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Clash Royale arenas: trophy levels and maps

Clash Royale arenas: trophy levels and maps

In this guide, discover our tips and tricks to progress in Clash Royale arenas. We'll explain how the arenas work, the different trophy levels, and the cards unlocked for each of them. In addition to this article, we've put together a guide to the best Clash Royale decks in all arenas to help you win more and more.

Clash Royale Arenas Guide

Before we get into the details of our Clash Royale arenas guide, let's quickly go over the basics. As you gain victories in the game, you increase your trophy count. Once it reaches a certain level, you move on to a higher arena.

Clash Royale Arenas: the characters

The Clash Royale arenas are therefore trophy tiers, which unlock new cards and allow you to get more rewards in the chests. Now let's go to the list of all the arenas, the level to reach them and the cards to collect.

List of arenas: from Training Camp to Legendary Arena

To help you in your progression, we have grouped all the Clash Royale arenas with the trophy level to reach them, as well as the different unlockable cards for each one, from the common ones to the heroes, through the legendary cards.

Clash Royale ArenasNamesBearingsUnlocked cards
Arena 0Training CampPvEArrows, Musketeer, Minions, Archers, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Fireball and Giant
Arena 1Goblin Stadium0 trophyGoblins, Spear Goblins, Goblin Cage and Goblin Hut
Arena 2Bone Pit300 trophiesSkeleton, Valkyrie, Bomber and Tombstone
Arena 3Barbarian Bowl600 trophiesCannon, Barbarians, Mega Minion and Battle Ram
Arena 4Spell Valley1000 trophiesElectro-Spirit, Skeleton Dragons, Fire Spirit, Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower and Wizard
Arena 5Builder's Workshop1300 trophiesZap, Bats, Rocket, Flying machine, Hog rider and Mortar
Arena 6P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse1600 trophiesGoblin barrel, Baby dragon, Skeleton army, Witch, Guards and P.E.K.K.A
Arena 7Royal Arena2000 trophiesRoyal Hogs, Royal Recruits, Royal Giant, Three Musketeers, Prince, Dark Prince and Balloon
Arena 8Frozen Peak2300 trophiesMega Snowball, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Giant Skeleton, Freeze, Lightning and Battle Healer
Arena 9Jungle Arena2600 trophiesSkeleton Barrel, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian Barrel, Poison and Goblin Giant
Arena 10Hog Mountain3000 trophiesTesla, Elite Barbarians, Minion Gang, Furnace, Zappies, Golem, Hunter and X-Bow
Arena 11Electro Valley3400 trophiesLog, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Miner and Princess
Arena 12Spooky Town3800 trophiesFirecracker, Earthquake, Wall breakers, Electro-dragon, Graveyard, Ice Wizard, Phoenix and Royal Ghost
Arena 13Rascal's Hideout4200 trophiesRascals, Heal Spirit, Electro-Giant, Bowler, Lava Hound, Bandit and Magic Archer
Arena 14Serenity Peak4600 trophiesRoyal Delivery, Elixir Golem, Rage, Goblin Drill, Executioner, Woodcutter and Night Witch
Arena 15Miner’s Mine5000 trophiesElixir Collector, Mirror, Clone, Tornado, Cannon Cart, Fisherman and Mother Witch
Arena 16Executioner's kitchen5500 trophiesGolden Knight and Skeleton King
Arena 17Royal Crypt6000 trophiesMighty Miner and Archer Queen
Arena 18Silent Sanctuary6500 trophiesMonk
Arena 19Dragon Spa7000 trophiesNone
Arena 20Legendary Arena7500 trophiesNone

That's it for this Clash Royale arenas guide, from training camp to legendary arena. We hope to have answered all your questions about the different levels of trophies in the game. If you have any other questions, we invite you to share them with us in the comments, and we'll be happy to answer them.

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