challenge 9

Silent Bay 2 is a level with a special story. Formerly a secret level, it has since evolved into the Merge Dragon challenge 9. Like the other challenge levels, it happens to be more complicated than average, but offers rewards to match the effort. There's no shame if the three difficulty levels and demanding timer are holding you back. We've thought of you and put together a specific guide for this Challenge Level 9. By following the instructions, you should be able to get the valuable Merge Dragons resources you need to collect without any worries. A godsend to progress your base camp faster! 😉
Once again, there are several ways to successfully finish the level. However, the time limit applies to everyone and a specific method will ensure you a comfortable success.

Merge Dragon Challenge 9: Map Overview
A relatively modest level in size.

General information about the Merge Dragons challenge 9

  • Level number : number 108 ;
  • Game cost: 1 trophy;
  • Objective: to create Flowers of Life x17 ;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 Portals at the same time, hold 7 Flowers of Life, hold 15 Flowers of Life.

The steps of the Merge Dragons challenge 9

To succeed in the Merge Dragons challenge 9, you must be wary of the clock. Your success will depend primarily on your ability to quickly plan your map to collect the various elements and achieve optimal mergers of 5. Panic will therefore be your main enemy, since you must at all costs avoid getting too tangled up. Therefore, we advise you to organize yourself well by methodically distributing the elements according to their nature.

Also, don't forget that you can always force a break by opening the shop. This age-old technique allows you to catch your breath and lower your blood pressure. 😅

Step 1: Put your dragons to work

Dragon Gate
Portals summon random dragons.
  • By taking the lone Portal on the top right, achieve a fusion of 5 with the Portals on the main island. You will then get 2 random dragons ready to work!
  • Click on the two bone piles to scatter the bones. Instead of merging them, have your dragons harvest them for more resources.
  • You should have at least 6 Flower of Life Sprouts. Merge 5 of them to create 2 Flowers of Life
  • Send your dragons to collect small orbs from the flowers. Merge them together until you get 2 Life Orbs.
  • Click on theOrb of Life to heal the nearby dead land.
  • Merge and open the different chests to get free rewards .

Stage 2: Fighting!

  • Click on the banana trees to get Bananas.
  • Merge Bananas in the hope of obtaining Flowers of Life quickly. The result is random and you have to be patient and keep your fingers crossed. If this is not the case, there is nothing to do and you must continue.
  • Merging the 3 Sharp Dragon Eggs will give you more strength.
  • Merge the petrified Zomblins in threes. Be ready for battle and attack them with your best dragons, hoping to get some good fighters with the early portals.
  • With your other dragons, collect the Graves. You should get additional Flowers of Life.

Stage 3: Gardening to finish

Flower of Life Merge Dragons
The main objective of the challenge level.
  • Click on the available bone piles to scatter the bones. Have your dragons harvest them to create Flower of Life Sprouts.
  • All you have to do is merge 5's to quickly grow Flowers of Life. If you are lucky, you will have already obtained a good number of them with the Bananas and the Graves. You should then be able to complete the level by creating at least 17 Flowers.
Merge Dragon, floating islands

This simple, yet effective method should allow you to pass theMerge Dragons challenge 9 level without any trouble. There are other methods, but following these steps will ensure success! There is a bit of luck involved, but it's not a determining factor either. If you get stuck on another challenge level, feel free to check out our list of guides for the other levels to get you out of the jam and get as many dragons as possible. 😎

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