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PEKKA Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

PEKKA Clash of Clans: the detailed troop guide

Intimidate your opponents and maximise the victory rate of your attacks - both in GDC and in normal combat - with the PEKKA Clash of Clans. With its attack strength and armour, this half robot/samurai unit is one of the most formidable troops in the game. This warrior also has a number of assets that contribute to its power. Find out more about it in this detailed guide to PEKKA Clash of Clans.

General description of the group

The PEKKA holds a sword and wears a huge blue armour that covers his whole body. He has pink eyes, purple horns on the helmet, shoulder pad and forearm barrel of his armour. This is the pink unit with the classiest and most powerful armour of all the troops in the game.

PEKKA Clash of Clans features and statistics

The PEKKA Clash of Clans is one of the troops with a high level of HP and DPS. It can take a lot of hits and inflict a lot of damage at the same time. It is this important asset that will guarantee you an impressive success rate from your attacks. Some players even joke that sending several PEKKAs at the enemy allows them to win their attack without getting into trouble.

Although its power remains a reality, the PEKKA Clash of Clans has many weak points. It is a ground troop that only attacks ground elements. It is therefore vulnerable to flying units of any kind.

The PEKKA attacks in close combat and has no preferred targets. It will therefore engage in combat with any element that enters its detection radius. And when it engages in a duel, it will only give up if it dies, is attacked by other ground units, skeletal traps or skeletons.

All PEKKA Clash of Clans levels

When you unlock the PEKKA by upgrading your barracks to level 10, you can use pink elixir to upgrade it to rank 9. Here is a summary of all the information that corresponds to each rank.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of training
1---2 80024014 000
21 500 0002 days63 10027016 000
32 250 0003 days 12 hours63 50031018 000
43 200 0004 days 12 hours74 00036020 000
54 500 0006 days84 70041022 500
66 000 0007 days85 20047025 000
79 000 00010 days95 70054027 500
812 000 00014 days106 30061030 000
915 500 00015 days116 70068032 500

Before I finish this part of the detailed guide to PEKKA Clash of Clans, I would like to remind you that the different information on the table varies according to the player's profile. For example, if you have a lot of gems, you can use them to speed up the various upgrades.

Also, by purchasing the Gold Pass and unlocking the boosts on the way to rewards, you will optimise the activity of your village.

Combat strategy with the PEKKA

Attack strategy with the PEKKA Clash of Clans

Due to its excellent HP and DPS stats, the Clash of Clans PEKKA is a perfect unit to keep in the front line. It will act as a tank by absorbing many enemy hits, but will also clear the way for supporting troops to pass. The PEKKA can be used to create openings into the heart of the enemy village.

Since it is vulnerable to air troops, it would be ideal if the supporting units were able to attack from the air, especially if soldiers are stationed in the opposing clan castle. Archers or wizards can perfectly play this role.

If they are well covered and no air troops attack them, a battalion of 4 Clash of Clans PEKKAs is enough to inflict at least 30-35% damage on the opposing village. The ineffectiveness of spring traps on this troop also makes it unstoppable.

Also, the PEKKA moves like the valkyrie and tends to bypass villages when you deploy it. Before sending it into battle, remember to clear the outside of the village so that no buildings attract it from the area you want it to go to.

💡 Attack Compound with PEKKA Clash of Clans

If you are considering using the PEKKA, here are some compositions that have proven successful in GDC and rush mode:

  • GoWiPE : Golems/Sorciers/P.E.K.K.A ;
  • GoVaPE: Golems/Valkyries/PEKKA;
  • GoWiVaPE: Golems/Sorciers/Valkyries/PEKKA ;
  • GoWiVaWiPE: Golems/Witches/Wizards/Valkyries/P.E.K.K.A ;
  • DRAGWiPE: Dragons/Sorcerers/P.E.K.K.A.

Defence strategy with the PEKKA Clash of Clans

If you have the necessary number of places (25) in your clan castle, the PEKKA Clash of Clans is an excellent defensive troop. Its high DPS makes it particularly effective against enemy troops. If the level of the PEKKA is also high, it can decimate a large part of the enemy army.

When fighting air units, they may not be able to attack, but their health points will make it much more difficult for your opponent. However, your enemy may be able to get away with attacking you with a detachment of troops with high DPS. In any case, keep in mind that the PEKKA will not come out of your clan castle if the army attacking you is composed of air troops only.

This detailed guide to the PEKKA Clash of Clans is now coming to an end. I hope that it will have met all your expectations and will help you to better deploy this warrior. If you're still having trouble getting the most out of it, or if you have any tips and tricks you'd like to share, please feel free to comment.
You can also check out the guide to all Clash of Clans troops to get an overall idea of the capabilities of all the soldiers in the game.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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