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The champions of RAID: Shadow Legends | Presentation

champions raid shadow legends

In RAID: Shadow Legends champions are the main tool for fighting and progressing. There are several champions and each one is unique. However, due to their specific skills, some are more interesting than others. To help you progress, we've put together a guide to the champions of RAID: Shadow Legends. So what are champions for? Which ones should you focus on? The answers right away! ⤵️

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What is a champion in RAID: Shadow Legends ?

A champion is a creature whose origin varies according to race. It is thanks to your champions that you can progress in the story. Indeed, there is a large number of champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. This allows you to diversify your game strategy.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, you can find more than 300 champions arranged in 16 families. This means that you have a wide range of champions available to deal with any situation.

The champions used each correspond to a predefined role. This means that you can build up coherent teams in order to defeat the enemy. In addition, champions can be equipped with artefacts. This increases their general statistics. This makes their skills more powerful and interesting.

There are 4 types of champions based on 4 different affinities .

Type of champions
affinity magicMagic
affinity force raid Force
affinity spirit Spirit
affinity none raid Void

What are champions for RAID: Shadow Legends ?

The champions allow players to progress in the game according to their desires. They are, of course, indispensable and complement each other through their diversity.

Some will be more skilled than others in specific parts of the game (e.g. PvP ). Some champions happen to be as interesting in PvP as they are in PvE, which makes it even easier to use them as the team will form around them.

The artefacts to be assigned will differ depending on how you wish to use your champions. For example, a HP champion will not have the same artifacts as an attack champion. One will be geared towards a large number of HP and the other will be geared towards a large attack and few HP.

Who are the champions to focus on?

Which champions you should choose depends on how you want to use them. But overall, the same champions can be found among all players who are beginners because they allow a good approach to the game and a good progression without great difficulty.

We have compiled a tier list of the best champions of RAID: Shadow Legends, don't hesitate to check it out !

From the start, you will have a choice between 4 champions.

Elhain Raid: Shadow LegendsElhain
Kael RaidKael
Galek Raid: Shadow LegendsGalek
Athel RaidAthel

The choice is free, you can select the champion you prefer, but you will have to read the skills of each. However, you will be able to find the unselected champions through your progression in the game.

Note that as you progress, you will get a large number of champions. You must choose and keep the most useful ones. Those that are not interesting will be used as food to improve the champions you have kept.

Examples of champions RAID: Shadow Legends to keep

To ensure good progress, here is an example of the champions to keep:

dog of death Raid: Shadow LegendsDog of death
saurus raidSaurus
armoury Raid: Shadow LegendsArmorié
apothecary raidApothecary
Red deer Raid: Shadow LegendsRed Deer
Ma'Shalled Raid: Shadow LegendsMa'Shalled

Focus on some very important champions

Now we will look at different champions from RAID: Shadow Legends who have a very important role.

Each of the following champions has a specific role and ability. It is worth reading each of our guides to these champions to understand their skills and use them to their full potential.

RAID Shadow Legends champions hold no secrets for you! All you have to do is enter thearena and destroy your opponents 😉

Finally, for advanced players, we invite you to consult all our tips on the game! Good progress!

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