Clash Royale Baby Dragon Guide

Clash Royale Baby Dragon Guide

Looking for a unit that is both powerful and durable? In this Clash Royale Baby Dragon guide, we explain how to play this card and in which deck it should be integrated to take advantage of its strengths, overcome its weaknesses and thus win trophies and move on to higher arenas.

Baby Dragon strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Baby Dragon card is available in Training Camp. This is one of the first epic maps you unlock with the Skeleton Army. It costs 4 units of Elixir.

This small green dragon moves quickly through the air and targets all units within a range of 3.5 squares with its fireballs. His attack deals medium area damage every 1.6 seconds and he has a decent amount of hit points.

Clash Royale Baby Dragon Card

One of the advantages of this card is that it will not be targeted by units that only attack on the ground. But its main asset is its ability to inflict area damage that can counter numerous units. Add to that its respectable resistance and you have a card that has no major flaws.

How to play Clash Royale with the Baby Dragon?

In attack, the Baby Dragon is always to be sent in combo with a land unit with significant health points. This can be a Giant, a Golem, but also the Prince, the Knight or the Valkyrie.

In Clash Royale, the Baby Dragon is mostly used in defense for its area damage. It can therefore easily handle the Skeleton Army, Goblins, Minions or the Witch. With the help of other ground units, it is also a great help against enemy tanks.

Visual Clash Royale of the Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon has very few counters. The most effective is probably buildings such as the Inferno Tower or the Tesla, but ranged units such as the Musketeer or the Wizard can be effective if the Baby Dragon is busy on another target.

The best Clash Royale Baby Dragon deck

To optimize the best Clash Royale Baby Dragon deck, let your opponent attack first. Place your Graveyard between your two towers so that the enemies activate the king's tower by coming to destroy it. If that's not enough, use your Tornado to draw units to the center. In addition to stalling on defense, the Graveyard can support your counterattack.

To attack, the Valkyrie and Baby Dragon combo is very effective. In the air and on the ground, both units deal area damage and are tough. To do more damage, place the Archer Queen in the background and activate her ability to become invisible whenever an enemy targets her.

The best Clash Royale Baby Dragon deck

Once you are near the opponent's tower, send your Tombstone to the foot of it. Finally, the Barbarian Barrel and Poison can be used in a versatile way for attack or defense. Keeping your Archer Queen on the field as long as possible will allow you to cycle your cards faster. This is because heroes cannot appear twice on the field.

That's it for this Clash Royale Baby Dragon guide. Now you know how to play this card effectively in a deck tailored to its specifics. I suggest you check out our Clash Royale tips page for new cards and decks.

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