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Clash of Clans Troops: The Guide to More Success!

Clash of Clans Troop Guide

When you start out in Clash of Clans, you will have enough resources to live on your own. However, as you progress through the game, your needs will become greater.
At this point, you will need to carry out raids to steal loot and build up your village. Mastering troops in Clash of Clans is therefore essential to optimise the quality of your raids 😏.

What is a troop in Clash of Clans?

Troops in Clash of Clans are units or elements that allow you to inflict damage on an opponent. They are used to :

  • plundering goblin villages, in the game's single player mode;
  • attack other players to rusher or farm, in multiplayer mode;
  • earn stars and win battles in GDC or clan warfare league.

Depending on their nature, CoC troops can be summoned through altars, trained in the workshop, barracks and factories, or boosted. Each unit corresponds to a specific level in your HDV.
So, in order to have the possibility to unlock them, you have to upgrade your town hall to the corresponding rank. For example, to unlock a baby dragon, you must have an HDV 9.

As soon as a troop is available, use the lab to improve its level and stats. However, you will not be able to improve your troops beyond the maximum levels allowed by your lab and the game.
I now present you with the list of all the troops in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans logo

List of normal Clash of Clans units

Normal troops - both ground and air - are made from the pink Clash of Clans elixir.

Ground troops in Clash of Clans

The giant, barbarian, archer, PEKKA, sapper, wizard, goblin and Yeti make up the group of normal land troops.
On the other hand, although the miner is not a flying unit, he does not like to be considered a land troop. It prefers to probe the underground depths to surprise its opponents with its shovel.

clash of clans ground troops

Airborne troops in Clash of Clans

Flying combat units include the healer, the balloon and the dragon line, including the baby dragon, the dragon, theelectro-dragon and the dragon rider.

Black troops

No, the term black has nothing to do with the skin of these fearsome units. A black troop is a soldier that you form with black elixir, a very powerful resource.
Although they differ from regular troops because of the resource used, black troops can also be categorized into two groups.

Black ground troops in Clash of Clans

If you are going to launch a ground attack, these are the troops you need to think about in your composition :

  • witch;
  • valkyrie;
  • golem;
  • bouliste;
  • headhunter;
  • pig rider;
  • ice golem.

Black Air Troops in Clash of Clans

With the flying black troops, the possibilities are rather limited. You can choose between the lava monster and the gargoyle.

Clash of Clans super troops

Super Troops are classic units - both normal and black - that have been boosted with exceptional abilities, high DPS and hit point statistics. They improve the strength of your army and can easily influence the outcome of a battle.

In addition, because of their exceptional capabilities, boosted troops take up considerably more space in military camps than conventional units. If you wish to add this type of unit to your army to make it more incisive composition , you can choose from 12 different specimens:

  • the super barbarian, giant, wizard, archer, sapper, gargoyle, valkyrie and witch ;
  • the stealth goblin;
  • the balloon with propulsion;
  • the dragon of hell;
  • the ice hound.
List of Clash of Clans super troops
Some troops boosted into super troops

Before closing this part of the Clash of Clans troop guide, I should point out that boosting a troop does not change its means of locomotion. Thus, a land unit remains land after it becomes a super troop.

Heroes in Clash of Clans

The hero is one of the troops obtained by summoning and cannot die in battle. However, he may be wounded and must rest or be healed before returning to battle.

In addition, every hero in Clash of Clans has a special ability that you unlock when they reach level 5. The more you upgrade your hero, the more interesting his stats become. The special ability automatically improves every time you level up the hero by 5 levels.

Moreover, if at the beginning of the game, SUPERCELL offered only two heroes, with the numerous updates, it now offers 4 (to our great delight 😎).

The king of the barbarians

Thanks to his consumption of black elixir, the king of the barbarians has become the biggest and most powerful barbarian in Clash of Clans. His size, HP and DPS make him a formidable opponent for your enemies, both in defence and in attack.

The Iron Fist ability automatically increases movement speed, DPS and HP for 10 seconds, and summons barbarians as reinforcements.

Clash of Clans Troop: King of the Barbarians
You can summon the barbarian king at level 1 from HDV 7 by investing 5,000 units of black elixir

The game has set the barbarian king's max level at 80 and his special ability at 16.

The queen of the archers

Like the king of the barbarians, the queen of the archers is the strongest of all archers. She moves with a crossbow, with which she inflicts considerable damage on her opponents.

Clash of Clans Troop: Queen of the Archers
You can summon this hero as soon as you have a level 9 town hall and at least 10,000 units of black elixir.

On the other hand, the queen of the archers has the royal veil ability, which allows her not only to increase her DPS and health points, but also to become invisible to the opponent's defences and to summon archers as reinforcements. The maximum level at which you can upgrade your queen in the game is set at 80 and 16 for her special ability.

The Great Guardian

The Great Guardian is the only troop in Clash of Clans that can both fly and walk, and the only hero with two special abilities. He moves by creating a ring of protection around himself and heals all troops in it with his special passive ability aura of life.

When you activate his second special ability eternal grimoire, he and all troops in the ring of protection become invincible for 3.5 to 5 seconds.

