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Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel Guide

Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel Guide

Looking for a versatile and inexpensive spell? Don't panic, we've got you covered in this Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel guide. Learn how to use this card with our tips and tricks, but also how to build the best deck to take advantage of its benefits and overcome its drawbacks.

Barbarian Barrel strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel card is available from Arena 3: Barbarian Arena. It is an epic card that costs 2 units of Elixir. It allows you to launch a barrel that travels a short distance inflicting damage to enemy buildings and units on the ground. Upon arrival, the barrel breaks and releases a barbarian.

Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel Card

Barbarian Barrel damage is low, but sufficient to take out an Skeleton Army if it is well placed. The barbarian in the barrel has intermediate damage and health, which can save time on defense.

How to play Clash Royale with the Barbarian Barrel?

In Clash Royale, the Barbarian Barrel is useful in the same way as the Log. When attacking, it protects your tanks from the numerous ground troops and allows you to gain a few seconds for your other units to advance towards the opponent's tower.

Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel visual

In defense, since the length and width of the impact of the barrel is less than that of the Log, it is necessary to be more precise and wait for the right moment to send it. On the other hand, this card can be useful to reach a unit in the enemy rear lines with the barbarian.

To counter an opponent's Barbarian Barrel, spend as little Elixir as possible. A Spirit of Ice, a Spirit of Fire, or Skeletons are enough to stall while the archers on your turn do the rest of the work.

The best Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel deck

To compose the best Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel deck works as often on the complementarity of the troops. Thus, you have a main tank with the Mega Knight which allows you to defend with its appearance damage, but also to launch a counter-attack with its jump.

The Ram Rider and the Royal Ghost are two mini-tanks that attract enemy units and put pressure on opposing towers. The first one targets units with its bolas while its battering ram rushes the buildings, while the second one remains invisible as long as it hasn't attacked.

To attack from the air, the Inferno Dragon is in charge of reducing enemy tanks to nothing thanks to the damage of its laser which increases with the targeting time.

The best Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel deck

The four remaining cards have in common the ability to inflict area damage. WhileElectro Wizard stuns its targets, Freeze slows them down, Barbarian Barrel draws their attention, while Poison causes damage over time. For more details on this composition, I invite you to check out our best Clash Royale arena 12 deck, although this deck is still very good beyond that arena.

That's it for this Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel guide. You now know the specifics of the card and how to put together the best deck to play it effectively. All that's left to do is apply our tips and tricks to earn trophies and move on to higher arenas. To continue to progress, I redirect you to our guides on the Clash Royale tips page.

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