How do I change servers in Rise of Kingdoms?

change server in rise of kingdoms

Changing servers in Rise of Kingdoms is not easy. But this possibility has many advantages for players. In this new tip on your favourite game, we explain how to transfer your city to another realm . So where to go? What are the requirements? And what are the benefits of changing servers in RoK? Answers right away ⤵️

Steps to take to change the Kingdom

To change server in Rise of Kingdoms (or change Kingdom), here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Zoom out your map as far as possible to see the Earth icon as shown in the image below.

Rise of Kingdoms map, Earth icon
The Earth icon appears at the bottom right

☑️ Step 2: Select the Kingdom you want to go to and if you meet the requirements, change the server.

Change server Rise of Kingdoms
Choice of the new Kingdom

Now that we've seen that, let's take a closer look at the requirements and benefits of switching servers !

Requirements for changing servers in Rise of Kingdoms

The following is a list of conditions that need to be met in order to make a server change in RoK:

  • your Town Hall should not exceed level 8;
  • all your troops must be in your city;
  • no reinforcements should be in your city and you should not belong to an alliance;
  • your scouts must be back;
  • you only haveone character in the kingdom you wish to visit.

It is also important to note that the realms themselves have statuses that allow you to teleport to them or not:

BornLevel 7 or lower with a beginner's teleportation.
ProtectedIn development, it is impossible to teleport.
UnveiledChapter "Long Peace" finished, kingdom info available, but impossible to teleport.
DevelopedOver 120 days of existence, all governors can join this kingdom.
Limited immigrationCurrently participating in the Lost Kingdom event. Immigration impossible.

Change of server when having a higher level

Depending on your level, you will have to comply with certain requirements that will change, so you will have to adapt your gameplay. In addition to these varying obligations, you will need to have a passport page. These vary in quantity depending on your current power.

Rise of Kingdoms passport page
Passport page

But you should also know that changing servers in Rise of Kingdoms will be optimal if you make some improvements:

  • upgrade your buildings to the maximum level to boost your start in a new kingdom;
  • Increase the experience and stars of your commanders to the highest possible rank to crush your enemies;
  • do as much research as possible!

The interesting thing about these tricks is that you can crush your enemies and arrive at a new realm with a clear advantage over your competitors.Upgrading your buildings as much as possible without touching your City Hall will allow you to land on your chosen realm stronger than some players of your level.

This technique is widely used by players to progress faster.

What are the advantages of changing servers in Rise of Kingdoms?

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are many tricks to make the game experience more enjoyable and to improve quickly. One of them is the "Jumping"
The purpose of this technique is to change servers to a newer one to gain experience faster.

Furthermore, if you want to change server, choose one with many beginners to progress faster. You can then avoid frequent attacks when you go to collect resources and can attack the barbarians in peace.

A change of server allows you to collect rarer resources and to have a more developed army than the average player. This is a real plus for all your progression in Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms logo

So, are you ready to switch servers in Rise of Kingdoms? Feel free to tell us in the comments what you think of these tips and if you followed them! 😉
To go further in the game, we invite you to check out all our other tips!

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