Clash of Clans Troop: Great Guardian
You can summon it from HDV 11 with pink elixir.

In addition to all these abilities, the great guardian also has the ability to leap over opposing ramparts to reach his opponents.
The maximum level at which you can upgrade your hero is set at 55 and 11 for his abilities eternal grimoire and aura of life.

The Royal Champion

The royal champion is a formidable heroine, equipped with a spear and able to leap over ramparts to attack her opponent directly. Her special ability, the seeker shield, allows her to destroy nearby defences from a distance.

Clash of Clans Troop: Royal Champion
You will be able to summon the royal champion as early as HDV 13 by investing 120,000 units of black elixir.

The maximum level of the Royal Champion is set at 30 and her special ability at 6.


Pets are troops introduced very recently by SUPERCELL. They areunits that will accompany your heroes in battle. You can unlock, manage and upgrade them by building thePet Shop - a building specific to HDV 14.

Clash of Clans Pet Shop
You will be able to unlock the pet shop at HDV 14

On the other hand, pets have special abilities that they pass on to the heroes they accompany.


This puppy attacks all targets that are within 2.5 blocks of the hero it is accompanying. It has the ability to jump over your opponent's walls. You unlock him when you own a level 1 pet shop.


The electro owl is a flying unit that you unlock when you reach level 2 in the pet shop. Its attack is similar to that of the electro-dragon, except that here the range is limited to two buildings.

Theelectro owl attacks the target that the hero it is accompanying is occupied with. When the hero is defeated in battle, this pet behaves like a normal troop and attacks any target.

Robust Yak

The sturdy yak is the pet you release when you upgrade your pet shop to level 3. Like the animal it refers to, the sturdy yak has very high hit points and deals heavy damage to opposing defences and troops within its detection range.

Also, the sturdy yak inflicts greater DPS when attacking ramparts and becomes enraged when the hero it accompanies is knocked out.


When assigned to a hero, the unicorn becomes his personal healer. She heals him as he takes damage. You unlock this pet when you reach level 4 in the pet shop.

In addition, when the hero to whom it is assigned is knocked out, the unicorn heals the troops - ground and air - that are within its range.

Siege engines

Siege engines are mobile units that will transport your troops from the clan castle directly to the opposing HDV. The only way your opponent can stop these machines is to destroy them. So, as long as a machine has hit points, it will continue to advance and destroy everything in its path.

List of seating equipment

Also, if you include these Clash of Clans troops in your composition, you can choose between the demolisher, the airship, the log launcher, the siege barracks and the stone crusher.


Spells are incantations that allow you to perform exceptional actions such as healing and cloning your troops in battle or stopping the action of enemy defences.

Clash of Clans Spell List
List of all Clash of Clans spells

In Clash of Clans, there are two types of spells: pink spells - concocted from the pink elixir and in the spell factory - and black spells - concocted from the black elixir and in the black spell factory.

Spells concocted with pink elixir

FateFunctionMaximum level
LightningProduces a thunderbolt that destroys both buildings and the troops it is thrown at.9
HealingCreates a ring that automatically heals all units in it as long as they remain in it.8
RageIncreases the speed, hit points and damage per second of all troops affected by the spell.6
JumpCreates a temporary passage that allows troops to jump the ramparts.4
CloningDuplicates all troops within its range, within its cloning capacity.7
GelFreezes all opposing troops and defences on which it is sent.7
InvisibilityMakes all troops within its range invisible.4
List of Clash of Clans pink spells

Spells concocted with black elixir

FateFunctionMaximum level
PoisoningReduces the speed, DPS and hit points of opposing troops on which it is sent.8
SeismicCreates a tremor that weakens the buildings it is thrown at. Sending several seismic shocks is very effective in destroying several rows of ramparts.5
PrecipitationBoosts the movement speed of troops affected by the spell.5
SkeletalSummons skeletons to the location where it is sent.7
BatsSummons bats on troops and buildings it is sent to.5
Clash of Clans black spell list

Also, note that spells do not work on siege engines and that you can use more than one spell at a time.

This is the end of the Clash of Clans troop guide. I hope it has met all your expectations and that it will help you to better deploy your armies during your attacks. I'll be back soon with more tips on how to move forward more easily. And if you have any suggestions or questions, don't hesitate to share them in comments 🙂 !

Clash of Clans Troops FAQ

How to get the super troops on Clash of Clans?

You will be able to get super troops when you upgrade their alter egos to the required rank. For example, to unlock the stealth goblin, you must upgrade the goblin to at least level 7.
To unlock the super troops in Clash of Clans, you must also be a village leader with HDV 11 and have the required amount of black elixir.
Please note that the boost is only available for 3 days.

Why are my camps full when there are fewer troops stationed?

It is quite normal that the number of troops stationed at your military camps is less than the number of places available.
In reality, each unit occupies a specific place. For example, while a balloon will occupy 5 places, a sapper will only occupy 2. To check if your camps are really at maximum capacity, multiply the number of identical troops by the number of spaces they occupy, then add them up.
You can also monitor the filling of your camps by going to the barracks or by opening the info tab on your military camps.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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