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Barbarian Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

Clash of Clans barbarian guide

The Clash of Clans barbarian troop is obviously not as strong as the golem. However, if you use the right strategy, you can use it to tank while your other troops attack. And that's not all, as this land unit still has a lot going for it.
So, how about learning a little more about the CoC barbarian? Deployment tactics, stats, descriptions and lots of other cool stuff 😋.

General description of the group

You'll recognise the Clash of Clans barbarian by his battle-ready stance and his brown kilt, which is held on by a belt with a shield buckle. He also has a long moustache and yellow hair, bracelets with spikes on each arm and a sword.

In addition, as you upgrade your barbarian, his appearance changes. For example, the hilt of the sword he keeps changes colour at level 5.

Clash of Clans barbarian features and statistics

Clash of clans barbarian statistics level 7

The Clash of Clans barbarian is the first unit to be unlocked both in the barracks and in the game. It is a land troop like the archer, but unlike the archer, it can only attack land targets.

Furthermore, the barbarian has no preferred targets. It attacks everything in its detection zone - whether it is troops or buildings. Like most other soldiers, the barbarian will only leave the target it is attacking if it dies or is drawn into other units, skeleton traps or skeletons.

On the other hand, note that the barbarian has rather limited life points. However, he is very effective when you improve his level.

All levels of the barbarian Clash of Clans

With each level, the Clash of Clans barbarian develops his stats and gains power. However, the various improvements are possible under certain conditions, require resources and obviously a lot of time (otherwise, it would be far too easy, right? 😉 ). I propose you a small summary to have an overview of the levels of the CoC barbarian.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of training
225 0006 h1541130
3100 00012 h3651460
4300 0001 day57818100
51 000 0001 day 12 h69523150
62 000 0002 days 12 h711026200
73 000 0004 days814530250
85 000 0007 days920534300
99 500 00012 days1023038350
1015 000 00014 days1224042400

Before closing this part of the Clash of Clans barbarian guide, I would like to point out that the information in the table may vary. For example, as the game evolves, SUPERCELL sometimes adds new units - which causes it to reduce the cost of training orupgrading those already available.

In addition, there are magic items that can boost activity in your Clash of Clans village, the Gold Pass - with its many benefits - and the rage spell which increases HP and DPS.

Battle strategy with the barbarian

With a few exceptions, no matter how good a troop's stats are, it cannot, on its own, successfully defeat an opposing village. The secret is to combine several units to overcome weaknesses and/or reinforce the strengths of each troop.

If you are planning to use the barbarian in your compositions attacks, I suggest some attack and defence strategies to compete with your opponents.

Attack strategy with the Clash of Clans barbarian

The Clash of Clans barbarian is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Although they don't have high HP, they can inflict a lot of damage on their opponents if they are sent out in groups. For example, by building up your composition attack only with level 7 barbarians (full barbarians), you can easily destroy an opponent's village with an HDV of 7 or less.

On the other hand, this unit is very vulnerable to air units against which it has no chance. This is why it can be very interesting to form troops that can attack from the air to support it.

In addition, the barbarian can also play the role of cleaner and/or decoy often assigned to the archer. In addition, as a close combat troop, they are particularly effective against defensive buildings that inflict area damage (the mortar and the gunner eagle, for example). Finally, when barbarians are launched as a group, they can act as a tank and absorb damage while the support troops attack behind.

Defence strategy with the Clash of Clans barbarian

Barbarians are particularly effective in defence when stationed in large numbers in the clan castle. Not only will they inflict damage on your opponents, but numbers are also a major asset in destabilising your rival.

However, although this is a very interesting strategy, barbarians are completely ineffective when the opponent attacks with flying units. Moreover, as long as your opponents do not send any troops on the ground, the barbarian will not leave the clan castle.

Barbarian booster in super barbarian

Characteristics of the super barbarian in Clash of Clans

The super barbarian is one of the advanced units I mentioned in my guide to Clash of Clans troops. It has more hit points and deals more damage per second. Thanks to its special ability Rage, the Clash of Clans Super Barbarian is able to attack with more power and speed for the first 8 seconds after deployment.

Super Barbarian level 8 statistics

All levels of the super barbarian

The super barbarian is available in three levels. Here are the statistics that this troop has for each rank.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per attackLife pointsCost of trainingCity Hall level required
81801441 0001 50011
92001601 1001 75012
102201761 2002 00014

On the other hand, the Clash of Clans super barbarian will occupy 5 places in your military camps unlike the classic barbarian who only takes one.

Combat strategy with the super barbarian

Attack strategy with the super barbarian

In addition to the different strategies I have outlined for the classic barbarian, the Clash of Clans super barbarian can play a big part in a funneling strategy. Its special ability, which triggers in the first 8 seconds, will allow you to clear buildings and defences outside the opponent's village very quickly.

Super barbaric strategy in defence

The super barbarian is also very effective at countering opposing attacks as it has a fairly high HP. However, they are also completely ineffective against flying units.
To optimise your chances if you decide to have only super barbarians in your clan castle, the ideal is to pair them with flying troops or units capable of engaging in combat with other flying units.

Here we are at the end of this guide on the Clash of Clans barbarian. I hope it has met all your expectations and will allow you to better calibrate your attacks with this unit. If you have any other concerns or tips to share on how to better deploy this troop, feel free to let us know in the comments 😏.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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