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Golem Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

Golem Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

The Clash of Clans golem does not cast spells like the wizard, nor does it wield an axe to perfection like the valkyrie, but it is still one of the game's vital troops. His ability to absorb any blow makes him a warrior that you should definitely include in your compositions attacks.
However, in order to exploit his potential, you need to know how to use him. So, let's discover in this guide the essential information to deploy the golem well during your raids.

General description of the group

The Clash of Clans golem is a unit formed in the Black Barracks by the fusion of several blocks of stone. It intimidates its opponents by its size, which is greater than that of the giant. It has pink eyes and its jagged mouth suggests that it stores elixir.

Like most Clash of Clans troops, the golem changes its appearance as you upgrade it. As soon as you get him to level 5, crystal stones graft themselves, from the bottom up, onto his spine. Note also that the colour of these crystals changes each time you upgrade him.

Clash of Clans golem features and statistics

The Clash of Clans golem, with its 30 slots, is one of the troops that take up a lot of space in your military camps. It is a land-based melee troop thatprimarily attacks defensive buildings. It has huge hit points and can therefore take many hits before disintegrating.

Clash of clans golem statistics
Available from level 4 of the Black Barracks

On the other hand, while this unit inflicts very little DPS, its explosion creates countless shards. When it is defeated in combat, small golems called 'golemites' appear and replace it.

When the golem engages in a duel with a target, it will only abandon it if it is defeated or the building it is attacking is destroyed. It will not defend itself against attacking units, traps and skeletons as long as there is a defence left on the battlefield. Unlike golemites, the Clash of Clans golem does not trigger and is not affected by spring traps either.

All Clash of Clans golem levels

The golem is available in 10 levels, with precise statistics for each rank. I offer you a summary of the different information for each rank.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of trainingDamage to its destructionGolemites invoked
1---5 100352003502
210 0002 days 12 hours65 400402504002
320 0003 days75 700453004502
430 0004 days76 000503505002
550 0005 days86 300554255502
675 0007 days96 600605006002
7110 0008 days96 900655756502
8160 00010 days 12 hours107 200706507003
9200 00014 days107 500757257503
10270 00016 days118 000808008003

The higher the rank of your golem, the more resources and time it takes to upgrade and train it. To optimise the activity in your village, you can invest in the Gold Pass and unlock the various boosts available on the rewards path.

Gems are also excellent tools, but make sure you use them sparingly. In my 13 tips for getting started in Clash of Clans you'll find some advice on how to manage this resource.

Combat strategy with the golem

Attack strategy with the Clash of Clans golem

The golem can be used in a rush attack as well as in a DCG fight. Its many health points allow it to take a lot of damage. The ideal strategy would be to send it to the front line so that it can divert the attention and the blows of the opposing defences.

Your support troops will have better protection and more space to attack. This strategy is very effective for example to limit the damage of the tower of hell on your army.

The Clash of Clans golem moves slower than most troops in the game. To do this, wait until it has moved far enough towards your target and then deploy the rest of your army. This way, you avoid having units that are supposed to be in support move to the front line of attack and jeopardise your strategy.

In addition, the golem does not inflict much damage to walls. When you send it into battle, use sappers or a siege engine to destroy the walls. Alternatively, use a jumping spell to create a temporary passage over the walls.

💡 A ttack compound with the golem

If you want to add the potential of the Clash of Clans golem to your army, you can choose between one of the following combinations:

  • GoWiWi: Golems/Wizards/Witches ;
  • GoWiPE : Golems/Sorciers/P.E.K.K.A ;
  • GoVaPE: Golems/Valkyries/P.E.K.K.A;
  • GoWiVaPE: Golems/Sorciers/Valkyries/P.E.K.K.A;
  • GoWiVaWiPE: Golems/Sorceresses/Valkyries/P.E.K.K.A;
  • GoWiVa: Golems/Valkyries/Sorceresses;
  • GoViz: Golems/Sorciers/Valkyries;
  • HOGS 2.0: Pig riders/Golems with the support of the Heroes to destroy the Clan Castle and the Queen.

The last combination, the COCHONS 2.0, represents one of the best compositions attacks to perf a HDV 9.

Defence strategy with the Clash of Clans golem

The golem's hit points will work in your favour as your opponent will lose valuable time trying to defeat it. Furthermore, the explosion created by the golem's transformation into golemites can considerably weaken ground troops trying to kill it.

However, the relevance of using a golem in defence remains somewhat mixed. Firstly, the number of places it occupies does not allow everyone to use this defence strategy. Secondly, the golem cannot attack the air.

Your retaliation is therefore totally ineffective if your opponent fights you with air troops. Finally, if the golem is defending itself against soldiers with an excellent DPS to hit ratio, it may have no chance of winning.

This is the end of this detailed guide to the Clash of Clans golem. I hope it will help you to make better use of it during your next attacks. To find out which troops would allow you to create better compositions attacks, visit the guide on all Clash of Clans troops to see the potential of each one. And if you still have concerns, please feel free to share them in the comments 😉.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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